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Jenn Cullen Adopts Cape Ann Animal Aid Kitty–Maisy


I almost forgot to tell you that I did adopt a cat from Cape Ann Animal Aid in May (not
Squeaky as she was gone when I went to check), I named her Maisy, she is the sweetest thing, still a bit shy, but loves to sit on the windowsills and watch the boats and seagulls go by, here is a pic:


Jenn Cullen Reminds Us of a Time Not So Long ago when It Snowed On April Fools Day

Hey Joey,
Since I forgot to send you this originally, thought it might be a good idea to remember a few short months ago when it snowed on April Fools Day…I sure wouldn’t complain about some of the white powder falling right now!  Though I mainly resented it then….perspective is a wonderful thing, huh?
This was just taken with my BlackBerry, but finally got a decent digital camera, so will be sending you more current pics from your FOB down the Fort.


Jenn Cullen Coast Guard Pic

Hey Joey,
I moved down the Fort in January, loving it so far, especially the view,
but can’t wait for the nice weather.  I took this pic from my phone while
looking out my kitchen window this morning…are they stuck or just hanging
out?  They’ve been there at least an hour.


Hmm, Jenn, I’ doubt they are stuck but I’ve never seen the black hulled Coast Guard boat in the Harbor.  I wonder what purpose this boat is used for.  Maybe our friends the Lubbers who are Coasties will chime in and educate us.