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Parade of Sails Through Gloucester Inner Harbor

Continuing with ” reruns” while in Mexico, the Parade of Sails is another favorite event. So looking forward to this year’s Schooner Festival! See original post on GMG, September 2, 2013: Video: Time Lapse Parade of Sails Through Gloucester Inner Harbor

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Snapshots from Recent Treks Around Eastern Point

Gloucester Skyline Winter Sunset In preparation for my adventure to Mexico to film the Monarchs, nearly every afternoon I have been “hiking” around Eastern Point. According to my car odometer, from the Niles Beach parking lot to the lighthouse and back is just … Continue reading

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First Snowstorm of 2014: Snapshots From East Gloucester ~ What a Difference from AM to PM!

From earlier today, while the storm was still blowing ~ Benjamin Duckworth Building an Awesome Fort Super High Tide Don’t forget our feathered friends. I filled the bird feeders three times today! Mourning Dove White-breasted Nuthatch The sun started to break … Continue reading

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Saturday, November 16, 2013 is for lighthouses

nb. Click photos to embiggen. The Twin Lights show the flaw of shooting with a tiny lens in the iPhone 5. I can straighten the horizon but the towers are leaning towards each other. Larger cameras, more glass in the … Continue reading

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Schooner Roseway

Click to view larger While searching though my photo library, I discovered a batch of stills from the Schooner Festival that I have not yet posted because I was so intent on editing the Schooner Festival video. I’ll try to … Continue reading

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Video: Time Lapse Parade of Sails Through Gloucester Inner Harbor

The taller ships start appearing around 1:50, but I liked seeing all the smaller boats, too. Look for the Stanley Thomas lobster boat closer to the beginning. After the Parade I walked out onto the rocky ledge near the Eastern … Continue reading

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Gloucester Shack Series


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Rainbow from the Middle of Gloucester Harbor

Over Birdseye and Eastern Point Lighthouse

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Then and Now – Eastern Point

This photo is pre 1933, because the structure at the right, doe not appear to be the Bell that was there from 1933-1969. 

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Backshore Roads Now Closed

At high tide I took a little tour around East Gloucester. Parts of Atlantic Road were still accessible however,  as I was leaving, the officers were installing road barriers from both directions. The waves were much higher at the Lighthouse … Continue reading

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Eastern Point Light House

Taking a walk behind Hammond Castle took this picture….  if you have a chance take a walk behind the castle

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Eastern Point Lighthouse on Boxing Day From Elinor Teele

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Eastern Point Lighthouse Sunrise Video From Kim Smith

(with help from bodyguard Terry Weber)

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Eastern Point Lighthouse

Taken with my iPhone                                                                         … Continue reading

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History Of Eastern Point Lighthouse (Found Inside and Added To Over The Years)

Sorry for the lousy images, I had a couple of monkeys tugging at me because they wanted to climb up to the top and had very little patience.

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The GloucesterCast Podcast Episode 8

In this episode- Posting while on vacation, Groupon Screw-Job, Earth Day, Kenny’s Vegan Betrayal, Eastern Point Lighthouse with FOB Dani Lubbers, Cigar Joe Tapes, Kenny’s New Camera, Kenny’s Real Estate Segment Click here to play or save the podcast Please … Continue reading

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Eastern Point Lighthouse Photo From whistlingspirit

To Check Out More Of whistlingspirit’s Photos Click Here

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