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Gloucester Seal

Hey Joe,

Every year in late December/Early January, we have a seal show up in the cove that loves to hang out on top of the moraine boulder that is visible in Wonson Cove at low tide, but covered by water a high tide.  I’m can’t be sure if it’s always the same seal, but the behavior is always the same.  He will hang around on top of the boulder for hours and leave when the rock is half exposed by the tide.  He’ll stick around for a couple of weeks and then he’ll disappear. I’m thinking he’s gorging on urchins, then moving on.  When he comes back the following year, the urchins have rebounded.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some photos in the future to use as comparison from year to year. 

Anyhow, whether the seals are the same one or not from year to year, we’re calling him Rocky.

Enjoy ~Bill O’Connor

North Shore Kid


Bill I’m not sure if this is the same seal I took pictures of back in late September-

Here are my photos-


and video-


Damon Cummings speaks of a certain seal that follows him down the harbor each day he rows in the dory.  Could possibly be the same one.

Jimmy T and Joey Ciolino Take The Race Dories Across The Harbor To Take them Out For The Winter

Every year the race dories get taken out of the water and stored in a tent up on Pond Road.  They need to be rowed across from Saint Peter’s Park, put on trailers, and then brought up to Pond Road where they will be pressure washed and put away til the spring.

Here are a couple of videos that FOB Frank Ciolino took of the day-

Listen for Frank’s Evil Laugh. Mwah Ha Ha!

Damon to the Rescue!

Our friend Damon helping out the sailboats that are at the floating dock off the State Fish Pier. One of the boats #13 capsized while practicing near the Paint Factory. The two kids in the boat righted it themselves and climbed aboard all were safe. The Coast Guard was just checking too see if they were all right.damonphoto by Paul Frontiero