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You are the Balloon

BalloonEscape5149wm BalloonEscape5151wmImagine: You are the Balloon. Going thru your life, you are free and intact, but now you’re about to be squashed by a motor vehicle. I guess you just never know.

Fate has intervened Balloon, and now you think you’ve beaten the odds and are in the clear. You are…until the next car comes along.

From the Bed? No, from the Head

SycamoreFog5174wmMy earliest photos this year, many published here, were taken from a hospital or nursing home bed. That was about as far as I could go. Last night I planned on photographing the massive Sycamore outside my bedroom window. At dawn, it was enshrouded in fog. I walked downstairs to grab my camera, ran back up and shot the tree from the open window while standing. A goal I’ve had from last summer was to capture the magnificence of this Sycamore. That done, I realized how far I had progressed beyond the “from the bed” photos.

Gloucester Selfie, circa 1940

a8567_021wm NanaScalesAlice Curtis made this selfie in her bedroom mirror about 75 years ago. It probably wasn’t Gloucester’s first selfie, but I’ve never seen an older one. Today’s selfie is defined as taken with the photographer’s arm, and no mirror, tripod, or self timer used. Some say a cell phone camera must be used. I say hogwash, and enjoy the photographer who made 7,000 of my historic negatives. Alice was a pioneer in many ways.

Thirty five and some years later, about 1975, I photographed my maternal grandmother, Jennie Lee (Mitchell) Scales reflected in her bedroom dresser mirror. I think the comparison of the two photos is amazing.

Vincent Ferrini Mural Unveiling Event

MuralUnveiling5121wmChalk up another successful  Community event in my gallery. In addition to mural artist Tricia O’Neill, mural subject Vincent Ferrini’s nephew Henry Ferrini was there and spoke to the audience of about forty. After the speeches, the group walked down to see Tricia’s mural. I’d say this was a “win-win” for all.

There are Many Paths, but only One Way


The official unveiling of this mural takes place in my gallery today (11/8/14) from 2pm until 4pm. seArts will host an opening honoring Gloucester artist Tricia O’Neill’s mural, and also honoring the subject, the late famed Gloucester writer Vincent Ferrini. It is painted on the side of Palazola’s sporting goods, facing Porter Street. The public is invited. The gallery is at 82 Main Street, Gloucester. 978-283-2524 or info@BodinHistoricPhoto.com for information. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

Gallery as Venue for Community Events

Boucher5037wmI’ve hosted a few community gallery events over the past 15 years. Political “Meet and Greets” are interesting and fun. The reelection of Bruce Tarr for State Senate was my first such event, then Bob Whitmarsh for City Council, and recently Mike Boucher for State Representative (accompanying photo). There is no charge to the candidate or visitor for the 2 to 4 hour event. The candidates or incumbents bring signs, literature, food and refreshments. And they take it all away when it’s over. My criteria for selection is this: You have only to ask me.

I have also hosted a wedding reception, and the final meeting with the Mass Cultural Council to grant Gloucester’s Harbortown Cultural District. I’ve been told that this community meeting was instrumental in receiving our designation. I’ve invited food and wine vendors share free samples, as well as restaurants. My next public event is seArts holding a mural “unveiling” on Saturday, November 8. The reception runs from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. The mural honors Gloucester artist Tricia O’Neill’s, artwork and  honors the subject, famed Gloucester writer Vincent Ferrini. It is on the side of Palazola’s sporting goods facing Porter Street. The public is invited.

USS AGH Rehab Rebels

HalloweenPumpkinAGH5082wmTrue Story: At Addison Gilbert Hospital, dressed as pirate Captain Fred for an injection, I had a little time before the Dial-A Ride bus ride home. The costumed Witch and Thing 1 in Oncology suggested I see the pumpkin carving contest display in the cafeteria. Not having my glasses on, I looked at the entrees. I picked my favorite. It happened to be the AGH Rehab Rebels, where I go for my PT now. I gave them my vote. Today I went to see them, and (brace yourself), free-walked 80 feet. My medical professionals and friends are helping me so much, and I’m trying to do everything right.

Just One Look…


Yesterday, as I was doing some framing in the gallery, I saw a great picture across the street. I went outside with my rollator and yelled: “Hey skeleton dog!” Jen Greeke of Gloucester and her dog Mona crossed the street and we took a photo. Jen has started her own fashion design company: harpyfashion.com. Sometimes it only takes one look, and I know there’s a good photo to be captured.

Mission Accomplished: Big Boy Bus

BigBus5011wmThis morning, as I got ready for the gallery, I realized that I hadn’t made arrangements for transportation with the CATA “Dial-a-Ride handicapped bus. I decided to do something I hadn’t had the courage to do before: Take the regular “Big Boy Bus.” So I hurried to the corner for the 9:57 am Gloucester via Lanesville ride. Janet walked me to the corner, just like our moms did on the first day we took the school bus to Kindergarten or elementary school.

