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Pretty New Sidewalks

pretty sidewalks

being put in from Rocky Neck Ave to Niles Beach.  Look how pretty and shiny they are. Gloucester’s finest doing a great job directing traffic with a smile.  Their biggest challenge today seemed to be keeping the falling leaves from leaving their permanent mark in the wet concrete.  Looking forward to walking on them soon.

E.J. Lefavour

Sun Rising Over East Gloucester, Black Sheep, and MarStina

East Gloucester Sunrise ©Kim Smith 2013Photos from a foggy September morning sunrise, taken from the Fort, looking towards East Gloucester. East Gloucester Sunrise Mar Stina©Kim Smith 2013.

Mar Stina 

I love filming and photographing around Gloucester all year round, but especially at this time of year when I find the light to be sublime. The moisture in the air provides a gossamer veil that magnifies the supernal quality of light; even the most ordinary of daily activities captured finds added beauty.

East Gloucester Sunrise -3 ©Kim Smith 2013.

East Gloucester Sunrise  -4 ©Kim Smith 2013. copyEast Gloucester Sunrise Black Sheep ©Kim Smith 2013.Black Sheep Fishing Boat

East Gloucester Sunrise -6 ©Kim Smith 2013.

Fish Ice Cream

Hi Joey,

A shot of B’s ice cream today – vanilla with those red jellied fish as a topping from Kiss on the Neck. It made me think of Bertha’s, a penny candy shop that used to be directly across the street.  That was the first place I encountered those fish as a boy. Every kid in  East Gloucester knew about Bertha’s, and you could buy actual penny candy there – a penny per piece.  You would collect the candy from bins using a small basket, then bring the basket to the register, where Bertha would tally your loot with you and ring it up on and old mechanical register.  She would then put your candy in a small paper bag to carry home.  I could go in there with a quarter and leave a happy customer!

She also had toys, nic-nacs, ice cream and drinks too. Bertha was a kind old lady, who loved animals, kids and seemed happily married to her artist husband Ollie. Looking back, she was a pretty effective math teacher, too!

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Editors note from Joey C:

Bertha’s was a special place.  Sista Felicia and I used to ride our bikes from Harriett Rd over in East Gloucester down Grapevine and to Bertha’s on Rocky Neck where we would spend the $1 a piece our mom gave us to buy penny candy.  100 pieces of candy for $1- it was like heaven.

There was also the East Gloucester Fire Barn (now closed) where the firemen would sell penny candy too and the Yarn Shop where Ciolinos barber Shop is now used to sell Penny candy as well.

Do you have a spot where you would go as a kid for Penny Candy?

Special Time with FOB Ann Kennedy

a morning with ann kennedy

I got to spend a very special morning with Ann Kennedy on Tuesday, toward the end of her and Bob’s month-long annual visit to their beloved Gloucester.  We met early for a delicious and hearty breakfast at Sailor Stan’s, then went for a nice long walk out Eastern Point, to the spot I now call Evelyn’s Point, beyond the Retreat House and Brace Cove.  We encountered many beautiful and fun things along our journey, including a mother duck with her ducklings (she had to be babysitting, as they couldn’t all have been her’s) and two turtles sunning on a rock in Niles Pond, plus a dreadful and vicious bullfrog that Ann attempted unsuccessfully to capture and bring to Joey.  This has become one of my favorite spots to walk to and it was nice to be able to share it with Ann, who had never been there.  The trails through the woods are soft and peaceful.  At one point we were forced to stop and turn back because of a large uprooted tree that made the path we were on unpassable.  It was a special time with a special FOB and friend, and I look forward to a repeat when they return next year.

Congratulations to Ann and Bob who just celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary.

E.J. Lefavour

Ribbon Cutting at The Center at Rocky Neck

center ribbon cutting

We’re lucky our Mayor isn’t an “off with their heads” kind of gal, or some people might be in trouble with those massive scissors she was wielding last night. 

