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There’s Nothing Like The Vigna At Halibut Point

Nobody Does Vigna Like Halibut Point Does Vigna.  What Better Way To Wash Down The Clams Than With Some Nice Vigna I Ask You? Halibut Point- Briny- Just The Way You Like It

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Some Pics from Halibut Point this past Summer

Dogman submits- Some pics from idyllic Halibut Point this past Summer: Dogman Pics from Halibut Point VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL

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I Love Sumac!

Now that’s not an opinion you don’t hear very often. I try to get my clients to love it too or, if they can’t enjoy Smooth Sumac for its unusual beauty, to at least appreciate the shrub for the myriad … Continue reading

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An hour at Halibut Point


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Kathy Slifer Makes A Halibut Point Blueberry Pie

Hi Joey ,  I suppose I should keep this a secret , but picked enough blueberries at Halibut Point to make a pie . Cape Ann keeps on giving ! Kathy Slifer

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June 15, 2012 Sun set from Halibut Point via John Wheeler

Sun set from Halibut Point John writes- Hi Joey, I’m not sure where everyone else was at Halibut Point tonight, but once again, I found myself at the waters edge. John Wheeler

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Sean Hurley Cape Ann Artist/Printmaker Gives An Update On Halibut Point

Sean Hurley here, Cape Ann artist/printmaker. As you may or may not know, I am also full time cook down at Halibut Point, and we are trying to spread the word about our upcoming anniversary, and the return of our … Continue reading

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Halibut Point From Ann Kennedy

What a beautiful and peaceful place for a quiet walk in early morning fog, or anytime!

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Foggy Halibut Point

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Halibut Point

Painting by E.J. Lefavour   Did you know that Halibut Point is made of sheets of 440 million year-old granite that now descend from rocky headland to the tidal pools below. Beginning in the 1840s, granite was quarried from this … Continue reading

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Things To Do- Rebel Shakespeare At Halibut Point August 28th

Hi Joey, We’re flickr friends, and I wanted to invite you if you’re around to come see Rebel Shakespeare at Halibut Point on august 28th at 5pm. We’d love to have you. spread the word if you can. Traditional press … Continue reading

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Land of Ktulu submitted to the GMG Flickr Group By halibut2

 I know Paul Morrison likes to stack up rocks.  He uses the term cairns to describe the stacked up balanced rocks. The pictures here are from halibut2 and were taken on May Day at Halibut Point.  The video is from pro … Continue reading

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New Addition To The GMG Cape Ann Free WiFi Map- Halibut Point

Thanks to FOB Sandy Farrelll who gave me the heads up we have a new addition to the Good Morning Gloucester Free WiFi Map- Halibut Point restaurant at 289 Main street in Beautiful Downtown Gloucester. I put the map together … Continue reading

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Halibut Point submitted to the GMG Flickr Group Pool by Bluefish585

Welcome Bluefish585 to the GMG Flickr Group! Early a.m. August 09  Halibut Point, originally uploaded by Bluefish585.  

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Beginning Winter Birding

Date:     January 17, 2010 Location:     Halibut Point Reservation Time:     8 – 10AM Cost:     FREE to all. Phone: 978.281.8400 E-mail: rlatham@ttor.org Halibut Point is nationally renowned for viewing winter birds. Learn the basics of birding, natural history, … Continue reading

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Gloucester Doors- Halibut Point

Gloucester Doors- Halibut Point, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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