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GloucesterCast With Guests Kim Smith, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 09/21/14

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Topics Include: The effervescent Toby Pett and Mr Grumpypants Kim Smith, Block Party Kudos, Sefathia, Mark McDonough Valerie Markeley, Block Party Review, Gianni Gallo, Rome TV based in where else but Gloucester MA, Mercedes Flavin and Paolo Laboa and The Space at Alchemy, J Pace, The Big Dig, The Format For The 100th Podcast, Holy Cow, Burnham’s Field, John McElhenny, Steve Winslow, Melissa Cox, Mayor Kirk, The Ward 2 Move, Richardson’s Ice Cream, Appleton Farms, Gloucester Daily Times Website Redesign, Arizona’s Stupid Motorist Law, Israel Horowitz’ My Old Lady Playing At Cape Ann Community Cinema, House Of Games, Lindsay Crouse, Adam Horowitz and The Beastie Boys, Rob Newton From Cape Ann Community Cinema, The Prototype For Kim’s Butterfly Screening Audience, Kim Smith Butterfly Movie On PBS, Send Kim Your Monarch Butterfly Sightings, www.journeynorth.org , Eastern Point Lit House Kumbaya Moment, Duckworth Book Series The Secret Life Of Bees, NFL Football Food Menu, Against Football: A Reluctant Manifesto, The Hard Core Liberal Car and Ron Gilson’s 10 Cent Trade In, Live On Boats Being Sold In Favor Of Cheap Housing, SmallHouseBliss, Send In Your Football Day Food Pictures

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GloucesterCast With Guest Paulie Walnuts Frontiero and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/17/14 #GloucesterMA


GloucesterCast With Guest Paulie Walnuts Frontiero and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/17/14



Topics Include: Guest Paulie Walnuts Frontiero,Gloucester Schooner Festival Website, Coast Guard Eagle, Patriot Act , Tracey Arabian Comes Through,Waterfront Festival, Rusty Kinunnen,Block Party, Mark McDonough and Valerie Markeley resign from Block Party Committee, Asking Musicians To Play For Free,Pebble Beach Sign,Fine For Taking Beach Rocks, Block Party Altercation, Thankless Volunteerism, Gloucester Downtown Group, Beauport Princess, Trying To Figure Out How To Broadcast The Schooner Race Action, Schooner Virginia, The Black Dog Schooner Is The Alabama (Joey Called It Wrong),Kudos To Tom Ellis and Harold Burnham, Art Rocks, Hit Rate On Reported Found Art Rocks, Glosta Rocks.

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GloucesterCast 11/10/13 With Guests Kim Smith and Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro


GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 11/10/13 With Guests Kim Smith Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Donuts from Brother’s Brew, Gloucester High Only Plays 7 Regular Season Football Games, Passports and Olive Kitteridge Filming, Frances McDormand and Bill Murray in Town, Toby’s Psychotic Dining Expectations, Sista Felicia bringing The Thunder, Mass Office of Travel and Tourism, Betsy Wall and Catherine Ryan

Another Victory For The Harborwalk

Sarah Garcia submits-


2013 MUSE Awards – Congratulations

Congratulations HarborWalk folk!

The Walking Cinemas of the HarborWalk are receiving a national – and apparently quite distinguished – MUSE award from the American Association of Museums.  The “medals” are given out the weekend of May 17th – (we’ll hope for the gold.)

Untravel Media developed the Walking Cinemas, and were creative people who completely “got” Gloucester.  And in the inimitable way that Gloucester has, the community recognized compatible folk doing cool stuff, and joined in.  Just listening to “Uncle Joe” tell the history of Fiesta in under 30 sec, or watching a demonstration of how to “do the walk” is enough to make you glad to live here.  (By the way, you can take a short cut and watch the Walking Cinema clips on the website – www.ghwalk.org – or put on your headphones with your iphone and do it live.)

Over time, people will find all these different treasures along the Walk.  There are the Story Moments, and also the Postcards, and most definitely the Walking Cinema.  This award will be wonderful for alerting travelers to seek them out.   

Congratulations to all!!  Please share this with others you know who starred on the Walking Cinema stage.  They are medalists!

Sarah Garcia

Check Out The @Joey_C Cape Ann Retailer List For Local Black Friday Deals

Check Out The @Joey_C Cape Ann Retailer List For Local Black Friday

@Joey_C Cape Ann Twitter List

There are some crazy good deals to be had without even having to go over the bridge.

