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Boston Globe Caffeine Map Poll Omits Important Category- The Independents

In the Boston Globe’s Caffeine Poll in which they ask the question Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks they omit a hugely important category (well to me it is anyway)-THE INDEPENDENT COFFEE SHOPS!

Click the map for the Boston Globe Poll-


Personally I prefer Starbucks over Dunkin Donuts as I find DD to be weak and the people rarely make it the way I want it at DD and every once in a while I get one that tastes like burnt plastic.  But over both of those choices I would take The Lone Gull, Cape Ann Coffee or Pleasant St Tea and Coffee Company.

To leave the independent coffee shop out of the options for the poll I feel the poll is hugely flawed.

What about you?  I’ll add the right poll in here-

PR For Gloucester- Taking Control Of Our Image

Bob Hastings Executive Director of The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and Tracey Muller from the Bass Rocks Ocean Inn interview in which they explain a new public relations campaign started by a grass roots group of Gloucester business people.

Click here for the HD version if you have a fast internet connection

Super Duper Good Egg Charlee Bianchini Checks In From China

Charlee, a Cape Ann Beacon correspondent has traveled to China where she will be teaching and also blogging on her new blog- www.charleebeth.wordpress.com I’m really looking forward to Charlee’s updates.  Even with her first couple of posts I feel transported.  What a journey.

Live it up kid.  Remember what I told you-  you have that blank canvas- paint a beautiful picture.

This from China-

Hello All from Qufu, China!

I just wanted to let all of you know that you can keep up with my travels in India, China and hopefully South East Asia through my blog:  www.charleebeth.wordpress.com.  I’ll have the first few entries up by Friday afternoon, I’m hoping.  If there are any other updates I want to pass along West, I will most likely be sending them to this group list.  If you’d like to be taken off of the list, please let me know.

Also, here is my address here in Qufu.  I would love to hear any news from home you guys are willing to pass along.

Charlee Bianchini
College of International Cultural Exchange
Qufu Teachers University
Qudu, Shandong 273165
Peoples Republic of China

Sending all my love and best wishes from the Orient,

click the picture for the interview I did with Charlee at The Lone Gull

click the picture for the interview with Charlee at The Lone Gull

If you get a chance, leave Charlee a comment on her blog to let her know you saw it.  Bloggers love feedback.  It lets them know that what they’re doing is worth while.

Lone Gull Won’t Be Opening Today As Previously Planned

From Maryellen and Joe Borge-

To Joe and all of our loyal customers:

I again apologize…we attempted to open on Friday morning, but the efforts of getting the new over-the-top brewers to brew a decent cup of coffee failed. The coffee was just not up to our standards and was not hot enough. We sadly are going to wait it out. I am hoping the city and or the govenment will step in to help all of the businesses who lost alot of money in these past days. Joe and I look forward to serving our customers sooooon!!

Maryellen and Joe Borge

Chickity Check It!- Your Favorite Ex

Y’all know I dig our local coffee shops.  Cape Ann Coffees, Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co, and the most regular of my stops in the heart of beautiful Downtown Gloucester -The Lone Gull.

Talking to Joe Borge, son of Lone Gull owner Joe Borge, he told me about a band he plays in- Your Favorite Ex.

Here’s the page where you can listen to some of their songs-

Your Favorite Ex

Joe is the Rocker in the right of the picture taken by Petey Photography

CATA Buss Passes Bus Stop While People Illegally Park

The move of the bus stop can not come soon enough.  I haven’t seen the bus stop spots free of illegally parked cars once and the buses just cruise on past without even pretending to slow down in the designated spaces.

CATA Buss Passes Bus Stop While People Illegally Park, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

This Has To Be Some Cruel Joke!

Moving the bus stop so it takes up critical parking in front of The Lone Gull?   You’re kidding right?   This has got to be some cruel joke.  ARGHHHHHHH!

Because for the fucking life of me I gotta believe that no rational human being would take away parking in front of one of the hub storefronts that bring people downtown on a daily basis- namely The Lone Gull.  Will someone tell the people responsible for this travesty- this sham- this shamockery- that they are getting in the way of my coffee consumption and that’s never a good idea?

C’mon, seriously.  April Fools Day was three weeks ago.  Enough with the funny stuff.

Was it not possible to move this bus stop in front of the VACANT former EMPIRE BUILDING or some other location that doesn’t rely on people coming and going quickly?????  There must be a reason for it but at the moment all I can think of is the literally thousands of people that regularly flock to The Lone Gull as a meeting point and energy hub of Downtown.  UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To make things even more puzzling, I just spoke with my buddy who owns Passports, the restaurant in front of which the bus stop was moved from.  You figure he might be ecstatic about the move, right?  He tells me he has never complained about the bus stop being in front of his place, was totally used to it, and figured it made sense where it was because there was good visibility and benches right there.

Genius!!!!!!!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Where Zat? Winner!


Paul Frontiero took a long shot when he guessed the Lane’s Cove shack and when I notified him, he wrote back….

“You gotta be kidding me?
I’ve been down there alot. Must be implanted in my noggin.
I promise I won’t guess for awhile. Unless… one of the next prizes is a Cruise. Thanks Sharon.
Take Care, Paul

So Paul wins a gift certificate from the Lone Gull.  Congratulations, Paul!

We know how hard the economy has been hitting us all, so until things pick up, I’d rather not ask small businesses for donations. Soooo- we can still have fun with this without prizes, and Paul won’t have to feel guilty about guessing!!! Jan, you too!

Where Zat #11

Last week’s winner was Jan Dunsky who identified the Union Congregational Church. Today we have a $20 gift certificate from the Lone Gull Coffee House on Main St. in downtown Gloucester. Thank you , Joe and Mary Borge, for donating this week’s prize!


I think Joey will approve of the degree of difficulty for this one!

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