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Motif’s Backside

Motif’s Backside

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Gloucester & Cape Ann Featured on Chronicle Tonight

Last month, we previewed Chronicle star Ted Reinstein’s new book (see post here) with Motif #1 on the cover.

Tonight’s Chronicle at 7:30pm on Channel 5 previews his book for the first time on TV — and it features a segment on Gloucester & Cape Ann.  Don’t Miss it!

After the show, take advantage of this gorgeous weather and check out over a dozen artists playing live tonight around Cape Ann tonight.  See the full schedule here.

Chronicle producer’s new book cover is Motif #1

You may know Ted Reinstein from the award-winning TV show Chronicle on Channel 5.

I’ve been a fan for years and  was lucky enough to meet Ted when he produced Chronicle’s feature of Gloucester in 2007 right after Celebrate Gloucester and the opening of Cruiseport.

After covering every corner of New England for 16 years, Ted has made good on his claim, “I have enough stories to fill a book!” Now he’s about to release what National Geographic Traveler has named one of “The Best Travel Books of Spring.”  And look at what’s on the cover!

Ted sent me a pre-release copy of his chapter on Cape Ann, which he aptly titled The Other Cape.  Here’s how it begins:

ReinsteinObviously written from the heart, Ted describes Gloucester as “America’s most authentic, enduring working waterfront.”  The chapter is filled with quotes by–and stories about–local fishermen, artists, photographers and others along with some excellent photos.

This captivating, well-written book isn’t just a travelogue.  It’s a gem that everyone who lives here and cares about this place would want to own.  New England Notebook hasn’t been released yet, but you can pre-order a copy now — right here.

Ted tells me he’s planning to come to The Other Cape to do a reading at some point.  We’ll be sure to let you know when and where as soon as it’s scheduled.  Perhaps you can get your book signed!

Burnham House and Motif # 1 Questions from Claire Higgins

Hi, Joey. Do you happen to know what year the Rockport Fishing Shack (aka Motif No. 1) was built? Also, do you know when the Burnham house

(aka Motif #2), on Route 133, was built? Also, I’ve seen it referred to as both the Mary Burnham House and the Mabel Burnham House. Do you know which is correct?

 Please let me know. Thank you very much.


 Clare Higgins

Coast Guard Blaine Gallagher proposes to his girlfriend, Sarah Morris, in front of Motif #1 in Rockport Harbor- Photos From Brianna Moore

“Coast Guard Blaine Gallagher proposes to his girlfriend, Sarah Morris, in front of Motif #1 in Rockport Harbor. Gallagher pulled his boat up behind Bearskin Neck to surprise Morris at work. When she came out to say hello, Gallagher got down on one knee and pulled out the ring in front of her friends and Gallagher’s crew.”

Check Out more on Brianna’s facebook page , professional page briannaphotography.com and blog.

Rockport? Yeah, We Got That- The Motif #1 Webcam From The Bluefish Property Group Goes Live

Oh yeah and in the midst of all this I decided to do a complete redesign from top to bottom of the www.gloucesterwebcam.com Smile

Thanks to John McElhenny from Matter Communications and Bill O’Connor from North Shore Kid on the feedback and suggestions about www.gloucesterwebcam.com ver 1.1

Check out the Bluefish Property Group Motif #1 Webcam at the new site


Tim from www.gloucesterbytes.com  installed another one yesterday in Rockport The view of Motif # 1 from Bradley Wharf!