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Mendy Garron and Family Represent! In Sao Miguel, Azores

Hi Joey,
My family and I recently returned from a fabulous trip to Sao Miguel, Azores.  Attached is a picture of Jim and Odin representing near Lomba de Sao Pedro (meaning the Hill of Saint Peter), which we thought was appropriate for the Gloucester followers!  I have included a few more pictures of the beautiful scenery.  It is an absolutely amazing place!
All the best,
Mendy Garron 

Harbor Seal Pupping Fact Sheet From Mendy Garron and a Contest from our Friends at Fort Point


There’s a harbor seal photo contest at Fort Point Pier In Boston

Click the title of the post below for the details and please keep in mind the pupping fact sheet sent in below (most importantly be sure to try to take the photos with a long lens if photographing a pup)-

1st Annual Harbor Seal Sighting Contest


As shown in our rendering below, we’re predicting that harbor seals will find a sunny respite from Harbor waters on the dock at Fort Point Pier. Over the past decade, harbor seal sightings in Fort Point Channel have been increasing in regularity.

Mendy Garron Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator Reports On Common Dolphin In Gloucester Harbor Yesterday

Mendy Garron, NER Marine Mammal Stranding Coordinator

NOAA Fisheries Service

Hi Joey,

I did see the video and this too is a harbor porpoise.  Below is a picture of the common dolphin from yesterday (photo provide by USCG).  As you will notice, the dorsal fin is much more ‘hooked’ shape compared to a harbor porpoise. 

Thanks so much!