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Jamie Wyeth Exhibit Boston Museum of Fine Arts ends December 28

Son of Andrew, well worth the trip. Goya downstairs if the copious amounts of Jamie do not do the trick. If you like Jack Russell Terriers you have to check it out. And Seagulls, lots of seagulls, JFK, Andy Warhol and Nureyev’s large member.

Goya did a bunch of portraits which I had never seen. Compare the size of his head to body length then go over into the American Gallery and check out the portraits there. I always thought the early American portraits were botched a bit because they were not trained in getting the head size right.I thought you needed to shrink them on huge canvas but not too much. Now I am not so sure. Big canvas and sometimes the head goes too big. Check out John Singleton Copley over in the American Gallery as well as compare heads that Jamie Wyeth did.


I did not actually touch this seagull’s butt. But I will use it for tomorrow’s meme on G+ #seagullbuttsaturday.


The Seven Deadly Sins as portrayed by Seagulls. This would be Pride.


Jamie painted this circle on my face and then I took a Selfie. At first I was a bit put off but now I like it. Can I show you my tramp stamp?


Cape Ann Tool Company Refurb in Pigeon Cove

Click the photo for a larger Panorama. (The roof is not tilted, that is my iPhone 6+ panorama stitching the photo.)

Cape Ann Tool Company November 10, 2014.

Cape Ann Tool Company November 10, 2014.

So the renovation seems a little weird but now I think I got it. Ream out the inside and put in nice new windows and redo the stucco on the stone end of the Cape Ann Tool Company. I would have thought those would be done last but I think they are aiming to get businesses in there quickly.

I could see a coffee shop, a little market selling fish, bread, and coffee, maybe even some light tackle so a kid could go catch a flounder over on the right. If I was dreaming I couple picture Plum Cove Grind moving into the front and a restaurant moving into the back overlooking Pigeon Cove.

No law against dreaming. An Indian Seafood Restaurant! Anmol II. Be still my heart. If you did that Anmol I promise to bring my family dining at least once a week.

Trees Cut Down Under the Keystone Bridge


And all I can say is, awesome! It makes the granite walls and the bridge really stand out. I would love to see a few other places cleared out of weed trees. The top of Pigeon Hill used to have scenic vistas with Profile Rock close to the summit. Now it is hard to even find.

Profile Rock on Pigeon Hill

Keystone Bridge

GMG Hard Core Dog Farting

Joey’s sick post about a deer farting got me to thinking and so I loaded up Stella with some beans.

smalldogCould I get this cute dog to rip off a full beaner? Well if you are over 13, click the more button button below. Don’t be eating your lunch. Go ahead. I am learning how to use the “more” button. I promise there are no rubber ducks involved.

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