Toodles toy store for example is having 30% off from 6AM-8AM

You don’t need to have a twitter account to benefit, anyone can view it.  Below is a snapshot of what the list looked like this morning at 4:30AM while I type this but it gets updated as the people that are on the list update their twitter feed.  So if you are a retailer, update your feed and be seen.  You can also check out my Gloucester and Cape Ann Restaurant twitter list here

Check the @Joey_C Cape Ann Retailer twitter list for more crazy local Black Friday Deals!


Proud Papa Joe Unis and Daughter Producer Sarah Unis At The Fox Gloucester ZipTrip

If you don’t already follow Gloucester native Sarah Unis on twitter you ought to, she’s the bomb!-




Sarah Unis-

Fox 25 Special Projects Producer & lover of the ocean, photography, and my downtime! ·http://www.myfoxboston.com/subindex/news/special_reports

Here is Amanda’s Video of the segment-

Press Release Heat Advisory-Rose Baker Senior Center Cooling Shelter Opened

With the extremely hot weather forecast for the Commonwealth and the heat advisory issued for all counties including Essex, the Mayors Office in conjunction with the Emergency Management Director are opening a cooling shelter at the Rose Baker Senior Center. Please see attached.
We appreciate your assistance in getting the word out those most at risk during extremely hot weather including the elderly, the very young and people with respiratory ailments.
For further questions please contact the Gloucester Public Health Director, Noreen Burke, or Manager of Environmental Health Services, Max Schenk.
Thank You, 
Noreen M. Burke, MPP
Public Health Director
City of Gloucester Health Department
978-282-8016 (phone)
978-281-9729 (fax)

Gloucester MA Emergency Declaration-Closure of Woods

Emergency Declaration-Closure of Woods


Effective immediately, the public woods within the City of Gloucester and the Norton Memorial Woods at the end of Revere Street are ordered closed until further notice due to dryness and danger of fires within the woodlands of our community.

GMG Tech Talk- the Official Gloucester MA Hashtag- #Gloucester #MA vs. #GloucesterMa

Bill O’Connor writes-

Hey Joey,

I started this topic on Twitter, but I thought it would be fun to include your audience in the discussion.  This isn’t about trying to get something to trend on Twitter – its more about creating an exclusive Twitter channel for Gloucester, MA.  I just ran into a similar situation with Salem this month.  There’s all kinds of Salems out there but only one Salem, MA. Going to #SalemMa to find info on their busiest month (Salem = Halloween) is much easier than visiting #Salem #MA.

I noticed that #Gloucester on Twitter is totally cluttered with other Gloucesters – mainly Gloucester, England & Gloucester, New Jersey.  It’s enough to make someone have to dig for info on Gloucester MA, and not very user friendly.  

I then checked #GloucesterMa and noticed that @GDTnews started it and think it’s a great idea. It fine tunes the aggregation of our collective data and makes finding Gloucester Mass info on Twitter so much easier.  If we follow a pattern of posting to #GloucesterMa, we can collectively Tweet occasionally on #Gloucester #MA something like – ‘Looking for info on #Gloucester #MA? Try #GloucesterMa!’

I’m with @GDTnews on this and my vote is for #GloucesterMa in all Gloucester-centric tweeting!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid, @kidns


Joey writes in response-

Well it’s a great topic Bill brings up and I should just state that there shouldn’t even be a debate.  The official Gloucester MA hashtag for twitter should be #GloucesterMA and not two separate #Gloucester #Ma.  The answers should be plain as day when you click on those respective hashtags on twitter. 

When you click on #Ma you’re going to get anything and everything that anyone has used for the #Ma including  everything in Massachusettes as well as a bunch of mother tweets. That alone defeats the purpose of the hashtag which is intended to drill down your results.  On top of that with #Gloucester #Ma you use 15 characters as opposed to 13 characters with #GloucesterMa  Those two characters are valuable real estate in a 160 character max tweet.

To make it more clear-

Click here for  twitter search results for #Gloucester and then here for #Ma and take note of what it returns (you don’t need to have a twitter account to do this)

as opposed to the far better option-click the link-  #GloucesterMa

That should make things crystal clear as to the far superior option.

Thanks Bill @kidns and @GDTnews for bringing it to our attention.  No need for a poll, this is case closed, from now on I’ll be using #GloucesterMa unless of course I need those last two characters in which case the Ma gets the ax.

Oh and BTW, you can follow your boy Joey here- @Joey_C