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The LilyLady of Lanesville from Fred Bodin

Fred Bodin

I knew Bobbie Brooks 30+ years ago when she had an antique shop in Lanesville. Now she’s doing amazing work as a professional garden designer, plus growing  and creating hybrids of her own daylilies. Her fields are expansive, covering over one acre, but you’d never know it driving down Rt. 127. She has 800 varieties of hybrid daylilies, the "summer jewels of the garden." I learned much about daylillies in my short time shooting in Bobbie’s one acre garden.

Bobbie demonstrates how hybrids are made. What she likes about this daylily is it’s teeth, or jagged edges.

Bobbie is a hand’s on gardener. She’s a successful garden designer, which is her main business, but she’s also passionate about dayilies. Who else on God’s earth would grow 800 varieties of a plant, and it’s not her major source of income. It must be LOVE.

Fred’s first Birthday present, a potted Sugar Plum daylily, was an unexpected gift from Bobbie Brooks.

I’ll have it displayed at Fred’s Birthday and GMG mug up on Sunday, July 28th, at 9:30am to 11am or later. It’s at my gallery, 82 Main Street in Gloucester. All are welcome.

On your way back home after my event, go see Bobbie – she’ll be open until 2pm Sunday. Go Bobbie! Trust me, I know a good egg when I see one, and it’s her.

Bobbie Brooks 73 Langsford St Lanesville / Rt 127 978 283 4480




The Demolition of a Rockport Landmark

Fred Bodin Submits-

This iconic smokestack is being slowly taken down, in anticipation of a
housing development planned for the site. It’s scary to see how high up these workers are as they attack the masonry. The "Tool" closed in 1987 after almost a century of manufacturing drop-forged metal tools. Sailors will miss the navigational marker, but now we have GPS and cell phones. The black ring marked the very top of the tower. In the foreground is Pigeon Cove Harbor.

These workers have been working hard with powerful and noisy equipment, and this is how far they got. Implosion is not an option because of nearby homes, boats, cars, and its proximity to Route 127, the major and only road that circumnavigates this island of Cape Ann.

I’ll report on this project as things change, including the mandated public access to the shoreline and water.


Fred’s GMG Birthday Mug Up

This Sunday, July 28th, I’m hosting a Mug Up at the gallery to celebrate my birthday. It starts at 9:30am, and is supported by EJ and Good Morning Gloucester. Bring something to eat or drink if you like, but it’s not required. We’ll be gnawing on deviled eggs, monkey bread, and serving coffee and juice. Meet the GMG crew: Family, authors, and photographers of Good Morning Gloucester. Birthday presents are fine as long as they are edible and we’ll all share them. So come on down when the parking is free and Fred is one year older. Don’t worry, it’ll be fun, because we don’t just have a party — we ARE the party. All are welcome!

Blackburn Challenge 1991 From Fred Bodin

This may have been the Seine Boat with hibachi and keg.. Notice there are two extra passengers. The one in the bow is the bartender, and the one in front of the cox is the grill chef. Rowing is always a good time. If you’d like to row, visit Home page: MaritimeGloucester: Oceans of Discovery, Gloucester, MA 

That’s where I rediscovered the joy of  rowing.



Drive by Shooting on Main Street

Fred Bodin reports:

This just happened – a Drive By Shooting! I was walking down to La Trattoria to check out their menu, and as I passed the HarborWalk granite post, I mentioned to the woman looking at the sign that she could read the QR code with her smartphone. After walking another 6 feet, a car stopped in the middle of Main Street. A young woman stuck her head out, iPhone in hand, and said: "You two look great together!" I replied: "I don’t even know her." The woman in the car insisted, so I went to pose with a stranger, and put my arm around her for a picture we’ll never see. When they drove off, I introduced myself as Fred, and she as Jane. She came into my gallery and we chatted. Jane Kingsland, originally from England, is a librarian in Randolph, NJ. She’s here on holiday, and represented our GMG at the scene of the crime. Strangers no more.

Main Street Canal

Submitted by Fred Bodin:

We didn’t get a tornado, as predicted, but we did get heavy rain. It flooded Main Street in downtown Gloucester, and I called it the “Main Street Canal.”

