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Chickity Check It!- The Clam


James Dowd’s writing should really be all you need to know to make this an instant bookmark and follow.

(Plus he’ll get into all that icky politics stuff that I can’t stand)

Look what you made us do

Posted by jamesdowd

We have resisted blogging about Gloucester for a couple of reasons. First, Gloucester was previously covered by an actual newspaper, the Gloucester Daily Times [paywall. Seriously!] Sadly, the GDT has suffered in quality of late. Oh, let’s not sugar coat it, they are awful. Like ‘painful groin rash’ wretched. In our opinion Gloucester essentially has no functioning newspaper now, and certainly not one with a useful online presence. This means a lot of Gloucester viewpoints are not being heard.

It stinks from the head

It stinks from the head

Cape Ann Online has great discussions along with a bunch of trolling. It’s a great forum for short-form stuff. But it’s forum-style.

Of course Joey Ciaramitaro runs a pretty boss blog Good Morning Gloucester. He covers events, food, art, the highly clickworthy winter bikini volleyball beat and now even weather and waterfront. The man has heat, but he’s crystal clear about one thing: He does not want to cover anything that could remotely be considered “political”. This is his right and his is blog is just that. It’s great the way it is and he wants to keep it that way.

Bookmark and follow it here- http://gloucesterclam.wordpress.com/

Here is some of the greatness James dropped on GMG in years past-


James Dowd Breaks Down Our “unoffical” just-for-fun completely non-scientific poll (Surprise Our Margin Of Error Was Better Than Gallup)

Bike Lane Parking From Jim Dowd

Jim Dowd on the new bike lanes:

Jim Dowd and The Why Gloucester Is Hipster (and that’s not a bad thing) Rant

Jim Dowd’s Post On Good Morning Gloucester Makes The Washington Post

Jim Dowd responds to the attack on the Boston Marathon

“Make it look shitty.” James Dowd latest screed on cycling in Gloucester

An Open Letter to My Bike Wheel Thief from Jim Dowd

Chickity Check It: Seven Tips for Good PR Writing by John McElhenny

Seven Tips for Good PR Writing

Posted on: February 21st, 2014 by John McElhenny

There’s an unfinished conference room in the back of our office where no one ever goes. Table tops lie on their sides with no legs. Deconstructed cubicles stand against the walls, shelves and desktops assorted like giant puzzle pieces. A dry erase marker lies on the ground, never used.

It’s there in the dark that I write.

As public relations professionals, content generation is becoming an ever more important part of our job. Clients need a continuous stream of blog posts, opinion articles, news releases, feature articles and social media posts to connect with their audiences.

For the entire article click here to view it at Ink House

GloucesterCast 12/15/13 With That Nutty Redhead and John Thomas Grant


The GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 12/15/13 With That Nutty Redhead and John Thomas Grant and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

To listen to the podcast-

To order your nuts -www.thatnuttyredhead.com



for John’s Photography- www.johnthomasgrant.com

Chickity Check It!- Ben Railton’s Take On G-Town


Hi Joey,

Hope your September has been a good one so far! I’ve been checking out GMG for a while now, ever since it beat out my blog for the Best of Boston blogging award (not bitter, you deserved it!); but I had a chance to link to and talk about your blog on my own for the first time for today’s post, part of a series on stories and histories inspired by a visit to Gloucester. Here’s the link:

September 19, 2013: Gloucester Stories: What’s Next

and I’d certainly love to hear any of your takes or thoughts on the week’s topics or any other aspects of Gloucester, past and present. Take care, and keep up the good work,


Gloucester writers and photographers, check out the American Guide

Cat Ryan submits-

Gloucester writers, photographers, GMG contributors…check it out and submit!

THEN Federal Writers Project American Guide


“WHEN the Federal Writers’ Project was set up in Massachusetts, and the staff received its first instructions from the central office in Washington, the editors blithely embarked on a task of whose magnitude they had little conception: the job of adequately describing the 316 towns and 39 cities of the Commonwealth, and of presenting, as concisely, accurately, and simply as possible, the facts about the State, from its Architecture to its Zoology, from the year ?00,000.000 B.C., when its geological history began, to A.D. 1937 when its social history has by no means ended…Although comprehensive, this book is not an encyclopedia. Its purpose is not to catalogue all the facts, but to present and preserve significant facts.”


AND NOW American Guide http://theamericanguide.org/

THE AMERICAN GUIDE is a revival of the Depression-era guidebook series by the same name. It’s part archive curation from back in the day, part documentary travel in the here and now. It’s here to keep a state by state record of an America coming out of the Great Recession and beyond: to document people and places both pretty and hard because, all things being equal, that’s what makes America, America.


You’ve been Hearing About It For 2 Years- Sista Felicia’s Cookbook Kickstarter is Finally Live!!!!!!

Click here to check it out and reserve yours


Check out the video and reserve your copy today!!!

A unique & colorful cookbook that will bring to life lost recipes & traditions from my Sicilian kitchen to yours. My Gifts of Gold!

Funds raised through Kickstarter will allow me to realize the first step in my dream of publishing a series of four cookbooks that includes recipes and stories I learned growing up in a Sicilian family. When I became a mother of twins, I was compelled to collect the stories and the recipes I felt were being left behind because I wanted my children to be raised with all the same traditions and rich cultural heritage I had experienced.

What started out as a gift for my children quickly evolved into a hardcover 250 plus page restoration of Sicilian culture and foods. Through my cooking videos onGoodMorningGloucester.org and Media Program Network (MPN), a demand has developed for a text copy version of all my recipes so they may be shared with others within my community and beyond.

