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EJ’s double crested cormorant has a friend.

That Rubber Duck is too small. To get a gigantic Rubber Duck to our shores please “like” the Facebook Page, “Bring the Rubber Duck to Gloucester Harbor“. We need that page liked at least one hundred more times before we … Continue reading

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The Sistine Seagull

The beautiful symbolism of the Sistine Seagulls perched atop the smoke stack shortly before the white smoke billowed from the smokestack, announcing the cardinals had elected the new pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He takes the name Pope Francis in honor … Continue reading

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Good Harbor and the Great Blue Heron

Notes on Good Harbor Beach November Sunrise One morning in late November I followed the elusive Great Blue Heron up and down the length of the salt marsh creek while a stunning sunrise unfolded in the background. The dance of … Continue reading

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Homies Looking for Joey

Thanks to Ed for sending in his photos, which he captions “Homies Looking for Joey!” I think we have an embarrassment of riches in the Gloucester Homie photo request and should make this request again in another six months–I imagine … Continue reading

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Gloucester Seagulls

I Love Homies! Random snapshots from recent photo trips with Fujufilm X-E1. Ubiquitous, and from every vantage point, the gulls always make their presence known. Gloucester seagulls are the best–so photogenic!

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Cooperative Seagulls

While filming B-roll of gorgeous herons, ducks, geese, and gulls this morning, the homies were particularly cooperative. Click images to view larger. Come to think of it, the sunbeams, the herons, the pearly pink-hued surf caught in the dawn light, … Continue reading

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Homies on the Blvd.

      Homies flyin high on the Boulevard. ~Alicia

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Homies Holding Down the Fort

No worries for the boss-Homies holding down the fort!

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Kristofer Brendel Shoots The Homies

Photo from Kristofer Brendel- Kristofer Brendel Shoots The Homies, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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Seagulls Fight For Herring Scraps Video

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Photo by Paul Frontiero The fishing Boats “Sunlight” and “Starlight” unloading at the Cruiseport. As  they started, the placed filled with Homies. Those poor guys must get shit all over them.

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