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I happened upon Peter painting a few weeks back near the lily pond on Eastern Avenue, and I just had to stop and see what he was working on. I was stunned at the beauty of his work. This is one of many pieces you can find at the TRIBUTE EXHIBITION at the North Shore Arts Association going on July 30th through August 10th. The big reception is tonight from 6-8pm!! Peter was as kind, and as talented, as you would imagine.  There will be amazing work from many other artists as well. For more info go to    http://www.nsarts.org  NOW GO SUPPORT AND CELEBRATE OUR LOCAL ART STARS!!!!



Happy Birthday Eric!

Lyla and Eric Lorden ©Kim Smith 2014Lyla and Eric

GMG FOB and Passports Restaurant owner Eric Lorden celebrated his birthday with a wonderful bunch of friends, family, and deluxe impromptu potluck supper at Niles Beach last night. Happy Birthday Eric!!

See Joey’s video posted earlier today of the guys throwing lefty!

India, Susan, Lyla, & Katie ©Kim Smith 2014India, Susan, Lyla, and Katie

Craig kimberley ©Kim Smith 2014Craig Kimberley with Tyler

Katie, Susan, Lyla, & Katie ©Kim Smith 2014Katie, Susan, Lyla, and India

Bday cake ©Kim Smith 2014



We all know this area has a ton of music talent, and SOUL REBEL PROJECT is among the best. If you love true Roots Reggae, then you already know these guys well. If you’ve never had the chance to see them live, start kicking yourself now. After you recover, go to SoulRebelProject.com and see where the next big show will be. Ok, I love these guys for many reasons, one being that they are professionals at what they do, and then there’s the fact that they’ve become good friends, and they just keep getting better every year. Today just so happens to be the iTunes album release date for HIGHER PLACE (on VP Records), and the release of their first video KING. I shot and cut this video for the guys from a live show I taped this past spring. We never intended on making any particular video that night, just grabbing some footage, but here you have it. So watch the video, please share the link, then go check out the tracks on iTunes, you will become a fan instantly. Enjoy!!! (remember click the gear at bottom right for 1080hd)

Now head over to iTunes and get some magic!!

CLICK HERE TO GET TO iTunes: Soul Rebel Project


srp album


For all you proud Americans, this is another video I just completed for STIHL. I always enjoy working with everyone at this amazing company, but getting a chance to put Real-STIHL factory workers into this project was truly special. Even if you have never owned a chainsaw, or know what an American built STIHL product looks like, you’ll enjoy this! (click the gear on lower right for HD video)


Recently, Hannah and I decided to make a new fresh ceviche recipe. Next we pitched some fresh chips in oil we keeps it real. Now look closely at the bowl and at my chip. There’s a secret ingredient thats creatively thrown in the mix here. Can you see it? Do you know what it is? Is it local? Was it alive? Is it Vegan?

Now if all the guesses are just way off, I’ll drop a new hint…and so on.

IMG_4481 IMG_4485 IMG_4487 IMG_4489 IMG_4495


This is the inaugural episode of my new series that showcases anything I’m really diggin’ at the moment. And right now, I’m feeling me some SURFRIDER PIZZA. You may know that they have great subs on fresh baked bread, but do you know how awesome the pie is there? This place churns out some amazing specialty pies, one of my favorites being the Pollo Pesto, trust. But in this episode, I go in deep for the classic: pepperoni and cheese. For me, it’s all about hand tossed, freshly made thin crust. I’m not about some sweet sauce either, that’s just wrong. Some call in New York style, I call it proper. Whether it’s a white garlic pizza, pesto, red sauce, you name it, SURFRIDER has something for ya!



CAN IT BE TRUE? Is this the new iPhone 6?? Watch the video and decide.

Making Vino The Old Fashion Way!