One one the newer short busses stopped for me, the chassis was lowered to curb height, and a short ramp swung out, making a level transfer possible with my rollator, with no steps. Icing on the cake was driver Eddie Salah, who had driven me on the ADA handicapped bus a few times and knows me by name. I guess necessity really is the mother of invention. I have just sprouted a new pair of wings, and the raindrops on the window were of joy for me.

Dare I? Oh Why Not!


Halloween morning I dressed in jeans, a heavy long sleeve shirt with black and white stripes, a watch jacket, and outrageous pirate hat. All of these items came from Bananas, a vintage clothing store on Main Street. Captain Fred’s first adventure of the day was a medical appointment at Addison gilbert Hospital. As I got off the bus, I almost chickened out with the hat, but decided to just suck it in and go for it.

I got a lot of attention walking through the lobby, down the hall, and in the elevator. Everyone who passed by smiled, and most said “Happy Halloween” or “Trick or Treat.” Once on the fourth floor, oncology, I was greeted by a witch, and signed in by a Thing with blue hair. I had found kindred spirits on my favorite floor. Of course, we had to take a photo. Nurse Kristen is the witch on my right, and Myriah, of departmental administration, is the Thing on my left. Whether Witch or Thing, they are great people providing exceptional care to me and all of their patients.

Cast Off and Chow Down!

PrincessCruise5073wmPrincessCruise5075wmLast Saturday Janet and I took Gloucester’s Beauport Princess dinner cruise, with music by the Sugar Tones. The trip featured a buffet dinner, which I expected to be the usual finger sandwiches, cheese and maybe some greasy wings. Boy, was I mistaken! The prime rib was one to over two inches thick, and perfectly cooked. Additions included baked haddock, fancy ravioli, big mushrooms, and much much more. Cheesecake was served as dessert. Only one or two diners went for seconds. If this were a restaurant only, it would be one of the City’s best. Throw in a three hour cruise in Gloucester Harbor, and you’ve got an unforgettable night for very reasonable money. The Princess will be sailing weekends until New Year’s Eve. http://beauportprincess.com

CNN, Memories, and a Shirt

SUshirtWM5025I confess, in my several months of confinement in medical facilities and at home, I’ve become a hopeless news junkie. The current scandal is about sketchy courses for athletes at the University of North Carolina. The so-called “paper classes” did not require attendance and had no professors – students just got a good grade. When at Syracuse University, I was required to take one science class, so I signed up for Physics 101. Upon entering the huge lecture hall, I saw a lot of really big guys. The course material was below high school level. The students called it “football physics.” I did my work and got an A.

What made me think about my connection to this breaking news was an old SU t-shirt. I bought it from the college catalog in the early 1980′s, crammed into the back of a drawer, as I became too fat to wear it. It fits great now because I’ve lost 80 pounds. I’m thinking that UNC is not the only college padding their teams.

Bring on the Rain – I Know Where I’m Going


I considered posting a gloomy photo of rain running down a window pane. That could be depressing and sappy, but it’s not my style. When rain and storms block in the way, don’t slow down, stay the course. Move forward to where you want to go. During a rainy Gloucester Schooner Race, Captain Steve Douglass looks ahead, consults his charts, and sees beyond the rain. I do not look at the rain dripping down the glass, but rather navigate as Captain Douglass does: Carry on toward your destination. I welcome the impending rain.

King Chemo and I


I’ve met people who fear Chemotherapy, and I hope they never have to get it. Cancer patients undergoing this therapy react to it in different ways, some badly. Chemo or a different therapy can help rid you of your cancer.

My experience as a (non-medically) trained patient has been a good one at the Oncology Clinic on the 4th floor of Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester. When I arrived yesterday morning, I was seated in a Lazy Boy type chair with a view of the Annisquam River and the outer harbor, provided with the morning paper, up to date magazine, a cable TV remote, and earbuds. The intravenous connection was made, freshly brewed coffee delivered, and I studied the breakfast menu. If the timing is right, I get lunch too. I’d bring my laptop or tablet, but time goes by quickly with so many things do, and no pain whatsoever.

Why am I happy to be treated here for cancer? Most importantly, it will prolong my life. The above amenities are welcome, but the staff is key: “We want to make your experience here as pleasant as possible,” they say. And they do.

A few hours later, I’m home expecting fatigue and the dreaded side effects. After 5 treatments, I’m not tired enough to nap, and go ahead with my everyday life, just a little slower. As I said above, this is MY experience with King Chemo, and so far, we’re getting along just fine.

Fred’s Twice–Yearly Haircut

MaherBirdseye4966wm MaherHaircut4957wm

I went to my friend Laureen Maher’s Beauty Bar Salon on Parker Street in Gloucester: http://beautybarstyle.com/# My first cut was at Den Mar Nursing/Rehab in Rockport. Because of my cancer, it pretty much stopped growing, except for unruly curls on the sides. Laureen is also a painter, like my sister “Painter Barb,” who took the portrait. Laureen displays some of her work in the salon and has a few pieces my gallery. Thank you Laureen for the trim and thank you hair for not falling out (yet). Chemo treatment #5 today.

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