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Jane Gibbs, Linda Colman and Her Brother Bill Heckenkamp represent With FOB Frank Ciolino and Sticka ver 6.0 and 7.0

A very limited run of new GMG stickas versions 6.0 and 7.0 have hit the dock courtesy FOB’s Frank Ciolino and Shewsbury. The innovators that they are produced transparent stickas for use on windows or boats.  One is transparent with … Continue reading

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FOB Frankie Ciolino Finishes the Fiesta 5K In 4 Hours and 36 Minutes And Lands In the Clink

Frank Ciolino, half of the team that makes “Da Sticka” with FOB Shewsberry banged out a personal best 4 hours and 36 minutes in the Fiesta 5K Unfortunately shortly after this photo was taken by Ed Collard the Boys in … Continue reading

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Bag ‘Em and Tag ‘Em- Da New Stickers Version 5.0 Are Ready!!!

WoooHooo!!!!  Much thanks To FOB’s Frank Ciolino and Shewsberry for making our Beth Swan Logo Designed Version 5.0 STICKAS!  Navy Blue With The Grey Wing PURE AWESOMENESS! Send in those SASE’s to get yours free or better yet swing by … Continue reading

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In Production: Da Sticka-Fifth Edition

The first color has been laid down! Frankie Ciolino and Shew have been putting in extra hours to get these bad boys done!

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“My living Will” from FOB Frank Ciolino

  from FOB Frank Ciolino; My Living Will My Living Will                                Last night, my kids and I were sitting in the living room and I said to them, ‘I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependent on some machine and fluids from … Continue reading

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Ohhhh Yeah BOYYYY!!!!!! New GMG Stickas Are In!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Frank Ciolino and Shew we gots new Two Color Gloucester High Maroon Homie GMG Stickas!!!!!! Shew surprised us last night with them. Here’s Bree at Stone’s Pub Representing! To get yours- Free GMG Gloucester Sticker As long as … Continue reading

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The Dories Are Out For The Season- Photos From Frank Ciolino

Hi Joey; Here are a few shots from this morning as the last of the dories were taken out for the season. As usual with the fun group they are it makes the hard work of lifting the heavy boats … Continue reading

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Learn, ig Pay atin Lay oday Tay!

This Instructional Langue Video is brought to you by; SOB FOB Frank Ciolino. Frank is a complete freak when it comes to the Three Stooges. Believe me, I know personally when he doesn’t get something for Christmas that isn’t Three … Continue reading

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Jimmy T and Tom Jarvis Winning The August ’09 International Dory Race Eliminations Video

International Dory Race Eliminations August 09 Senior Open Jimmy and Tom were part of a team that took the Blackburn Challenge, International Dory Races and were part of the KAOS crew that won Saint Peter’s Fiesta Seine Boat races in 2009.  … Continue reading

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World Cup Fever Hits GMG

World Cup Fever Has Hit The Offices of GMG! A recent Pickup Game has left a few of us Battered and Bruised so I’m taking some time off after this Game. It was’nt a fair Match up, Three against two. The … Continue reading

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Dear Frank; I’m Hurt! Truly Hurt!

An Open Letter to Frank. Dear, Frank; The comment you made in reply to Sharons Comment on The Post;  “Checking the Mooring Submitted To The GMG Flickr Group By Elinor Teele” Hurts me Deeply! I know your reply to Sharons innocent … Continue reading

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Unboxing The New Edition Of The New Good Morning Gloucester Stickers With Frank and Mikayla Ciolino

Frank and Mikayla Ciolino unveil  the latest edition of the Beth Swan award winning designed GMG Bumper Stickers Click Here For The HD Version Much thanks to Frank Ciolino and his crew for getting us these stickers!

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Joey Ciolino Rockin Out In Dad Frank’s Classic ‘85 El Camino

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Joey Ciolino and His Dad’s El Camino

Pic from Father Frank who writes- Here is Joey  he just turned 15 and can’t wait to get in this car and drive. Remember when you were that age and couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel?  Let me tell … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas From GMG

We’re Bustin’ Out All The Moves For You This XMAS Season! Unfortunately I don’t have pics of Mike Lindberg or Frank Gentile- but they are in here in spirit. Send your own ElfYourself eCards

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GMG Power Rankings #4

As I said yesterday 3-5 is very difficult to peg in the GMG Power Rankings because on any given day the three contributors could be in a different spot. The number four spot goes to someone who has been with … Continue reading

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