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More marine origami

Small fishing boat near a lighthouse

Should the lighthouse be taller? I tried to get the proportions from photos of Eastern Point lighthouse, more or less. It is probably not quite in the right proportion to the size of the fishing boat, but folding from dollar bills limits the range of size I can produce…

No dollar bills were damaged during this production… All three could be unfolded and put back in my wallet.

My Nana and her Lighthouses

If there’s one thing I learned from my great grandmother, it’s the importance of being a hostess—welcoming people into your home and making them feel warm, loved and taken care of. But if you asked me for two things my Nana taught me in the 23 years I had with her, the second would be to never let a lighthouse go unappreciated.

Lighthouse and moon She loved lighthouses and had them everywhere – sweatshirts with lighthouses on them, calendars, magnets on the fridge. She loved to go driving around just to visit lighthouses in New England. Lighthouses like the one I get to walk by every day on my way to work. As I get ready to go say my good-byes at Nana Lyman’s memorial on Monday, I decided to take a little tour of Gloucester’s lighthouses and appreciate the beauty around us every day – just wanted to share a little bit of it.