Print IMG_0053

Yesterday Gloucester residents, Neil and Bridgette Mathews, hosted their 4th Annual Wine Stomping Extravaganza! Family and friends gathered at their home here in Gloucester, for an afternoon of Old Fashion Fun. It was a day of…Family, Friendship, food , and of course lots of homemade “Vino.”   Neil, “Head Winer” of yesterday’s festivities, led an assemble line of helpers  through the first stages of wine making, while his wife Bridgett and their three beautiful daughters, Lindsey, Abbey, and Melodey, fixed an Italian style buffet lunch, which included several bottles of  wine produced by the family last year.  Neil and Bridgett are committed to producing wine “The Old Fashion way,” each step of the process is a labor of love done by hand.  All  540 lbs. of imported Chilean Carmenere Grapes were carefully inspected, for mold and leaves, before the  labor intensive work of  plucking thousands of  juicy plump grapes from their stems began.  Dozens of sorted grapes were mounded in large trays, and transferred to a giant plastic stomping tub in the Mathews garage. 

Thank you so much for your gracious invitation, and warm hospitality.   We were honored to be apart of your family tradition and are truly grateful for allowing us access to your behind the scene’s Vino Making! It was a fantastic day! Grazie!


Get ready folks… GMG’s  Craig Kimberley Master Videographer  is working his magic with yesterday’s behind the scene’s footage of  Vino Making,  The Old Fashion Way …Stay tuned!

Thank you Craig for all your hard work yesterday, and for always keeping things running smoothly on location and real on the set! I’m truly blessed to be working with you!…and to Miss Hannah, Thank you for sharing your hubby on a beautiful Spring Saturday<3  

vino1 vino5

Click continue to see more photos from yesterday’s  Vino Making at the Mathews Home! Read more

Here it is! The Pedroia Bobblehead

If you haven’t heard or seen by now, this is what everyone has been clawing for. It was free at the Sox game yesterday. Serious collectors are going crazy for these suckers. I have to admit, it’s way more detailed and heavy than I expected. This is clearly not your average toy bobblehead.

Nice details with the dirty jersey, dirty hat, and golden cleats!

Donald Sterling: What say you?


Can’t you just smell the hate coming off him? (Danny Moloshok/AP)



One of these things is not like the other….The smile of a slave owner. (wikicommons)

If you haven’t heard his name by now, especially living in the greatest sports region in the world, you’re detached from the planet. And if you really don’t know, GTSF (google that shit fool!). Now, we all know the scoop. This guy is a massive pig, and a professional D-Bag by trade. While billions struggle to eat, survive, and contribute to society, the gods have found a way to reward this asshole. I’m sure he “worked” hard for his money, but who cares at this point. So, he’s apparently banned for life from the NBA, and I’m not sure how that will pan out. To tell an attorney, and a two fold BILLIONAIRE, that he can’t do something, and expect him to go quietly, should be a shit-show for sure. I realize fining a gazillionaire 2.5 million is like stealing his bubble gum, so that’s no punishment. At the end of this, his 12 million dollar investment will garner him about a BILLION. So, looks like no punishment there either folks. And as far as being in the public-eye goes, he can just buy an island, stock it with his “girlfriends” all Heff style, and live happily ever after. So there is no real punishment for this loser. Should he be banned? Yes, he should. But, as you may have thought by now, isn’t all of this unsettling to you? Is it right in America? Has something crossed a line here? Now before you start seeing a side picked here, don’t. This guy makes me sick.

But, again, what if it was you in some aspect?

What if, in your moment of great success and admiration, someone comes up with a tape of some insanely ignorant shit you said… days, years or even decades ago? Would you fight to save your reputation? Could you actually explain yourself? Could you argue about the tape’s release or the person who recorded the conversation’s intent? I’ve added a few polls here to gauge what the people are thinking. Since it’s anonymous, don’t be shy, so please take a moment and be honest. Also, what are your thoughts on his girlfriend releasing these conversations? I’m curious to see what people really think, so by all means post up some comments as well.

Are You Ready for Earth 2.0? It’s Out There!

Well, it’s pretty far away, but it’s still out there! If you didn’t know, I’m a huge space geek. I absolutely love this type of discovery, and all it conjures up! So, do you believe that other life is out there? Are we just one spec of  life-form compared to the bazillion galaxies that share our universe? Have you ever “seen” anything that you can’t explain? Feel free to click the link below and watch the video, and make sure you share your voice with the poll just below.  And by all means, slap some feedback if you want to get deep, or just share some of your sightings or ideas on the subject of ALIEN LIFE!


kepler-186f-perspective habitable-zone-exoplanets-131210b-02 diagram-kepler-186f

Looks like we may have friends out there after all.

(all photos and videos courtesy of SPACE.COM)


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