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Wall of Figure and Effect video

From Deb Clarke;


I gave my drummer boy David a camera. A few nights ago he had to calibrate one of his lights for a performance and used the large “Four Stand” painting. He liked what the lights did to the painting, so he composed some music and synced it to the shots of “Four Stand”, throwing in some other paintings to vary the visual image.

Maybe we will have a black room show someday with spots hitting the paintings under his direction.

I like the music and his unique way of seeing of my work.


A-Train Orchestra at the Madfish

From Deb Clarke,
Next Saturday is going to be a busy day for my buddy David ‘doc’ Vincent and the boys in the A Train Orchestra.  You will find them in downtown Rockport on Saturday, entertaining the folk during Motif No 1 Day, in Dock Square 3-5, then later that night at the Madfish.  Here’s the poster.