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The Gloucester Fleet

The “Stanley Thomas”


GloucesterCast 9/15/13 With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

GloucesterCast 9/15/13 With Guest Ed Collard and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

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Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Thanks to Bill OConnor from www.northshorekid.com for the fancy “NEW EPISODE” GIF

Topics Include:

“There’s nothing around here”, LobsterFest, Bluesfest, Gloucester Daily Times Comment Section Banning Anonymous Commenting, Bloody Mary Competition, Mark Ring, Fish Box Derby, Manchester Festival By The Sea, Essex Mums, Rockport Merchants, Sara Kelly, Angela Cook, Dawn Noble, Joey’s Show At Cape Ann Coffees

Lobsterman Mark Ring Says The Only Thing Sadder Than A Bloody Mary Contest Winner Using Store Bought Mix Is…

The judges who voted for a winning bloody mary which uses store bought bloody mary mix.  Let’s hope this year’s judges hold the competition to a little higher standard.


bloody mary2

Last year’s winner Richard Rosenfeld with his store bought Bloody Mary Mix Trophy-




Mark Ring’s Deviled Eggs


The Captain Joe and Sons Christmas Party and Mark Ring’s Deviled Eggs.


In theory deviled eggs don’t sound all that appetizing to me.  Anyone else’s deviled eggs, I’m not going to cross the street to eat and probably if they are sitting on a platter at someone’s house I’d most likely pass them by. 

But not Mark Ring’s deviled eggs.  Heaven on earth.

Light and Demolishing

Down the dock we have a saying.  Well I should give props to mark Ring for being the first one I ever heard coin the phrase but it has been  adopted by many of our lobstermen.

The phrase is used when the weathermen really fuck up a forecast and call for light and diminishing winds but in actuality the wind is heavy throughout the fishing day making for horrible fishing conditions.

Lobstermen and fishermen depend on weathermen to know when it is safe or manageable to go fishing. The day before yesterday was one of those days when the weathermen were calling for light and diminishing winds.  The average forecast was for 5-10mph of wind.

In actuality the wind screamed out of the Northwest 20-35mph all day and it was bitterly cold.

One by one our lobstermen hit the dock and commented about the off-the-mark wind forecast.

It wasn’t light and diminishing.  More like Light and Demolishing.


Greasin’ the Bearing

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see that rubber disk mat that Matt Ring is fixing back into place on the deck of The Stanley Thomas?

That rubber disk mat covers the hatch which Mark just climbed down into to grease the shaft bearing.  The shaft is what connects the transmission to the propeller.  The easier the shaft turns the smoother the boat runs.  Simple right?  The sucky part is climbing down into the bilge with only about 3 feet of clearance to get to said bearing where the grease fitting resides.  You can see Mark with the paper towel wiping off the sludge from down in the bilge- Good Times.

Video coming tomorrow.


The Rabbit Shows Jeff Schroeder From CBS Around The World In A Day How To Walk The Greasy Pole

In This Video The Rabbit and Jeff Get Up On Gloucester’s Greasy Pole In Their Skivvies For A Test Walk

Good Times In Gloucester As The Sun Was Setting and We Just Managed To Catch The Light

For All The Jeff Schroeder Around The World Coverage In Gloucester So Far On These Pages Click Here

Gloucester Exposure On CBS Around The World For Free With Jeff Schroeder

Jeff literally showed up around 7:30PM and the sheer number of Gloucester locations that we squeezed in was outstanding. Huge thank you to Mark Ring who took us out on the Stanley Thomas to the Greasy Pole and Mike Tupper who caught the Albino lobster and allowed us to release it for the show(we had been holding it in our tanks so his father in law could see it).

To See The Video On CBS Click this link-


Welcome To Gloucester


To Free The Rare Albino Lobster You Must Walk the Greasy Pole


Jeff Schroeder Walks The Greasy Pole


Your Boy Joey Greets Jeff Schroeder When He Gets Into Gloucester


Captain Mark Ring Brings Us Out To The Pole


Eric Lorden Hosts Dinner at Passports


The Best Of Both Worlds Steak & Lobster At Passports


Walking From Pavillion Beach Through Gloucester’s West End Sal’s Barber Shop & Life Is Good


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