Main St

Riding along the banks of the Main Street Canal

Main st 1

The storms were moving at 30 mph, and conditions for funnel clouds were popping up here and there. One was sighted in Danvers. Locals and visitors on the street were notified on their phones about the threat. Some tourists asked me what to do. I told them to find a brick building that has a bar and a wine cellar. But really, we know Jack about tornados (or even have shelters), and we tend to be cavalier about devastating hurricanes. Blizzards – Light the candles, crank up the wood stove, open the wine, and belay the shoveling until it stops. Snow storms in New England we know, I’ll take them any day over tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Sushi Bar at the Madfish From Fred Bodin

Fred Bodin submits-

Last week Janet and I parked ourselves at the Madfish Sushi Bar. It had a view of our two professional sushi chefs and Smith Cove. Our appetizer was a dozen Pemaquid (ME) oysters, which were new to us. They get Chowhound Fred’s seal of approval. Excellent! The waitstaff gives you prompt service and coordinates seamlessly with the chefs.


These are two sushi rolls: the Rocky Neck (L) and the Parisienne (R). So delicious, and there’s so much to choose from.


Not exactly dessert, but better. This the the "Toro" Sashimi. They sear the edges with a torch. It literally melts in your mouth!


Madfish Grille, Rocky Neck: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Madfish-Grille/219110261434146?rf=117896918222946

4th of July Reflections

Submitted by Fred Bodin:

I try to keep two things in mind about the 4th of July: It’s a celebration of family, friends, and cookouts; concerts, parades and fireworks. And it’s also a recognition of those who have served and sacrificed to achieve our independence, and keep it since 1776.

Ruth Pino, a local realtor, sends out occasional motivational and timely quotes. Here are two from today: “You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism.” ~Erma Bombeck. And this one: “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” ~Elmer Davis

Musicians on Main Street

Submitted by Fred Bodin

Here’s a very short video from Main Street during Fiesta Friday night. These two musicians were going into shops and restaurants to play Italian music. Between their lack of English and my lack of Italian, I couldn’t find out who they were or who hired them. My guess is that they were freelancers. You can see the $$ stuffed into their jackets!

Musicians on Main Street

Kim Smith’s Butterfly Movie Premiere Afterparty at Bodin Historic Photo

Fred Bodin submits-

Congrats Kim on Her Film Premier

Kim Smith gives a big hug to Lisa Smith, of Cape Ann TV.

Paul, Kim, Alicia,Donna and Joey. John and Adam in the background.

Kim Smith’s daughter Liv and Joey

RD sitting on my Bait Shop.

The debris field from Kim’s great party. 40+ wine glasses and lots of beer bottles.

Thank You!

Thank you with all my heart to everyone who attended my film premiere last night. I feel so very blessed to have had my beautiful community of friends and family there, and by attending, you all made the event a great success and sellout!!! What a whirlwind, and it went by all much, much too fast. I hope I didn’t miss saying thank you to anyone last night.

With love and gratitude to my wonderful team. I could not have done it without you!

Tom Hauck ~ Although I began shooting my film “script-less,” I did, through the course of filming, write the story. I know I can always go to Tom for editing assistance, commentary, and proofreading and find his advice and knowledge of the written word invaluable. Life Story of the Black Swallowtail stems from a profound desire to communicate about the natural world found in our own backyards and that can only be achieved when rooted in a beautiful story.

Liv and Kathleen ~ From the moment I asked Kathleen and Liv to help with the music for my film they were there, giving 100 percent of themselves. Thank you Liv for sharing your beautiful voice and Kathleen for your beautiful organ playing. Thank you both especially for the improvisations, which so gorgeously melded with scenes of the butterfly during metamorphosis. And thank you Liv for simply being the best and most supportive and loving daughter a mom a could ever dream of and hope for.

Craig Kimberley ~ To my friend Craig for his editing assistance, and especially for his stunning key frames (the swan in flight!), help with title design, and overall advice on the film as a whole. And special thanks to Hannah for sharing Craig on his days off!

Joey ~ My friend Joey for his tireless support of everything great and good about Gloucester, for the weeklong “sticky,” and for writing, “Butterflies FTW!” I love being part of his GMG team, for more reasons than I can count.

Andrew Love ~ Thanks and appreciation to Andrew, who really saved the day in the eleventh hour, despite the fact that he was in the midst of leaving Cape Ann TV and beginning his new job at Newburyport’s cable channel PortMedia!

Lisa Smith, Cape Ann TV Producer ~ To Lisa for her continued advice, support, and friendship, and assistance, too, in the eleventh hour (and for the wonderful bottle of champagne last night!).

