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This is the inaugural episode of my new series that showcases anything I’m really diggin’ at the moment. And right now, I’m feeling me some SURFRIDER PIZZA. You may know that they have great subs on fresh baked bread, but do you know how awesome the pie is there? This place churns out some amazing specialty pies, one of my favorites being the Pollo Pesto, trust. But in this episode, I go in deep for the classic: pepperoni and cheese. For me, it’s all about hand tossed, freshly made thin crust. I’m not about some sweet sauce either, that’s just wrong. Some call in New York style, I call it proper. Whether it’s a white garlic pizza, pesto, red sauce, you name it, SURFRIDER has something for ya!



Today is Maritime Heritage Day at Maritime Gloucester! 10am-4pm

Today is Maritime Heritage Day at Maritime Gloucester! 10am-4pm. Area environmental groups and maritime heritage organizations will be set up with interactive exhibits along side of local crafters demonstrating their art. Sunny Fishcakes Music Review will be performing during the afternoon. Lunch will be available on the pier. Great, fun event for families and visitors.DSC07349


The Hard Merchandise Retail Group Representin’

The Hard Merchandise Retail Group Representin’ From the Bluefin Blowout 2012


The Loss of the F/V Patriot 01/03/2009

On January 3, 2009 the F\V Patriot was lost at Sea with both crewmen.  Here is the story from the Gloucester Daily Times and a few photos I took of the Patriot in 2008.  Also, Joey has some great pictures and video of inside the Patriots wheelhouse and engine room. 

From the Gloucester Daily Times;

Mourning the Patriot

Trawler tragedy claims lives of two fishermen

“By Richard Gaines The Gloucester Daily Times Sun Jan 04, 2009, 10:52 PM EST

As president of the Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association, Angela Sanfilippo has dealt many times with tragedy at sea. It never gets easier.

“This is a shocker,” she said Saturday, referring to the loss of the Patriot and the lives of two local fishermen. “This was the perfect boat. Gloucester has one more time been stricken.” 

The two members of a Gloucester fishing family — the husband and father of Josephine Russo — were lost at sea early Saturday when the family-owned Patriot, a modern, 54-foot, steel-hulled trawler fishing alone on Middle Bank, about 15 miles from port, sank after an apparent catastrophic failure.

CLICK THE LINK FOR THE REST OF THE STORY; http://www.gloucestertimes.com/Patriot/x645317002/Mourning-the-Patriot

Here are Links to the USCG Final Action Report and the USCG Timeline chart on the F/V Patriot sinking.

 Coast Guard Final Action Memo FV PATRIOT.pdf

 Enclosure 3 – FV PATRIOT Timeline Graphic.pdf

Here are the links to Joey’s Videos;



 The Danielle Marie before the Name Change to the Patriot

The Patriot docked at the State Fish Pier

Matteo Russo Gets ready to Board his Boat The F\V Patriot

F\V Patriot viewed from Gorton’s Wharf 2008

The Patriot gets ready to Dock 2008

Greasy Pole Photos Before and Now 9/30/2011

Greasy Pole Photos Before and NOW 9/30/2011

I took this photo of the Pole Monday at Low Tide. It hasn’t been looking to healthy lately. The Storms took their toll

NOW 09/30/2011

Tina Greel Represents Before the Paint Mfg Demolition


Tina Greel Represents Before the Paint Mfg Demolition

Hey Wait! I gave her a Sticka but where’d she get my Official GMG Press Pass?


How am I supposed to get into any big local events (for free) without it?


Please Tina give it back. It won’t do you any good. You don’t look anything at all like the photo on it. You have too much hair.

Sawyer Free Library Art Auction EJ’s Contribution!

GMG’s own EJ has donated a beautiful painting to this years Sawyer Free Library’s Art Auction. I checked the Silent Auction book and it already had a few bids (more bids than mine had). But it’s still a great deal. check it out. This is the only time of year you can get a chance to get an Awesome work of Art by a Famous Cape Ann Artist at an unbelieveable price!!!

EJ’S Contribution: “Misty Morning Queen Anne’s Lace” wish I could’ve got a better picture, it’s a beautiful work of art!


The Silent Auction will take place throughout the month of September in the Matz Gallery. The Live Vocal Auction will be held on October 5, 2011 at 7 pm. A Preview Party at 6 pm(FREE FOOD AND DRINK!!) will precede the auction. Hope to see you there!

2011 Sawyer Free Library Art Auction

2011 Sawyer Free Library Art Auction

Director Carol Gray shows off a few Paintings in this years Auction

The Silent Auction will take place throughout the month of September in the Matz Gallery. The Live Vocal Auction will be held on October 5, 2011 at 7 pm. A Preview Party at 6 pm will precede the auction.


Joey C did a great video describing how you place a Silent Bid

This video is from the 2009 Art Auction.

Tropical Storm Irene from Stage Fort Park 08/28/2011

Tropical Storm Irene from Stage Fort Park 08/28/2011

Probably one of the dumbest thing i’ve done. Walked out to the cannons. The trees were being bent over by the wind and the sea spray was washing up to the benches. Approx. wind speed 60mph. After I took a few photos and short video, I was walking back to my car and had to dodge a few flying tree branches. Not to bright but I never pretended to be.

Please remember, I went to the Ed Collard school of Videography.

I think I made him PROUD!

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