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Lisa Marie tonight @ The Dave Sag’s Blues Party. 8:30 to 11:30 8.7.2014 Put on your dancing shoes!

dave sag rl moOur medulla oblongation series continues this Thursday with the arrival of Ms. Lisa Marie, prepped and rarin’ to go. If I gotta tell who she is, you gotta sleep under a smaller rock. Without doubt, she’s the doyenne of all things musical, including her choice of material as well as vocal gurglings. She can sing in any key ,and unlock all the secrets. She’s invited along some groove postulates, too. First, there’s Scott Marshall, on gootar, a new guy for me, but the reviews have been excellent. Then there’s Johnny Juxo (don’t you love that name?), keyboard centipede and a regular jackhammer on the ivories. Love his style! Add a dollop of Dana Bonardi, on skins and the confused ramblings of Salmon Dave Sag, on base, and what do you have? A most memorable evening!lm-bw21

But wait! There’s more! I’ll be back that Saturday filling in on bass for that magical Queen of the local scene, Ms. Mari Martin. Always a great dance party. Not sure who’s showing up, but Mark Earley will be there with his honkaphonium. I can’t wait!
And, of course, for  the Serutan® and Depends© crowd, I’ll be at the Rose Baker Senior Center on Monday. From 1 to 3 the Old Salty Jazz Band attempts to kick up its heels without needing physical therapy. If you’re free, you should see this before you have to go there by necessity.
And don’t forget, next Saturday is the 3rd Annual Globster Blooze Festival, in Stage Fort Park! A great lineup! I’ll see you there!



logo rlThe Rhumb Line

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, Ma.



John Rankin joins the Dave Sag’s Blues Party tonight. All the way from New Orleans 8:30 to 11:30 @ The Rhumb Line 7.10.2014

dave sag rl 4.3.2014

Dave says,

We’re opening up the bomb bay with a vengeance this week to keep your summer at a frantic pace. First, this Thursday, let’s welcome back honorary Gloucester resident and New Orleans native, Mr. John Rankin.This guy has spent most of his life playing music and teaching at some of the most prestigious drinking schools in the City That Care Forgot: i.e. Tulane, UNO, Loyola and Parchman Farm. This hoodoo hoodlum will be showing up with his muddy boots and eleven foot sack to show you what it really like to suffer permanent  brain damage. He got the gris gris and the mojo clubfoot to prove it. Also, he’s my best friend who knows me well and still likes me. Go figure.
Filling out this glowing gasbag of a gig will be that amazing artificer of the honkophonium: Mr. Marque Earley,on tenor and barium sax, and local boy Mr. John Loud, on the eggbeaters. This will be the zenith of interspecies communication! Rhumb Line hours:8:30 to 11:30.




logo rl

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, Ma.

(978) 283-9732

Ron Schrank joins Fly Amero this Wednesday @ The Rhumb Line. 8-11pm July 9, 2014


logo rl

This Week:
Prime Rib “French Dip”
w/choice of potato, $9.95!

Wednesday, July 9th
Special Guest: 
ron schrankIt gets better and better every time with Ron Schrank.
Straight ahead folk & blues all the way… no messin’ around!
~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
Dave Trooper’s Kitchen…
Prime Rib “French Dip”
w/choice of potato, $9.95!
Prepared fresh weekly by “Troop”… always good!
Plus – Check out Fred’s rockin’ wine menu!
Coming soon…
Julie Dougherty

Visit: http://www.therhumbline.com/
Looking forward…
…to seeing you there!  :-) ~ Fly


Gus Carlson Joins The Dave Sag’s Blues Party Tonight. 8:30-11:30 Right After The Horrible’s Parade @ The Rhumb LIne.


fireworksdave sag rl 4.3.2014


Thursday night, after the Horribles Parade and/or the fireworks, why not stop by then Rhumb Line for some good old New Hampshire blues. I’ve got some new cats comin’ in from the hinterlands for a dose of that good old dancing’ music. First, there’s “Lonely” Gus Carlson, on guitar and vocals. Don’t know why he’s lonely; mebbe you can find out. He’s a killer! And he’s bringing along his goombah, Mr. Rick Rousseau, on drums, another fine vocalist. Cowpie Bingo contest at 8:30 sharp!


