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Breakfast with Tomato Marmalade

A while back I mentioned Alexander Thompson’s delicious tomato marmalade (I mentioned it here and here).  It might sound unexpected (I had never heard of tomato marmalade before), but tomatos are fruit, and Alexander’s recipe really works.  They served it at the opening of The Cave with cheese and crackers, which was a great combination, but it’s also good on plain old toast for breakfast!

I put it on whole wheat toast with a glass of orange juice.  Just a part of this nutritious breakfast!

You can buy it on line or, today, at the Thursday Cape Ann Farmers’ Market at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, 3-6PM under the blue tent.

He also makes the most addicting bread & butter pickles… also available on line and at the Farmer’s Market.

Cape Ann Farmer’s Market Opening for 2012 Season, June 21st to Oct. 11th. Official opening on Thursday, June 21st, at 3:00, Stage Fort Park

The Stats: On Thursday, June 21st at 3:00 p.m. the Cape Ann Farmers Market at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester, will celebrate the opening of its 2012 season. The market will be open until 6:30 p.m.


New this year: More markets, more vendors, more fun

The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market has added to its season, starting one week earlier, and is planning two special indoor markets during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. New vendors this year are offering roasted nuts, herbs, homemade cheese, condiments and new additions to our prepared food vendors to take home or eat at a near-by picnic table. These, along with Cape Ann Farmer’s Market farm favorites, crafters and local food producers, make the market one of the largest in Massachusetts. Along with an extensive array of fresh produce through-out the season, vendors will be selling baked goods, gelato, fresh pasta, fish from Fisherman’s Wharf Seafood, local wines and locally roasted coffee. Back yard growers will be selling produce, eggs, maple syrup, desert sauces, salsa, and jams. Craft tents will offer organic soap, hand-made jewelry, pottery, hand-printed clothing and art made from recycled materials. A complete list of vendors and weekly schedules may be found on www.capeannfarmersmarket.org.

The Farmers Market is at Stage Fort Park, overlooking beautiful Gloucester Harbor, through the courtesy of the City of Gloucester. Parking fees will be suspended during market hours, so plentiful free and ample parking will be available to shoppers. A CATA bus will run from the Rose Baker Center on Rogers Street to Stage Fort Park by reservation.

The Cape Ann Farmers Market is an independent non-profit, mission-based organization, started by and for the community of Cape Ann, and sustained with one part-time paid employee. It is funded by vendor fees, memberships, donations and grants. Cape Ann Farmers Market sponsors a used cookbook and garden book table, and will be selling tote bags, aprons, t-shirts and memberships, which include discounts at local restaurants and specialty stores every week to help offset the costs of running the market.

The Cape Ann Farmers Market accepts WIC coupons, Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Coupons, and SNAP/EBT, expanding its mission to bring healthy food to the entire community.

Other: The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market includes a wellness tent where shoppers can relax with a therapeutic massage, and an education tent where local non-profits promote their organizations and services. Cooking demonstrations are a frequent and popular attraction, and children’s activities are organized by Art Haven every week at 4:15 under the children’s tent. Stage Fort Park has a playground to entertain children while parents shop, and grills are available so families can stay for a picnic dinner or a concert at the bandshell. Prepared food available this year for taking home or dining at the park include homemade pickles, guacamole made on-site, fresh salsa, tacos, burritos, lobster and crab rolls, grilled chicken and pulled pork, fresh homemade pizza, savory and sweet tarts, a wide variety of baked goods including gluten-free goodies and Lebanese flat bread. A special picnic night is being planned in late July.

Talent: Instead of piped-in supermarket Muzak, area musicians provide an original background soundtrack for shopping. Performances are during market hours, from 3:30 to 6:30, and feature sea shanties, folk, bluegrass, blues, jazz, and world music over the course of the summer.

Special Events: The Seafood Throw Down, a cooking contest and display by local chefs, will be held July 26 and August 23.

Farmers Market – August 19th 2010 – Video

Where you will find fresh Produce, Families and Music.

Click on photos to enlarge, also enjoy the video below.

Get Your Fresh PEACHES! Farmer’s Market Today!

Don’t forget that the Farmer’s Market is happening today 3:30–6:30pm! The peaches have been amazing the last few weeks and you know they’re good when your two-year-old could care less about ice cream and throws fits for peaches. That’s what I’m saying! Juicy, dripping, delicious, better than ice cream fresh fruit. Isn’t it amazing that they just hang there on trees waiting to be picked by our favorite local farmers?

Join the Farmer’s Market and get yourself a neat little sticker like this and feel all squishy inside (like a peach) knowing that you’re supporting your local people:


Where's My Peaches!?

Squish! Peachy Keen…

Joey at the Farmer’s Market

Joey was at the Framer’s Market having fun cutting a symbolic ribbon with the Mayor etc…nut I caught him doing an interview, he never stops…

Cape Ann Fresh Catch Community Supported Fishery Video -Sign Up By May 1st

Emily Currier and Steve Parkes swing by to talk about the new season of Cape Ann Fresh Catch Community Supported Fishery.  Several new developments make this season different than last year.

Click here for the HD version if you have a speedy internet connection or the video below if your connection is slower.


The new season is open for signups before May 1 and you can sign up directly with an easy-pay system right on the CapeAnnFreshCatch.org website.

Video below

Thanks for watching

Things I learned this summer-

1. Just because it’s less money doesn’t mean it’s a good deal i.e. the mess with Comcast. We went back to Verizon today. Yippee!

2. You can lower your cholesterol and blood pressure with fish oil, flax seed oil, and a little help from prescriptions. My cholesterol went from 256 to 146 and my BP went down 40 points.

3. Cycling ( I made it around the island yesterday), kayaking (Kylie and her dad’s first time out), and the beach are great ways to spend summer in Gloucester especially when you have grandkids who like to do the same things. Cooking baby beets from the Farmer’s Market when we only had bottled water to wash the “red” out was a tasty treat!

4. You don’t have to spend a cent to have fun here.

5. Summers in Gloucester are way too short.

6. I love Gloucester despite the fact that fall is coming.

7. I love Joey in spite of the fact that he pushes me almost to my limit.

8. I love Joey because of this.

9. I learned that I am a lousy videographer.

10. I learned that I keep meeting the “funnest” people right here in G-Town!!

Big hugs and kisses to all of you!

Farmer’s Market Dinner- Pam’s Black Bean Salsa

Last week while I was shopping at the Farmer’s Market, I sampled some of Pam’s Black Bean Salsa. I’m not a big salsa fan, but I love black beans and corn. It was delicious!

salsashotI had spent my limit, so put off buying some until this week when I got more stuff from the local farms and picked up a pint of the salsa (after, of course, trying another sample!)

I was starving when I got home and wanted something quick and easy. I threw some gound turkey in to start. I had no idea where I was going with it, but I often do that hoping for inspiration!

I had just gotten a bunch of veggies at the market, so I sliced up zucchini and summer squash and dumped that in with the turkey. Usually I’ll use diced tomatoes for a base for sauce, but this time I used 1/4 cup of the salsa. No other seasoning was needed.

It was excellent! And to add to the meal, I steamed an ear of the best, freshest corn on the cob!

Absolutely yummy! And everything except the ground turkey came from the Farmer’s Market!

If you’ve made a meal primarily from foods bought at the market,  feel free to send them in to us!  Thanks!

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