My first book is ready for print; it is written, is loaded with photographs, and awaits funding. Monies raised will pay for current  expenses related to editing, book design and layout, photography, and publication.

With your help, Kickstarter will enable me to bring my passion for all things Sicilian to your kitchen to share with your loved ones. This book embodies my commitment to ensure the past is not lost but is forever saved for future generations.

GMG Twitterati Report 7/10/13

Chickity Check It! New England Surf Company

PR Image


Over the past few years there has been a rise in surfing, and now stand up paddle (SUP)  in New England  and two local surfers, Collin Goodrow and David Stowell, co-founders of The New England Surf Company (NESC), saw it as a chance to create surf apparel and accessories exclusive to the New England coldwater surfing experience.  The co-founders, forever loyal to the unique surf community, culture, and local history, stay true to their maritime roots when creating NESC designs, like the popular Surf Co block print design. 

Recently, NESC started a Brand Ambassador program to foster a love for New England surfing and other water sports.   They’ve recruited New England standouts in the surf and SUP surf categories as a way to connect with the community and promote surf protection-activism.

Another way NESC strives to make a local and meaningful impact is through their “Go Blue” initiative.

“GO BLUE” with the simply stated motto “Save Our Waves,” helps raise awareness and support other organizations that are making a positive difference in the local economy, communities, and environment.  NESC dedicates a portion of sale proceeds of the GO BLUE t-shirts and bracelets to organizations that work to save our oceans, beaches and waves.

NESC designs and products are being picked up, sold and displayed in more surf shops throughout New England every day including SURFARI SUP in Manchester-by-the-Sea, the Gloucester House General Store in Gloucester MA, Ocean House Surf Shop in Swampscott MA, or Cinnamon Rainbows located in Hampton NH, where you can find your next favorite NESC t-shirt, sweatshirt or beanie with ease.

If your local shop is sold out, no worries the NESC online store gives you immediate access to NESC products. NESC guarantees to keep you stoked and connected with America’s “original” north shore and the regions truly unique surfing experience. Check out the New England Surf Company today at www.newenglandsurfco.com  facebook and twitter and be sure to tell a friend! And if you’re interested in getting involved in representing the brand through our Amabassador program get in touch we’re always on the lookout for new team talent and help spread the stoke!


Chickity Check It!- Life In a Nutshell From Renata Aylward

Life in a Nutshell


Renata Aylward – My stories. My way.

Ranata has some nice things to say-

Good morning readers.

Taking the opportunity on this grey and rainy day to let you know about a great blog that I found through a friend. The blog, “Good Morning Gloucester” is helmed by Joey C. (don’t ask me to spell his last name or it will take up all the space I have for this post.) You don’t have to be from Gloucester to enjoy the blog. It is written with wit, humor, love, and a large dose of community involvement. This is a blog with a heart and soul.

for the entire post click here

Chickity Check It! The Daily Bird New England submitted By Jan Howarth

bird 1bird 2

Hello, Joey,

I look forward to your blog every morning — thanks so much for all your hard work!

A while back, two people posted photos of hawks and asked for help in identifying them. Then I saw a hawk in my own front yard, and I became really curious. After a little Internet searching, I found a blog by a fellow called Alexander Dunn: The Daily Bird (a seasonal site for watchers of New England birds). It’s a great site! (http://thedailybirdnewengland.blogspot.com)

I e-mailed the photos to him, and asked for his opinion. Here it is (along with two links to pages on his site that feature the birds he mentions)!

Hi Jan,

I’m glad you found my site and have enjoyed reading it. I took a look at the photos you sent and the first image is that of an immature red-tailed hawk. Image 2 is  bit harder to tell but I think you have either an immature sharp-shinned hawk or a cooper’s hawk. They are similar in appearance but differ in size so without context it’s hard to tell. For more on both of these species you can view my website:



The "first image" Alexander refers to is the one I’ve attached with the large picture and all the little ones. "Image 2" is the bird sitting on the railing. Alexander does note on his site that a sharp-shinned hawk is about the size of a blue jay, so that might help identify the visitor. A Cooper’s hawk is roughly the size of a crow.

So, what have I learned from all this? That I need lots more practice!

Thanks so much,

Jan Howarth

Chickity Check It! Bookman’s Log From Greg Gibson


Your readers might be interested in this week’s entry in my blog "Bookman’s Log" parked on my home page at http://tenpound.com/

It’s called "A Modest Proposal."


To read the entire entry click here


Greg Gibson

Ten Pound Island Book Co.
76 Langsford St. Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 283-5299  

Read "Bookman’s Log – A weekly blog
of news, gossip, recent adventures &
acquisitions, and deep thinking about
the antiquarian book trade"
at http://tenpound.com/

Chickity Check It!- Big Mike’s Bikes Breaks Down That Burning Question In Everybody’s Mind- Should I Buy a Craigslist Bike?


Should I Buy a Craigslist Bike?

Craigslist is ubiquitous. Tons and tons of people use it in every major, or even tiny, metro area. Their bicycle section is huge, with well-priced bikes of all sizes and types. But is it worth it to get a bike from a random stranger?

If you don’t know much about us, we got our start on Craigslist. Mike finally felt comfortable enough with servicing bicycles to sell off a few extra bikes, and pretty soon it grew into a full-time job. People were happy with our service, and even recommended their friends to us – pretty good for a random Craigslist transaction, right? When we realized Gloucester really needed a bike shop again, we transitioned into mobile local service out of the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market, and then finally into a storefront.

We have also purchased dozens of bikes on Craigslist over the years. Bikes that needed work and were being sold cheaply were right up our alley. So we’ve been there, especially in Boston.

for the rest of the entry click here

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