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Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum

Essex Artists Gather to Celebrate Creativity September 27

Join the Essex Historical Society and Shipbuilding Museum for a free festival of music and artistry provided by the residents of Essex. The afternoon kicks off with the Essex Choral Society featuring Michael March and Dave Driscoll, followed by Sawdust and Shavings featuring Barry O’Brien, then favorites Daisy Nell and Captain Stan with an introductory poetry recitation by David Tory, and finally rocking out with Day Job featuring Sarah Dyer. Artists showing work from 1 to 6 PM include Brad Story, Jay Havinghurst, Lynne Havinghurst, John Cushing, Mike Dyer, Jeff Lane, Susan Guest-MacPhail, Amanda Loebelenz, Julie Carpenter, Helen Tory, and Sandy Shaw with more signing up daily.
The event is one of more than 100 free events that are part of Trails and Sails, organized by the Essex National Heritage Commission. www.trailsandsails.org
The Essex Residents Arts and Craftsmanship Festival runs from 1 to 6 PM on Saturday, September 27, 2014. Parking is available on the street and behind the town tennis courts. Hot dogs and beer will be available for purchase. The festival is supported in part by a grant from the Essex Cultural Council, a local agency, through the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

For more information email:

or call 978-768-6441.

Visit our web site: http://www.essexshipbuildingmuseum.org or follow our facebook page for updates.

BAND CAMP/essex Saturday August 23

Just Like Newman

Saturday afternoon into the night Band Camp presented singers, bands, dogs and more dogs!! In the field of Peter Hoare and Cynthia Sweet in Essex the weather went from gray to great and the party was on.

GloucesterCast With Lowell Peabody, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/22/14

gloucestercastsquare11 (1)

GloucesterCast With Lowell Peabody, Kim Smith and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/22/14


Topics Include: Gloucester MA, 01930, Happy Earth Day, Lowell Peabody, Kim Smith, 2014 UU Church Citizenship Award Winners- Donna Ardizzoni, Jim Flint, Martin Krugman, John McElhenny, Barry McKay, Joe Novello, Linn Parisi, Maggie Rosa, Terry Sands, Ann Straccia and her rescue beagle Ellie, Gloucester Strong Day At The Hive, Patti Amaral, Rose LoPiccolo, Dog Off Leash Article In GDT, James Niedzinski, Pot Farm In Essex, Arianna MacNeill, Over/Under Time Before Pot Farm Gets Approved, Over/Under Time Before Pot Dispensary Gets Opened, Phantom Illness, iPad vs iPad mini, Monoprice IPS Monitor A Tremendous Value, Petit Robert, The Franklin Lamb Chops, Grilled Brussel Sprouts, La casa de Luis, Montreal Spicy Steak Seasoning, Kim Smith PSwallowtail Movie In Lowell Eco Movie Festival, Palazolas Sporting Goods Baseball Cap Collection, Kim’s Daughter Liv Fair Weather Bostonian, Kim Does Not Know What Year Her Daughter Graduated, Liv’s New Blog,

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Daisy Nell & Capt. Stan and the Crabgrass Band Sat, April 12 8PM at One World

Garland 1Singers, Songwriters, & Musicians
Daisy Nell & Capt. Stan will perform on banjo and guitar, with their usual combination of traditional and contemporary folk songs, blues, gospel, and maritine material.  Tight vocal harmonies, a varied repertoire, and some audience sing-alongs, will all make an evening of lively music.
TICKETS: $15.00
RESERVATIONS: 978-768-3690
Please do not park in the Village Restaurant’s parking lot.  Parking is available behind the Police Station on Rte. 22.
Next Concert: May 10th, BILL STAINES.

Make a Mess Making Art!

This event sounds like a good time for a good cause! Check it out, below…

Messy Art Night Essex PTO


Essex, MA (January 27, 2014) – Essex Elementary School (EES) and the Essex Parent-­‐Teacher Organization (PTO) will hold their annual Messy Art Night on Friday, February 7, 2014. This will be the fifth year of the event, which draws attendees from all over Cape Ann and the North Shore for it’s hands-­‐on art projects led by artists from the area’s vibrant artistic community.

Over a dozen local artists will demonstrate their crafts and host hands-­‐on make-­‐your-­‐own projects at Messy Art Night, including sculptors, painters, collagists, mixed media artists, potters, and others.

