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Beautiful Industry- Skatewing Cartilage Ghosties

All that’s left in the bait bags after the lobsters pick all the meat away. The cartilage of the skatewings look just like Casper the Ghost faces.

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Cartilage Bone – Ghosties – Video

Joey is always thinking of great ideas, especially for his kids. I wonder what other uses people can come up with for “Ghosties” Thanks For Watching

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Where Zat? Prize

Three Skatewing Bone Ghosties Go To The Winner Of This Week’s Where Zat? contest.  Sharon posts it at noon on Mondays.  The Ghosties will need to be picked up by next Monday. Where Zat? Prize, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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Skate Wing Ghosties

Skatewing Ghosties, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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Skate Wing Ghosties

Toby Burnham, skipper of the Jupiter II brought in these “Ghosties”  they are actually pieces of the cartilage of a skate wing that are unaltered but look just like characters from Casper The Friendly Ghost. Skatewing Ghosties, originally uploaded by … Continue reading

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