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Season’s End for Ice Cream – Captain Dusty’s

Well, every season comes to an end and Captain Dusty’s is no exception. With ice cream shops in Manchester, Beverly Farms, Essex and Salem  Captain Dusty’s season’s ending days are marked with  support and donations to charitable causes. Friday, October … Continue reading

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Kiss on the Neck for Good

Dear friends and family,   As many of you know, my little ice-cream business KISS on the Neck on Rocky Neck in Gloucester, MA takes tremendous pride not only satisfying the sweet-tooth but encouraging the do-good among its customers.   … Continue reading

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Some Lucky Girls At East Gloucester Richdale Get Some Schweddy Balls

Just look at those smiling faces!  They got the last two pints out of the freezer. Nothing like some schweddy balls to brighten up your day. Eat that American Family Association! You may recall my message to the AFA when … Continue reading

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Here’s My Message To The AFA

You can suck schweddy balls. The American Family Association is organizing a protest over Ben and Jerry’s new ice cream flavor named "Schweddy Balls Ice Cream" God almighty do people have to suck the fun out of everything? Can’t they … Continue reading

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Off the Island – Down River Ice Cream!

Sharon Lowe Photography

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West End Sweets New Owner Angie Nicastro Interview

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My Sources Tell Me…..

That Captain Dusty’s Will Open and Ice Cream Location May 1st In The Schooners Plaza In Essex Where Puna’s Market Used To Be. On the Corner of Haskell Ct and Eastern Ave In Essex I haven’t confirmed this but that’s … Continue reading

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Ice Cream! It’s a Snack-tivity!

One of my favorite summer snack-tivities is getting ice cream at Harbor’s Point Ice Cream and snacking while walking along the boulevard toward Blyman Canal to see the bridge open (what an awesome thing about Gloucester!) and watch the boats. I always usually see a cormorant fishing too… Continue reading

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Chubby Hubby- The Bean Ought To Get Paid for This Ben and Jerry’s Ad

Click Here For The HD Version

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Ice Cream With The Girls Short Video

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It’s All About Ice Cream~Recipes and a visit with the brilliant ice cream flavor creator at Down River Ice Cream in Essex!

It’s All About Ice Cream-Episode #5–Down River Ice Cream I hope you will make these recipes for ultra dark chocolatey cookies for the “greenhead” ice cream sandwiches and the fantastic toasted pecan cinnamon blondies with they spiced apple compote to make … Continue reading

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West End Sweets Slide Show!!

West End Sweets is located at 37 Main St., Gloucester, in the store front that once housed Mike’s Pastry and will be open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. To view most of these photos on … Continue reading

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More photos from the West End Sweets Grand Opening!

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How the Storm Station at West End Sweets will work (more or less)

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A Taste of Summer

It’s only 3 months away. Once this snow melts, we’ll be able to believe that summer will actually come again with the Red Sox, ice cream at the Cupboard after supper, walks on Good Harbor, and of course, FIESTA! Here’s … Continue reading

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Utensils? We Don’t Need No Stinkin Utensils (video)

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Snoop Mad Is A Freak For Ice Cream

Snoop Mad Is A Freak For Ice Cream, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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