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Maple Syrup time at Bothways Farm in Essex!

Hi Joey,

          I thought the GMG readers might enjoy seeing a couple pictures of our Maple Syrup production at Bothways Farm in Essex,We have 10 Maple Trees tapped with 20 metal buckets that we collect the sap from.So far we have collected about 90 gallons of sap.It taking us 70 gallons of sap to make a gallon of syrup.We boil it down in the wood fired evaporator for hours until the sap starts to turn brown from its original clear color.Once it just starts to stick to a ladel we transfer about a half gallon to a smaller pot.We then burn the rest off until the sap starts to foam,that means its real close.We then test the sap in a metal tube with a Hydrometer which tests the density of the sap.Once it hits a red line of the Hydrometer that means its now got a high enough sugar content and has changed into the syrup you put on your pancakes.Lets just say its about 10 hours of watching sap boil to 10 minutes of pure terror getting to density just right,because if you don`t and it gets too thick you get sap rock candy.The cold weather has been delaying our collecting of the syrup just like everyone else in New England.


Dean Burgess


View from the Bridge and the Causeway

Sunsets in Gloucester and Essex.

Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

Last night and this morning Kathy and Marty photographed the clam flats in Essex where most of the local clams are caught and then sold at Gloucester’s Intershell  http://intershell.biz/.

The 4 feet below and above normal tides during this full moon was a great situation for the clammers. Because razor clams like the shoreline they were easier to catch in this “minus” tide.

Both whelks and conchs are carnivorous gastropods. They eat horseshoe crabs and are a by-catch of the lobster traps and dredging cages used for surf clams.





 Photos © Kathy Chapman 2013

Video © Marty Luster 2013

Flight Installation at Cox Reservation Opening Wednesday 9/11/13

The Flight sculpture was installed at the Cox Reservation today. We’d greatly appreciate your assistance in promoting its opening effective Wednesday, 9/11.


Flight, by Dale Rogers at Cox Reservation September 11-30

Greenbelt hosts East Coast Debut of Large-Scale Sculpture Exhibit

Greenbelt, Essex County’s land trust, is thrilled to host the East coast debut of “Flight” at its Cox Reservation headquarters in Essex, MA, September 11-30. “Flight” is the stunning exhibit of nine large-scale stainless steel birds, each with a wingspan of 12 feet, supported on metal frames 12 to 16 feet high. “Flight” made its award-winning debut at ArtPrize, the country’s largest art exhibition held in Michigan, in 2012. “Flight” is the third large-scale public exhibit designed by Haverhill native Dale Rogers. A full time metal sculptor since 2003, Rogers’ passion for public art led to his first exhibit, “The Big Dog Show,” in 2009, followed by “Monkey Mania” in 2011.

“The flock will be arranged in a serpentine pattern in a waterside pasture, and brought to life by the reflections of sky, sun and water of the Cox Reservation landscape,” said Greenbelt’s Executive Director, Ed Becker. Visually interesting both up close and from a distance, the installation invites interaction. “We welcome the public to visit the Cox Reservation to stroll the grounds and marvel at the scale and artistry of Dale’s creation,” Becker added.

Dale Rogers visited Greenbelt’s headquarters in 2012 as a participating artist in the organization’s annual Art In the Barn benefit. At that time, “Flight” had just won the ArtPrize, and he was looking for a suitable location to reach new audiences for his work. “The Cox Reservation is an ideal site for “Flight,” offering many ways for people to enjoy the sculpture as an additional aspect of the landscape,” said Rogers. “I can envision families and children imitating the act of flying underneath the enormous birds, and others photographing the birds, –playing with the reflections to get the perfect shot,” he added.

Meet the Artist: Sunday September 29, 1-3pm. Dale Rogers will discuss the design, creation and installation of “Flight”, in Greenbelt’s free Monthly Walk Series. This event is also part of the Trails & Sails Weekend of Walks & Water, presented by the Essex National Heritage Commission.

