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YUPO Gallery Opening and A Fine Line

regina piantedosi openings copy
Don’t miss these two great opportunities to see Regina Piantedosi’s exciting work, as well as many others in A Fine Line.
Regina’s YUPO Gallery, G4 on Madfish Wharf, is a great space with some really unique and exciting abstract work, plus Regina’s great energy. Stop by her opening on July 5th from 7-9:00pm.
Also, don’t miss the opening of A Fine Line, an exhibit of drawings and other interpretations at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck on Saturday, July 12 from 4-6:00pm.

Reminder: Mug Up at Yupo Gallery this Sunday, June 22

Mug up at yupo galleryMug up at yupo gallery

Mark your calendars now.  There will be a Mug Up hosted by Regina Piantedosi at Yupo Gallery, 77 Rocky Neck Ave. Gallery 4 on Madfish Wharf on Sunday, June 22 at 9:30am.  For those of you who know the Madfish Wharf galleries, Regina Piantedosi has opened Yupo Gallery this year in the space where Gigi Mederos and Stevie Black operated Aquatro Gallery last year (next door to Khan Studio & the GMG Gallery space, which is now occupied by Sue Handman).

Regina, a lifelong resident of the North Shore and member of the Rocky Neck Art Colony for two years, has been painting for seven years, but has been a “creative” her entire life. She has lived a full and art filled entrepreneurial life writing, and working as an interior designer and florist.

Regina describes her art as a creative extension of herself, and believes each artist’s work is their fingerprint, unique to them alone. She has always been a non-representational/abstract painter, which is how she interprets her emotions.

Regina is currently using Yupo paper (hence the gallery name), a treeless synthetic product originally produced for printing. Having vast possibilities, it is resilient, eco-friendly and colors explode on it. Ink, gouache (semi-solid watercolors,) acrylic and gold leaf are her mediums of choice, and her art is created with one or any combination thereof.

Regina’s paintings are very bold, expressive and freaky (she actually has a series of paintings called “Freaks”).

A Mug Up with GMG peeps and fobs is way overdue, so plan to come on June 22nd, welcome Regina to Madfish Wharf, enjoy Rocky Neck on a Sunday morning, visit with your GMG buddies and make new friends.  Feel free to bring along something to share.  Regina will be providing coffee and a sweet bread (can’t remember what kind, but she’s Italian and married into the Piantedosi Baking family, so it will be good).  I’ll be there with deviled eggs (I know you’ve just been hankering for them).  Everyone is welcome.

E.J. Lefavour


I see a visit to Carol McKenna’s Gallery in your future

carol mckenna gallery

If you haven’t stopped into Carol McKenna’s gallery recently, you should go by and see her work and work by new artists: Kathy Chapman, Lisa Courtney, Alice Gardner, Jane Keddy and Eileen Patten Oliver.

Also, if you have been wondering what the future might hold for you, stop by for a reading with psychic, Joy Kasmer.  I’m no psychic, but I see a visit to Carol McKenna’s Gallery in your future.

E.J. Lefavour

Alma’s Art & Antiques

almas art and antiques 2013

She said she wasn’t coming back this year.  We didn’t believe it.  So here she is, back again for another season on Rocky Neck in her new location  (which is actually an old location that she was in years ago – Alma likes to move around).  You can find Alma McLaughlin this year at her new Alma’s Art & Antiques location at 75 Rocky Neck Ave #15 (next to The Rudder Restaurant in the space that was previously Kathy Archer’s White Bird Gallery).  Check out the ever-changing collection of beautiful art, jewelry, furnishings, knicknacks, etc. that she has.  She also has a wonderful space on the patio in back available for adults and children to paint and create.

E.J. Lefavour

A Memorial to Evelyn – Vandalized

evelyns memorial windowbox

I didn’t know what to do with the windowbox at the gallery this year.  I’d had enough of the flamingos and tiki man, and I didn’t want to deal with planting flowers.  So now it has become a memorial to Evelyn, complete with a standup paddleboard , which she loved doing so much, that I made from a flipflop.  She’ll be with us all season – at Mug Ups, paddleboarding, openings, dancing at Madfish and everything else we’ll do that she loved.  If anyone would like to add anything to the memorial – beach stones, shells, whatever for Evelyn, please feel free.

evelyn gone

I scheduled this post a fews days ago to run on Sunday afternoon.  This morning I arrived at the gallery to discover Evelyn and her paddleboard gone.  They had been glued in place, so they had been forcefully removed.  I try to live by Thumper’s mother’s teaching: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”, but today I just can’t.  To the lowdown dirty rotten scumbag that stole Evelyn and her paddleboard from this memorial to her memory, bring them back.  If you return them, all will be forgiven and forgotten; don’t return them, and you have some serious shit karma to deal with.  

Unfortunately, the person who did this most likely does not read Good Morning Gloucester because no FOB would do such a thing.  I assume it was someone coming from Madfish last night that didn’t get a good enough dose of Groove Therapy, and maybe too good a dose of alcohol to be thinking rationally or consciously.  If anyone leaving Madfish Grille last night saw or knows who did this, please let them know how badly they have hurt those of us  mourning the loss of Evelyn, and that they can make it right by returning the stolen items to her memorial. 

E.J. Lefavour


An Inspirational Interview With Jeffrey Cluett- An Artist Without Limits

My faith and hope for the future of the art scene in Gloucester renewed after popping into Gallery 5 on Madfish Wharf

If I see another paining of a goddamn bowl of fruit I swear I’m gonna gouge my eyes out.

my suggestion- go down to Gallery 5 on Madfish Wharf, check out Jeffrey Cluett, Ben Macadam and Stephanie Williams work and rediscover what it was like for you as an artist when you had youth on your side and didn’t know any boundaries. Rules? We don’t need no stinkin rules!!! Rediscover and reconnect with what it was like to let it go and to create freely and push what is possible with whatever medium it is you work with.

This is the art that is making a difference. This is the art that inspires. This is the future. Welcome.

Kim Smith’s Pre-Opening Opening Party Pictures (if that makes any sense)

Kim forwards these photos along from the GMG Gallery Khan Studio get together we had before the season kicks off-

The gallery has already been very successful with just a ton of people coming through- and best of all buying stuff.  Besides all the great work inside the walls of our cool ass joint, you can’t help but love the positive vibes and energy from our buddy EJ who is running the place.  If you are a FOB and come into Gloucester you have got to stop in and say hi to EJ. 

We’re having way too much fun aren’t we?


Ed Raiding The Fridge- Shocker!!!


Khan Studio and Good Morning Gloucester Gallery On Madfish Wharf

Click pic below for Bing Map and Directions-


Where’s Paulie Walnuts?