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Luminous French architecture

  Several people have recently mentioned how much they enjoy my photos from Paris. Here are a few more! Gothic architecture often gets a bad rap as being dark and gloomy. It can be dark and gloomy at night, but … Continue reading

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  Ivy on the walls of the Abbey of Solesmes, where I spent two days during my vacation in France.  The abbey is located about 2 1/2 hours southwest of Paris. – Fr. Matthew Green

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The Louvre seen from Les Tuileries

Another of my photos from Paris… – Fr. Matthew Green  

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Oddities, here and abroad

First, this photo I took in France: Say what? Batman posed like Adam in the “creation” fresco in the Sistine Chapel, with Superman in place of God? In front of a Gothic church, behind the Louvre, in Paris?? OK, now … Continue reading

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Unhappy gargoyle

Is he nauseated, or just bored?  I shot this photo at the Abbey of Solesmes in France, during my recent vacation. – Fr. Matthew Green  

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I haven’t gotten many closeups yet, but here this at least gives a flavor of the gargoyles… I hope to post more later. – Fr. Matthew Green

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Greetings from France

Greetings from France! This is the famous Abbey of Solesmes, in the area of Sarthe, west of Paris. I was here for two days, soaking in their amazing Gregorian Chant (and taking photos of the monastery buildings and gardens), before … Continue reading

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