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Bradley Royds~Riverside Bistro’s Music on the River~This afternoon

bradly riverside

Join Bradley Royds for an afternoon on live music on the Essex River at the Riverside Bistro from 3 to 6pm. The performance will take place outside on Cape Ann’s best waterside deck.

Enjoy one of the Riverside Bistro’s specialty drink list and their all-new sushi bar while listening to the tune of Bradley Royds.

br-g river



single tree music


Bothways Farm in Essex Animal Pics From Dean Burgess

Hi Joey,

             For those who can`t make it to the Topsfield Fair this year here are a few pictures of the animals we have at Bothways Farm in Essex.

The chickens and a Quinea Hen

             oct caara 014

Lucy the Goat

oct caara 020

The cows and one of the Alpacas

oct caara 025oct caara 031


Guinea Hen chicks that we are raising from the eggs laid from the Guinea hen that was in the picture with the chickens.It laid 10 eggs and we put them in an incubator.

oct caara 015

            Here is my coworker Ron Boisevert who is the bee keeper and we got over 70 pounds of honey this year at the farm.

oct caara 032

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Bothways Farm Barn Raising Photos From Dean Burgess

Posted on September 5, 2012 by Joey C

Hi Joey,           Drivers along Southern Ave in Essex have been seeing the new barn going up at Bothways Farm,I thought I would share a few pictures for the Good Morning Gloucester viewers as it is not everyday that we … Continue reading →

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Alpacas at Bothways Farm in Essex

Posted on August 25, 2012 by Joey C

Dean Burgess from Gloucester writes-            I work at Bothways Farm in Essex .Here are the Alpacas that we have at the farm. I thought the GMG viewers would like to see something different in farm animals.As most may know … Continue reading →

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Bothways Farm Barn Raising Photos From Dean Burgess

Hi Joey,

          Drivers along Southern Ave in Essex have been seeing the new barn going up at Bothways Farm,I thought I would share a few pictures for the Good Morning Gloucester viewers as it is not everyday that we get to see a barnraisng in progress.

The frame is made from Douglas Fir and is completely held together by joints and large dowels and no nails or metal braces are used.  The frame was made right on site from scratch.The trees were from Maine. 

The foundation is actually part of the old giant greenhouse that was there back in the 60`s through 2000 which some of the older generation may remember.

Dean Burgess


Alpacas at Bothways Farm in Essex

Dean Burgess from Gloucester writes-

           I work at Bothways Farm in Essex .Here are the Alpacas that we have at the farm. I thought the GMG viewers would like to see something different in farm animals.As most may know Alpacas are from the South American region and are a cross between a camel and LLamas. Alpacas are herd animals and are used for their wool fibers.We have shaven these Alpacas and have sold the wool. I have seen these animals run very fast,just like a camel.The GMG viwers can see these Alpacas out in the front pasture as they drive by Bothways farm along Southern avenue in Essex.


Essex MA at Dawn 4:39AM 5/30/12 Essex Salt Marsh and The Burnham House

I have never ever in my life been more ferociously attacked and eaten alive by mosquitoes as I did this morning capturing this shot.  I drove past it at first but had to loop back.  The water was so still, the tide was just right, the light just beginning to peek through.

The mosquitoes were insane I tell you.  I’m still itching. Hit this one up larger.  I love the reflection of the house and the clouds in the sky reflecting in the water.  No brainer, had to get out of the truck and set up the shot, right?

click for the larger version, you won’t be disappointed.


Adventure Spars From Mike Dyer

Mike Dyer writes-

A small crew has been working on making replacement spars for the Schooner Adventure, at Harold Burnham’s yard in Essex.  Right now we’re working on the main boom.  These pics show a series of steps for putting together laminations of 12” X 2” Douglas Fir planks.  Note: we’re not done yet!

setting up the jig


Bruce and Bernie cutting a series of scarfs on the stacked planks using a chain saw on a frame fit over the jig.


Bernie after the first cut.


the rough scarfs, later to be planed smooth and for the right fit.


Bruce showing his clamped scarf joint.


epoxied planks ready to go.


all clamped up.


Harold Burnham’s Shop


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