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Full Lunar Eclipse Morning of December 21

Almost Total Lunar Eclipse

Photographers of Cape Ann take note. You might want to check out the full lunar eclipse on the morning of December 21. Earth Sky story here. Because it is so close to the winter solstice the moon will be traversing the highest in the sky for lunar eclipses for centuries.

Cape Ann:

Monday, Night of December 20 the full moon will rise at: 3:37 PM

December 21 1:33 AM (same night after midnight) the partial lunar eclipse begins.

December 21 2:41 AM full lunar eclipse begins. For the next 72 minutes the moon is a dark orange ball under total eclipse inside the earth’s shadow.

December 21 3:52 AM full lunar eclipse ends.

December 21 5:01 AM partial lunar eclipse ends.

The full moon sets at 6:30 AM

The sunrise is at 7:10AM

Between 2:41 AM and 3:53 AM the moon is going to be very photogenic next to the City Hall tower or a church steeple or over the paint factory. I might be out on Bearskin Neck trying to get a shot of Rockport Harbor with the moon in the west.  Movies of the very beginning and end will also be cool. Do a dry run the night before  to find the best locations. The moon is in “position” one hour earlier. It sets at 5:30 AM the day before, got it?