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myra dettelbach interviews the interviewer part 1

Myra Dettelbach a Junior at Endicott College was assigned to interview the most awkward looking blogger in Massachusetts.  After searching through dozens of blogger profiles she settled on the goofiest looking blogger with the largest bald spot Joey C. 

Here is part 1 of her interview with me.

If you’re not sure what’s going on at Endicott’s 33 Commercial St campus — and how it may change your life, read this

While Vickie was complaining yesterday about people who wait until the last minute to announce their live music lineup, and then forget to tell us at gimmesound.com, which, BTW, is the ONLY complete live music listing for Gloucester & Cape Ann in ANY MEDIUM — meaning that if you’re not listed, you’re not getting the word out, which it’s your own fault ’cause it’s free … anyhow I digress.

While she was getting gimmesound up to date, I was at a meeting with Peter Jenner, who happens to be Chair of the School of Hospitality Management at Endicott College, and he invited me to a reception at their new digs at 33 Commercial St. later in the day where Endicott’s arts profs & deans were going to hobnob with people from Gloucester’s arts scene, the whole shebang being dubbed Arts Endicott meets Arts Gloucester — in a word: OUTREACH.

While I was there, I posted a live photo from the event (see here).  I met some interesting people, saw people I knew, drank wine, ate hors d’oeuvres, listened to a short, concise and interesting presentation and saw a dance performance — all very well put together.  But here’s what really struck me.  These people are truly interested in immersing themselves into Gloucester’s culture.  They see the entire city — and everyone in it — as their partners.  This is far more significant than the fact Endicott is offering degree programs in Gloucester (see this post), which is pretty big in and of itself.

So if you didn’t go last night (I almost didn’t) I recommend that you contact somebody at Endicott that is teaching in the field you work in every day and tell them what you do.  This isn’t only for people in the arts — it’s everything — literally.  Check out their website here.

As I said in this post, “Becoming a college town is likely to be the best thing that has happened to Gloucester this century.”  And I’m not exaggerating.

Endicott College’s Gloucester Campus To Offer Associates Degrees Beginning This January

Beginning this January, Endicott College will begin offering an Associates degree program at our new campus at 33 Commercial Street. This 2-year program, custom developed to meet the needs of Gloucester’s youth, will be comprised of five courses per semester and run from 9AM-Noon Monday through Thursday, and every other Friday. Financial aid is available for full time students. Applications are now being accepted for the upcoming semester. For more information, please contact Jodi Cleveland at 978-879-4250 / jclevela@endicott.edu , or come by our campus for a program overview and a tour.

Just when you thought it was safe to crawl into a hole for the winter

What’s this?  More music?  More fun?  I thought this was the start of the slow season.  Nope.  The truth is, folks, that there’s no such thing as a “slow season” in GTown any longer — at least not when it comes to music and the arts.  There are plenty of restaurants that stay open year round, plus lots of other year-round venues for music and the arts.

And we’re seeing an expansion of music venues even after summer is over.  Catch 22 is expanding their music offerings to Tuesday – Saturday and  Seaport Grille has music tomorrow (a new player in Wednesday night music).

Sure we might relish the idea of less traffic downtown and fewer tourists walking the streets, but that wears off quick.  This is what we want, right?  A thriving music scene all year long.

And this is precisely the time of year when we can  support the steadfast restaurants and venues who stay open all year long (see them here – along with their live music lineup for this week).  The best way to convince them that they’re doing the right thing is to go there.

Oh, it gets better.  Perhaps you caught the Gloucester Times story about Endicott (see here).  Nancy Gaines’ insightful article focuses on the educational value that Endicott will provide Gloucester residents and only hints at how Endicott students will help revitalize our City, breathing new life into arts, culture, science, music — all in the “off season”.  Becoming a college town is likely to be the best thing that has happened to Gloucester this century.  Let’s welcome Endicott and the students, parents, vitality and just plain fun they are bringing to our City.

Karen Ristuben Presenting Monday March 5th at Endicott

imageKaren Ristuben Writes-

Hello all,
Just a note to tell you that I’ll be presenting "Just, one word…" at Endicott College’s Rose Performance Center on
Monday, March 5, 7:30 pm.  This presentation is being co-sponsored by Salem Sound Coastwatch (http://www.salemsound.org) and The Environmental Society of Endicott College.
Please come, and spread the word about this event: a multimedia performance/lecture on the issue of marine plastic pollution, plastics toxicity and public health viewed through the lenses of marine science, economics, politics, and public policy.  Hope to see you there!!
Directions:  (http://www.endicott.edu/Academics/ArtDesign-Academics/CenterForTheArtsDirections.aspx)
Karen Ristuben

presentation pic

Cynthia Capone Photo