Confirmed artists include: sculptor Chris Williams, illustrator Chrissie McNiff Twombly, potters from Art Haven of Gloucester, painter Kathleen McHugh, the Art School of Salem’s Andrew Carr, painter Margaret Sweet, illustrator Leslie Galacar, painter Emily Gala, The Art Center of Hamilton’s Erin Clark, mixed media artist Jen Mayer, painter Kristen Wilson, and sculptor Scott Mulcahey. Local Essex museums Cogswell Grant and the Essex Shipbuilding Museum will also host projects at the event.

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In The Battle For Most Picturesque Photo Location Who You Got Between The Burnham House In Essex and Motif No 1 and The Paint Factory

So Anthony Marks Photo This Morning Of The Burnham House Got Me To Thinking…

In The Battle For More Picturesque Photo Location Who You Got Between The Burnham House In Essex and Motif No 1 in Rockport and The Paint Factory in Gloucester.

At One Time I might have said the Paint Factory but it’s such a mess now you’d have to put it out of the running.   The Burnham House In Essex has the Natural surroundings thing going for it.  Rockport’s Motif No 1 is nice in it’s own right and probably has the most world wide cache.


Here’s a shot of Motif No 1 from Matthew Green-

aaaand The Paint Factory from Manny Simoes-


Let’s run a couple different polls-

Snowed in with Kids? Go to Wolf Hollow Today 1 PM

Cooped up in the house for the past few days? Well, it’s a beautiful day out there and what better kid trip then to take them all to Wolf Hollow. The Wolves will be ready for you at 1 PM.wolf3

Hours and Directions to Wolf Hollow. A short drive off Cape Ann. Take your camera and send Rubber Duck a photo of your favorite wolf and I’ll post it here at GMG. Way more fun then a dumb football game.

-Rubber Duck

Manchester Essex Falls to Northeast in Semi-Final Football Action

A tough day on Saturday for the Hornets as they fell in semi-final action to Northeast Metropolitan 38-12. Behind 14-6 at the half, the defense played long and hard in the second half and held for several exciting stops but the offensive team could only find the end zone one more time. A good season for the Hornets comes to an end, but memories of how far they got in the tournament should be an inspiration at the start of next season!

Click on photos to see larger format

Essex – A Front Rolls Through

About 3:45 on Friday, a front rolled through the area providing menacing clouds, incredible spots of sunlight and snow showers in the sky that melted before they hit the ground. Just incredible! Glad to live on Cape Ann and be able to see capture a few scenes like these.  Click the images for larger view

Store Fronts – Seasonal, Weekly and Even Pure Fantasy

So many storefront windows and so many messages! Here are a few designed for the season, a celebration and pure fantasy.


Barns and Boathouses of Conomo Point, Essex

Somehow, lost in the beauty of Essex’s Conomo Point with  views of open water, far away dunes and the Essex River, the boathouses and barns can slip into the background.

Local Scenes from Manchester and Essex

The view over Winthrop Field towards the farm in Manchester has been taken many times, but does not get old, at least not for me.  In Essex I sat waiting in the Marsh across from Farnham’s for hours to catch the Egret in flight.. Well, actually I picked up Chowda and walked across the street and there he was, ready to take off! Sometimes you just get lucky! Click on images for larger view.

‘FLIGHT’ Exhibit at Cox Reservation in Essex From Bill O’Connor


Hi Joey,

We visited the ‘FLIGHT’ Exhibit  at Cox Reservation in Essex Tuesday and had a lot of fun! The exhibit was designed by Haverhill artist Dale Rogers and will be on display until the end of September. The installation is playful & interactive, and stirs the mind with its contrasting media and its placement in the setting.  The giant steel birds should seem out of place in the setting, but the scope and layout of the installation make it as if it always belonged there.  Make the effort to stop on your way through Essex because it is definitely worth a visit!

Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid
Where North Shore Parents and Resources Connect

Chickity Check It! “New England: a perfect break on the ‘other’ cape”


New England: a perfect break on the ‘other’ cape

Cape Ann, home to the most oft-painted building in the US – celebrated in a festival on May 18 – deserves to be better known in Britain, says Paul Wade.


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