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Andrea Gail Model Complete Thanks To Help From GMGers!

Lisa Freed writes-   Hey Joey   My dad finished building the model of Andrea Gail. Couldn’t have done it without the help of the GMG readers and the history/photos and knowledge they emailed us. Individual pieces, hand built, all … Continue reading

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Lisa Freed Represents!

Niles now rides with me…. He may come meet Homey one day. Lisa Joey Edit: The question I have is how exactly Niles got his name? Was there an illicit sexual encounter on Niles Beach which led to the demon … Continue reading

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Lisa Freed Has Some Nice Things To Say- Day Off in Gloucester

Thanks to you and the Blog, and all I’ve learned  from you, we had a GREAT day off wandering Gloucester-  a few photos from the day at: THANK YOU!!! Lisa (and Mike)

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Andrea Gail Builder Looking For Help

Lisa Freed asks- Hey Joey! Sort of odd question for you.  My 80 year old dad builds ship models. He’s in NY, but we all grew up on Long Island Sound, so sailing is in our blood.  You know I … Continue reading

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Lisa Freed Has Some Nice Things To Say

I owe ya dude…. Years of coming up to Gloucester (I was part of the windsurfers at Niles) and watching the blog, I finally decided to hit Rocky Neck. Best dinner ever on the deck at The Rudder with my … Continue reading

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