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If you haven’t joined the new GMG Google+ Community Group then you missed…

If you haven’t joined the new GMG Google+ Community Group then you missed Ann Kennedy’s tip for an app that turns your photos into incredible watercolor paintings, the GMG animated GIF contest, Live Ships Map, Rich Beans funny podcast find … Continue reading

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Brenda Davis Just Added A Then and Now Photo Perspective Of The Fort To The New GMG Google+ Community

To see it and the others she’s posted, join the GMG Google+ Community and further your GMG experience Click Here to Join-

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Doug Brendel Has Seen the Light!

Joey, I’ve been cheering your rants about people who ask you for info instead of finding it themselves on Google. This morning as I was reading through the blog, I thought I had come to a situation where I really … Continue reading

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After thinking about it I think the frustration comes from not understanding the thought process…

I think the thing that frustrates me the most about people refusing to perform simple internet searches and asking others to do it is the not really understanding the psyche behind people asking other people to search the web for … Continue reading

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How much could I charge for a seminar to teach people how to look for things on the internet using a search engine?

You may think I’m kidding but I’m dead serious. Or maybe the President of the United States could pay me to do a national public service announcement campaign explaining how to do it.  What would I need like a 30 … Continue reading

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Is It Astounding In 2013 That Someone Would Ask This Question Rather Than Google “Hard Merchandise T-Shirt”?

I got this email last night (name removed as to not embarrass the nice person)- where can i find t-shirts for the hard merchandise?  cant find it on this place, or im looking in the wrong place.  help me out … Continue reading

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P&V’s LOL #6: Multitasking isn’t

Multitasking isn’t.  Isn’t what?  Isn’t Multi.  Not really.  Just when we thought we were more efficient, science rears its ugly head and proves us wrong.  Google multitasking and you’ll see most of the results busting the myth of multitasking — … Continue reading

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Over A Year Later We Revisit Google+ Google Circles

Back on August 23, 2011 I wrote that I thought Google Circles and Google plus were probably not going to take off the way some folks were predicting- GMG Tech Talk- Google Plus, Google Circles Posted on August 23, 2011 … Continue reading

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