It was a wonderful celebration of the Center passing into the hands of the Rocky Neck Art Colony.  We now have a permanent home, and a space where everyone in the community can come together and enjoy a great diversity of programming.

If you haven’t yet been to the Center, you owe it to yourself to stop by and visit soon.  It is really a beautiful, warm and inviting space with lots of great things happening in it.   Visit http://mail.rockyneckartcolony.org/ to see what’s coming up.

E.J. Lefavour

East Gloucester (God’s Country) Is Jumping Baby! Open Houses Sunday!!!

Hi Joey,

Any chance of getting this in the next GMG? Trying to encourage folks to come to East Gloucester and see what’s around.  We’re all open but Sunday is looking like a Good weather day?! 

StudioV.O. is having another HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE on Sun.  11-5.  Thanks for the support. 

Deej Viau


Backshore Roads Now Closed

At high tide I took a little tour around East Gloucester. Parts of Atlantic Road were still accessible however,  as I was leaving, the officers were installing road barriers from both directions. The waves were much higher at the Lighthouse side than at Good Harbor Beach and Atlantic Road. Video footage to follow.

Eastern Point Lighthouse and Dog Bar Breakwater ~ Hurricane Sandy

Sherman’s Point ~ Hurricane Sandy

Filming B-roll

Stills from my B-roll. Click images to view larger.

Niles Pond October Sunrise

One of the most gorgeous, interesting, and enjoyable aspects of filmmaking I find is shooting B-roll. I am swamped with design work, organizing lecture programs, and hoping to finish the edits on my Black Swallowtail film very soon, but there is no better time of year to shoot B-roll for my Monarch film than autumn in Gloucester; the light is simply stunning, and what I like to refer to as “atmospheric.”

Niles Pond September Sunrise

B-roll further tells the story in a beautifully subtle, and alternatively not so subtle, manner and gives the project a sense of place. While filming and waiting, for example, for birds to take flight (whether swans or homies) I have my still camera readily available.

Salt Island Sunrise

The most extraordinarily beautiful things occur spontaneously. I feel so very fortunate to see, and in turn share, the natural world through the camera lens. Only several weeks ago while filming a spider’s web in a tree, capturing the filaments of silky webbing dancing in the light of the setting sun (with the pinky schooner Ardelle and the Dog Bar Breakwater in the background), the web’s maker came cavorting through the scene with a capture of her own!

Eastern Point

Gloucester At Dawn- 4:54AM 4/30/12 Salvation Star, Providenza and Francesca & Carlo- Railway To Railway

This shot was taken alongside the Railway at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center looking out across the harbor to the East Gloucester Marine Railway.

The amount of light in this shot is deceiving because the shutter was left open for a good long time to try to collect as much light as possible to burn in the colors. Obviously this type of shot with such little available light is not possible without the aid of a tripod.

Click the photo to see it larger and the details on the Adventure and boats tied up at The East Gloucester Marine Railway all the way across the harbor.  I like this shot a lot especially considering the very little light available to use.


Below is what it looked like to the human eye without the long exposure-


East Gloucester Residents Please Note

I received a flyer in my mail basket this morning that Americold is closing it’s lot to public access by adding a complete perimeter fence around their parking lot. There is a meeting tonight at at 5:00 pm at City Hall, first floor conference room, to discuss the imminent planned project. Councilor Paul McGeary is expected to attend the meeting along with representatives from Americold.

Gloucester Harbor January Sunset

Although it is Americold’s property and it is their lot to fence, many in the neighborhood enjoy access through the lot to watch the sunset, observe the harbor, and more. Americold cites debris and trash, boat trailers, etc. left in the area by the public as the reason for erecting the fence. This is true, however it is the hope of neighborhood residents that the trash problem can be resolved cooperatively rather than blocking neighborhood access to the lot. The access will be lost if the fence is installed.

Please attend this meeting. Being present will show community strength.

Gloucester Harbor November Sunset

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