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Not One, But Two, Super Events from Eastern Point Lit House this Sunday, April 13th!

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JIM DOWD to Lead Discussion at The Writer’s Book Club Event at Duckworth’s!

Chris Anderson writes that he has sent the announcement earlier than usual because he wants to let GMG readers know that this event is going to sell out quickly!

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Bike Lane Parking From Jim Dowd


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Jim Dowd on the new bike lanes:

You see this symbol on my bike helmet above? Anyone who’s not 12 know what it is? Anyone? It’s the Rebel Alliance Starbird symbol from Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter helmet from the first two Star Wars movies (the good ones). … Continue reading

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Jim Dowd and The Why Gloucester Is Hipster (and that’s not a bad thing) Rant

Jim Dowd submits- I want to talk about an ugly word in the English language that’s come back into common usage. It’s a word that ends in “er” and is thrown around as a blanket descriptor to disparage a specific … Continue reading

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Jim Dowd’s Post On Good Morning Gloucester Makes The Washington Post

Attention, terrorists: In Boston, history and grudges are forever Posted by Melinda Henneberger on April 18, 2013 at 6:37 pm The Post Melinda is referring to is here- http://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/jim-dowd-responds-to-the-attack-on-the-boston-marathon/

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Congrats To Jim Dowd For Having the 4th Top Blog Post Out Of The Millions of Daily Blog Posts On WordPress.com April 18th, 2013

  Here it is: Jim Dowd responds to the attack on the Boston Marathon

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Jim Dowd responds to the attack on the Boston Marathon

[Two products of our fair city. Both will kick your ass.] Oh man, you screwed up, didn’t you? Yes, your little RadioShack experiment for evil hurt and killed some people and got you the attention you were obviously so desperately … Continue reading

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Jim Dowd humorous bike response

Hey Joe n’ Gang! Here is an amusing response to Joey’s rant at the Lycra weenies the other day. It’s about being a cyclist in Gloucester and how challenging that can be as well. I also included a photo of … Continue reading

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Attention Alert Cape Ann Citizens! Stolen Bike!!!!

Jim Dowd writes- Attention Alert Citizens! Upon my return to our beloved island from my work deep down in the cubicle mines of Boston, I discovered my faithful mountain bike "Madeline" missing from the T station in downtown Gloucester. She … Continue reading

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Jim Dowd, Local Blogger Would Like to Pay It Forward

You know how we are in Gloucester, we’re not about holding grudges. So I say we not blight our karma any further with this whole “Beverly Farms Parade That Insulted Our Children and Traditions” thing. It’s all just bad vibes, … Continue reading

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Great Post from Jim Dowd- Fellow Gloucester Blogger

Must read blog posting from fellow Gloucester blogger Jim Dowd- http://jimdowd.blogspot.com/2008/06/open-letter-to-people-calling-me.html

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