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The Happy Couple

Susan and don get engaged

Special FOB’s Don from Island Art & Hobby and Susan from Toodleoos stopped into the gallery today and let slip the fact that they had gotten engaged on Tuesday 9/17 on Susan’s 50th birthday.  Don got down on one knee to propose in Newburyport, where they met and had their first kiss – don’t know if both things occurred on the same day.  So sweet and such a great couple.  I always thought they were married, as apparently did many people.  They also just celebrated their 5th anniversary of being together.  Best wishes to both of them.

E.J. Lefavour

Island Art & Hobby

colleen at island art and hobby

I love Don at Island Art & Hobby.  I stopped in recently looking for something he didn’t carry.  He immediately went onto his suppliers sites, found what I wanted and ordered it, so I can buy locally and at the same price I would have paid if I had ordered it online.  In addition to a great selection of art and hobby supplies, there is also something for the wee ones. 

Here is Colleen with some of her charming little students.  Colleen’s little ones classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:15 – 11:15 at Island Art & Hobby ($12).  If you have a budding little artist in your midst, bring them over and let Colleen nurture their creative side.  For more info, call 978-879-4511.

E.J. Lefavour

Rebecca Siswick’s art at Island Art and Hobby

Rebecca Siswick Graham is the Artist-of-the-Month at Island Art & Hobby! Her current collection of artwork in acrylic, encaustic, and mixed media will be on display now through March 31st. They held a reception on March 15, and was well frequented.

Rebecca with her art


Her work, inspired in biology, uses an interesting variety of techniques and media.

By the way, Island Art and Hobby also has a growing selection of origami materials:

- Fr. Matthew Green


Here’s Mine!

This post officially ends the series ; “I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours”!

You (the Artists) that read GMG had your chance for a free plug. Five great artists took me up on it. I know there are more out there that read this Rag. I’m sure some were thinking about participating. some were going to participate but never got the time to do so. Some I’m sure think they are to good to participate in this lowly blog. “I’m not”!

I have a few different setups. One for Oil paint one for Acrylics and one for Watercolor.

So here is my Watercolor set up. It’s so easy to carry around. Other than the box all you need is a napkin or two. Island Art and Hobby down on Main st. carry a similar setup ask for the special water brush. Contact Frontiero@hotmail.com with your photos and info if you use this type of painting kit and i’ll post it and give you a free plug here on this Rag. :)

OK Here’s my Car set up. It’s a Sakura 24 color watercolor box that you can put a 4″x6″ postcard size watercolor paper in it and still have a lot of palette space to mix colors. you can see and or buy my small paintings at the EJ KAHN/GoodMorningGloucester Gallery down at the Madfish Galleries on Rocky Neck this year. HAVE FUN!

Gloucester Webcam of The Day- Island Art and Hobby

This Webcam and more can be found at www.gloucesterwebcam.com

Check Out Island Art and Hobby Website Here


This www.gloucesterwebcam.com local webcam portal project was an idea I had last year to have as many webcams streaming from local businesses or organizations as possible which highlight the incredible vistas that we as people that live and work here get to enjoy each and every day.

The idea was to have the organization install the webcam, have them embed the webcam feed on their own websites as well and have a link to each business website on the Gloucester webcam portal website to showcase their business as well.

Tim Blakeley from Gloucester Bytes provided the initial installation at ridiculously cheap cost because he believed in the project.

Random Gloucester Business Tweet of The Day

In an effort to get more local businesses out of the stone ages and into 2012 I’ll be posting a random Gloucester Business Tweet every now and again.  Don’t lobby for me to post your business tweet, just get your business active in the social media game, if what you post tweaks my interest you could see it here and folks that may not have even known you had a twitter presence might just find out about your bidness.

Hey, we had over 41,000 folks check out GMG just yesterday on a beautiful sunny Sunday, come get some of that love baby!


Today Island Art and Hobby Tweets-


Follow Don Boye, owner of Island Art and Hobby on twitter here

5:20AM On Main Street Snapshot of Snow Totals (or lack thereof) On Main Street Courtesy Island Art and Hobby and Toodeloos–GMG October Nor’ Easter Coverage

Classic example of how the www.gloucesterwebcam.com project can let you know what’s up when you’re away or in bed.

Island Art and Hobby Facebook page here


Toodeloos Webpage here


Click here to see the other cams

Click here to sign up and have your business or community organization represented on GMG when we highlight something cool happening on your cam and also listed on www.gloucesterwebcam.com

Check out the interactive map of all the locations that are live so far and their field of view-


Halloween Party Kids Unlimited, Island Art and Hobby, Harbor Goods, and Local Colors October 30th! Moved To Rose baker Center

Halloween Party

Sunday October 30th has been moved to the Rose Baker Senior Center due to the weather forecast.

Same Time from 2:00 – 4:00pm

All activities, prizes and treats will be awaiting all the Little Trick or Treater’s in their costumes.