Rob Newton ~ Thank you Rob for inviting me to have my premiere at your very special venue—and didn’t that gentleman fall off his seat at just the right moment! Link to CACC Indie Gogo fundraiser so Rob can continue to support up and coming filmmakers like myself.

Fred Bodin ~ For hosting, once again, a wonderful party at Bodin Historic Photo Gallery. Fred just has the magic touch—his gallery is always warm and welcoming and everyone always feels entirely at ease and has a fabulous time at his parties. Special thanks to John McElhenny for staying late and helping clean up.

Felicia, Pat, and Barry ~ Despite the fact that Felicia is in the final stages of writing her cookbook and preparing for her Kickstarter launch she, Barry, and Pat provided the wonderful array of food served at Fred’s last night.

JoeAnn Hart and Gordon for sharing their breathtakingly beautiful great drift of asters (mecca to the pollinators), of which we will see much more of in my Monarch film!

Donna and Rick and Ann and Bob Kennedy ~ Thank you for the beautiful flowers. I am very touched by your thoughtfulness. Ann, the flowers were you in absentia!

And special thanks to Kate at Wolf Hill for providing our “special guest star” Black Swallowtail caterpillar for the premiere. This is the second time a caterpillar has been found on a parsley plant at Wolf Hill and that Kate has offered it to me to raise.

Update on the caterpillar: Last night Kate’s caterpillar spun its silk girdle and it is going to pupate at any moment!

Again, my thanks and love to you all! And the butterflies thank you, too!!!

Male Black Swallowtail Butterfly Wedgewood Blue Lilac ©Kim Smith 2013Photo of  Newly Emerged Wolf Hill Butterfly from this Past Spring

The Spirit is Unstoppable

Fred Bodin writes-

his is the fire scene at 91 Washington Street the day after. The Gloucester Fire Department did a textbook-perfect job knocking this fire down. There was damage to the top two floors, and only water damage to our Happy Dumpling restaurant. We were all Blessed!

Their enlarged menu was in the front window. The glass is clean and they’re mopping up. Neighbors and family were coming and going. Thankfully, they’ll open next week. The Happy Dumpling will be fine.

Yes, there was a fire, but this woman’s spirit is fireproof. I only knew her from Joey’s video, and she seemed very nice. When I barged into her water-damaged restaurant this afternoon, I noticed something very special: Twinkle in the eyes, playful demeanor (she stuck her tongue out at me), and is forever moving forward. Go there and you’ll see.

You Are All Invited to My Film Premiere and After Party at Fred Bodin’s

Come join us at my film’s premiere, Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly, Friday, June 21st at 7:30 pm, at the Cape Ann Community Cinema. After the event, Fred has very graciously offered to host a rockin’ party at Bodin Historic Photo Gallery, 82 Main Street, and Felicia and Pat are preparing a wonderful array of tasty treats, as only they can do! It’s going to be fabulous night and I hope to see you there!

Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Movie poster

Advance Tickets for Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly

A Night at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport

Fred Bodin submits-


This is the view of Old Harbor from the top floor event/intermission area. One can go up there to eat and sip a glass of wine before the concert and during the intermission.


Here’s the view from our seats, and a wonderful performance by the Rockport High School Madrigal Choir. Seated nearby was Fr. Matthew Green, who has charmed us at holiday events singing Gregorian Chants. Rockport Music – Rockport, Massachusetts

A few Fred Bodin’s Photos of Harbortown Cultural District celebration

Catherine Ryan submits-

Hi Joey,

Here’s a few photos from Fred Bodin’s coverage of Tuesday’s May 28 kick off Celebration for the Harbortown Cultural District. The party was held in the Gorton’s gallery of Maritime Gloucester and it was packed! Check out the special cake –it very nearly covered a 4 x 6 table.

Gloucester from its water’s edge and beyond: the center for all! Like the “Harbortown” name, the cake was a mash up of two flavors, too. Lise Breen and Judith Hoglander worked with Jim’s Bagel and Bake Shoppe for this classic riff of Saul Steinberg’s famous 1976 New Yorker cover, a favorite motif for him.

Music filled the rooms and welcomed everyone. One of the Harbortown event’s surprises was the talent of musicians Zach Bridges & Steve Lacy from Henry Allen & The New Swingset. Here’s Henry Allen (on the steering committee for Harbortown) visiting with Mayor Carolyn Kirk and Karen Ristuben (Rocky Neck Cultural District) Gloucester ’s Rocky Neck Cultural District is a partner. Mayor Kirk spoke twice.