40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-9732






Thursday Night Blues Party @ The Rhumb Line to host Ricky “King” Russell with Ed Scheer and Mario Perrett 8:30-11:30.

dave sag rl 4.3.2014

  It’s been a while so put away that greasy kid stuff and welcome back those charming rascals of Rhythm: Edd, Ricky and Mario.These guys fit like an old pair of smelly shoes!
Ricky “King” Russell has long been a palimpsest on the Boston scene, what with his searing  guitar and ironic vocals. What’s not to like? Then there’s Eddie Scheer, front man , emcee and Osphena® sales rep on drums and vocals,  Mario Perrett, saxist and former teen idol on sax and vocals. We always manage to tear the joint apart and put it back together for the next time. We all sing and harmonize, sometimes at the same time!  One of my all-time favorite outfits! Come see! Don’t forget: our hours are now 8:30 to 11:30.
courtesy photo
Then, this Saturday nite, I am honored to join Ms. Mari Martin and her really hot band ( the Lucky Boys) at the Rhumb Line. Easily the best singer around, Mari brings an incredible amount of great energy to the stage and will have you rollicking in the aisles and spilling your beer all over your chinese shoes. Come dance the night away.
And for the Cheez-Whiz and jello crowd, don’t  forget next Monday afternoon at the Rose Baker Senior Center downtown, where the Old Salty Jazz Band holds sway from 1 to 3.  It’s free! These guys are a riot!
The Rhumb Line
40 Railroad Avenue
Gloucester, Massachusetts
(978) 283-9732

Dave Sag’s Blues Party to host Steve Sadler and Jimmy Scoppa tonight @ The Rhumb Line 5.29.2014

dave sag rl 4.3.2014


Dave says,

I am just wiped out from all the necessary machinations incurred oner the last weekend. Played music a lot and had to soak my aching body and head in a strong solution of Epsom Salts and Tito’s Vodka for two daze, just to get the banshees to wave a white flag. It helps to rub a little on the inside, too. Presently, I’m lucid enuf to egest this at you before the little people carry me away. At least, when I get Alzheimers,  I won’t remember that I forgot.
So, this Thursday  at the “newly renovated”* Rhumb Line, let’s welcome back Steve Sadler and Jimmy Scoppa. The commodious Steve S. has just returned from a successful campaign in Gaul, where jokes and sandwiches are divided in three parts.** No one knew enuf to clap. And Jimmy, late mechanic of T.H. and the Wreckage fame,  has got his scutum and pilum in fine shape for executing  masterful maneuvers against the enemy. These two guys will show you what it’s like to be an underrated glitar hero. Unbelievable! Can you say ooh-whee? Tintinnabulations supplied by the current hotshot  drummmbler of Broomful o’ Blooz, Mr. Chris Rivelli with myself on base. So launder your Spanx®, splash  on some Stetson© and join in on the fun!


*A countertop has been painted, and the lights have been turned off, making everybody look real good. See for yourself.
** just got done re-reading all of Woody Allen’s three old books. Maybe this is where I  stole everything. I was amazed at the similarities.

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732



Garfish makes its debut at the newest music venue in Gloucester, The Pilot House Restaurant, 3 Porter St. Gloucester from 8:30 to 11:30pm


 The new function room makes for a great setting to enjoy live music, dancing and good food and drink. Best of all, there is no cover charge!

The band will be featuring Ms. Brittany Betts on trumpet and Dana Cohen on trombone. Your going to love all the new brass driving songs these musicians bring to the Garfish classic rock-n-roll sound. Also on stage will be fellow musicians Jeff Worthley on saxophone, keyboards and guitar, Kevin Lopes on lead vocals, Walter Piscitello on drums, Doug Comeau on guitar and Gary Hiltz on bass.

There is plenty of parking available in the adjoining private lot. So please stop by and let Garfish entertain you. We greatly appreciate your support and as the saying goes “We are nothing without you” Hope to see you there……..Gar

The Pilot House Restaurant

3 Porter St.

Gloucester, Ma.


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