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Two Killer Deals To Take Advantage Of Ithaki $25 for $50, Gloucester Daily Times Topsfield Fair Discount

We have 5 favorite restaurants on the North Shore for dinner- Duckworth’s Bistrot, Ithaki, Passports, Nordstrom’s Bistro and The Blue Ox. Today there’s a deal for Ithaki  $25 for $50 worth of food.  Ithaki NEVER disappoints just like out other … Continue reading

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Must Read: John McElhenny’s Piece In The Gloucester Daily Times

To the editor: Thank you for the Rev. Rona Tyndall’s beautifully written Midweek Musing (Opinion page, the Times, Wednesday, Feb. 8) about changes under way in the Fort neighborhood. I don’t think what makes Gloucester special is any collection of … Continue reading

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Is there apathy in regards to Gloucester’s Fishing Industry News or have people given up trying to understand it.

  Cod cut loss to city: $70M By Richard Gaines PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A statutory need to address a reported widespread decline in the status of the Gulf of Maine cod was translated Wednesday into terms of a potential economic … Continue reading

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Terry Weber, Gail McCarthy and Nancy Gaines Cover The 20 Year Anniversary of The Perfect Storm For The Gloucester Daily Times

Terry, Gail and Nancy get all the interviews in these big time pieces- Perfect Storm: 20 years after Memories fresh for those closest to losses By Gail McCarthyand Terry Weber Roberta Tyne Smith, now 60, recalls hearing the phone ring … Continue reading

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Tenderloin With Fig Sauce Video With Sista Felicia On The GDT Taste of The Times

click here for the entire video and recipe Figs are used extensively in Mediterranean and Middle East cooking. You may have heard of Italian sweets such as Fig and Ricotta Tarts, Fig and Pistachio Biscotti and of course Italian Fig … Continue reading

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Sista Felicia’s On-Demand Recipe’s At The Gloucester Times Taste of The Times

Click here for a listing of Sista Felicia’s Videos On the Gloucester Times Taste of The Times

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$15 for $30 of Food At The Seaport Grill At The Gloucester Daily Times QPON

Here are some of the dishes I’ve enjoyed at the Seaport Grill- Seaport Grill Shrimp Scampi Pizza Firecracker Shrimp Chicken wings- Fisherman’s Platter Crab Cakes-

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Twitter Faceoff Battle of The Gloucester Times Staff Tweeters- Andrea Holbrook (@andreasoldier) vs Steven Fletcher (@StevenGDT)

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Chickity Check It! Atwood Does The Mackerel Thing In Her GDT Column

July 12, 2011 Mackerel: Local, sustainable and good for us Food for ThoughtHeather Atwood In staying true to New England waters, Steve Johnson of Rendezvous Restaurant in Central Square, Cambridge, courageously puts fish on his menu that — oh no! … Continue reading

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Sista Felicia Does Moms Zucchini Side Dish At The Gloucester Daily Times Taste Of The Times

Check It Out At The Gloucester Daily Times Website By Clicking here The summer vegetables will be coming soon and this simple version of preparing zucchini is another recipe from Felicia Mohan’s home style Italian kitchen. When zucchini becomes plentiful … Continue reading

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Richard Gaines Deserves The Highest Journalism Award In The Country

I hope everyone understands that with all the injustice that happened with the regulators in the fishing industry that there is one man, ONE SINGLE MAN who is most responsible for exposing it all and getting the wheels turning to … Continue reading

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Easter Bunny Cookies With Sista Felicia at The Gloucester Daily Times Taste of The Times

From The GDT: Felicia Mohan grew up waiting for Easter so she could eat these cookies her grandmother made. After her grandmother retired in Florida and was no longer around for Easter, her Aunt assumed the responsibility and now she … Continue reading

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The Gloucester Daily Times Cover’s Well Traveled Letter that EJ Broke The Story On Today

Chickity Check It- This piece of mail gets through – 65 years later By Francis X. Quinn Staff Writer History buffs in Gloucester have turned up a decades-old mystery involving the U.S Postal Service. As amateur sleuth E.J. Lefavour posted … Continue reading

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Cooking Fried Whiting With Sista Felicia Video at The Taste of The Times

Click here to view the video at the Gloucester Times Website   Deb Clarke just asked me how Felicia seasons her fried whiting.  I answered her on Twitter but not sure if she ever got it.  In any case here … Continue reading

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Maria Cracchiolo of Caffé Sicilia Makes the Real Tiramisu

Maria Cracchiolo of Caffé Sicilia Makes the Real Tiramisu To be authentic, Maria says you need to use real Italian espresso coffee and Savoiardi, or Italian “lady fingers.” You can find both in Italian specialty stores. Otherwise this no-cook dessert … Continue reading

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Beets! The Women of Chive Prepare Some Tasty Beets

Beets are available this time of year and this is a perfect way to use them to enhance your menu options. In this recipe and video the women of Chive (Chive Sustainable Event Design and Catering) prepare this easy, delicious … Continue reading

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January 25, 2011 ‘Blacklisted’ meal provokes ‘sustainable’ fisheries debate By Richard Gaines

From the Gloucester Daily Times Gaines covers the Berkowitz dinner- BOSTON — For a private dinner at one of his Legal Sea Foods restaurants for which he made the intentionally provocative decision to serve three so-called blacklisted fish, Roger Berkowitz … Continue reading

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