Leadership here and at the state level are advocating for the arts in a big way. The Harbortown Cultural District would not have happened without the support and commitment from Mayor Carolyn Kirk, Harbor Planning Director Sarah Garcia, Chief Administrative Officer James Duggan, all the Gloucester City Councilors, Senator Bruce Tarr, Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante, and the Massachusetts Cultural Council representatives. The party filled up quickly. There was bountiful conversation and energy buoyed by appetizers and drinks thanks to so many wonderful partners and stakeholders. Here’s one of Fred’s crowd photos peeking through Maritime Gloucester’s display–what an apt framing for the themes of connection.

One of the first surprises on the evening’s program was a presentation from Harbortown partner, the Gloucester Public Schools. Teachers Kurt Lichtenwald’s  and John Barry’s S.T.E.A.M. (science technology engineering, Arts and mathematics) classes feature students’ and made, engineered musical instruments. David Puglisi came to the event and showcased his handmade plywood electric guitar see his youtube video!

Co-chair for Harbortown Cultural District, Judith Hoglander looks on.

Anita Walker, executive director for the Massachusetts Cultural Council gave a wonderful speech about Gloucester , this district, the arts and maritime connections. She spoke to the legacy of the continuous involvement of youth and fostering stewardship through generations. She took a moment to recognize a contribution completed for the application.

Fred captures the authentic spirit of Anita Walker in this one and sheer fun. The MCC is passionate about Gloucester and the arts across Massachusetts . Sarah Garcia surprised Walker with an iconic Gloucester southwester. They visited Nelsons on Main Street on the day of the site visit, and the classic yellow slicker hats and ancillary businesses of the fishing industry were obvious topics. To the left of Walker, Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Library Director, Carol Gray enjoys the moment.


More photos to come; David Cox, local media, and co-Chair Bob Whitmarsh were all snapping away at different points. By the way, one of the best Facebook pages in town, Fred Bodin may have some posted https://www.facebook.com/BodinHistoricPhoto

We’ll add some photos to our website http://www.gloucesterharbortown.org.

Thank you Joey and GMG for helping!

Harbortown Partners and Stakeholders Filled the Gorton’s Gallery Post From Fred Bodin and Catherine Ryan

It was a great event, with the usual speeches, and the big surprises were the winners of the temporary installations on the Harbor Walk. Here are a few photos from Mayor Kirk:


Catherine Ryan-

Good event.

City officials including Mayor, Jim Duggan, Sarah Garcia, councilors Melissa Cox and Joe Ciolino; other state dignitaries Anita Walker, Meri Jenkins – MCC; Bruce Tarr; Ann Margaret Ferrante

Co-chairs Judith Hoglander and Bob Whitmarsh

Press including GMG FredB and DavidC  who are also founding partners J

So many Harbortown partners and stakeholders filled the Gorton’s Gallery at the Maritime Gloucester (key cultural anchor asset and founding partner for CD) We have a happening cultural district!

Surprises included

· Gloucester Public High School teachers John Barry and Kurt Lichetenwald’s cool S.T.E.A.M. (science technology engineering, Arts and mathematics) classes featuring students’ hand made, engineered musical instruments.

Student David Puglisi came to the event and showcased his handmade plywood electric guitar see his youtube video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2v11HV7MNfU

Mr. Lichtenwald mentioned other students including  Sam Oliver who designed a ( Blue Man-esque) PVC percussion instrument, 6ft long that is at GHS on display;  she did the math calculations for every note.

· 2 sea chanty songs from founding partner and national historic landmark Schooner Adventure via their dedicated staff and volunteers!

Singers included Joanne Souza, Beth Welin, Barry O’Brien, Tim Perkins and Rose Sheehan

· Amazing jazz music from __________________ from Henry Allen Folklore and More (two young musicians—I have to get their names!!)

· food and spirits from Gloucester House, Topside Grill, Steering Committee, Cape Ann Brewery

· Mayor’s announcement of the three winners of the 2013 Gloucester HarborWalk Public Art Challenge

James Calderwood (Durham, NH) Fish Net(working title), street mural

Justin Desilva (Medford, MA), With Every Street There’s a Story (working title), 20 crosswalks

Bartek Konieczny (Abington, MA), Rope Arch (working title), sculpture

The 15 semifinalists’ proposals will be exhibited at Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free in July 2013!

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