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Charlie’s Place Odor Of Smoke Reported

Hi Joey
On Friday 1/31/14 an odor of smoke in the building was reported at
Charlie’s Place restaurant on Bass Ave. about 5:00 pm. The latter was
put up to check the HVAC system on the roof as well as checking the
building. I don’t think a cause was found. Recall was sounded soon
  Anthony Marks


GloucesterCast 12/1/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guests Toby Pett and Amandacakes


GloucesterCast Taped 12/1/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guests Toby Pett and Amandacakes

Topics Include: Family Cookie Day, Turducken, ChromeCast, Downtown Gloucester Ladies Night, The Hive Gift Wrapping Service, Buoy Painting, Lobster Trap Tree, Rockland Maine’s Lobster Trap Spike, Favorite Gloucester Breakfasts, Sugar Mag’s, Lobster Land, Sailor Stans, Mamie’s Kitchen, Charlie’s Place, George’s Coffee Shop, Willow Rest, Best House Made Hash, West Indian Hash, Reader Subjects, Cruise Ships, Beauport Princess, Thanksgiving Dinner, Turkey Pot Pie, Sista Felicia On Cover Of Cape Ann Magazine, Mariposa, Lowell Peabody Call-Out, New GMG Technical Jackets, Manchester Athletic Club Holiday Fair

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Charlie’s Place Thousand Island Panini

Charlie’s Place Is Always a Solid Choice For Breakfast Lunch Or Dinner. 

Tremendous Specials Daily.  Clean.  Reasonable Priced. Excellent Service.

Yet another joint like Mamie’s Kitchen, George’s, Fort Square Café, Willow Rest, Two Sisters, Sugar Mags, Sailor Stan’s, ect, ect.  No room for mediocrity in the Gloucester MA breakfast game.  We’ve got straight A Game places to choose from every day of the week.

Breakfast joints in Gloucester are bottom line, hands down the best.  Toughest part about them is deciding which one to go to. 



and for those of you wondering why I’m talking about breakfast joints and showing a Thousand Island Panini- It was 11AM when I ordered this- technically in my book – Breakfast!

Paul Morrison’s Warm Up Omelet At Passports

Paul sensing he was in for a long day of work helping erect the Lobster Trap Tree went all in on this omelet at Passports.


I maintain that Passports has the best homefries in Gloucester. 

Some of my other favorite Gloucester breakfast’s

Crab Cakes Bene at Sugar Mag’s- my #1 Gloucester Breakfast

Best Homefries- Passports

Breakfast Boats- Georges Coffee Shop or Anadama French Toast

Sclafani’s Pizza at 9:00AM

Apple Cider Donuts –Willow Rest

Pleasant St Tea and Coffee Co Egg/Goat Cheese/Pest Croissant

Lone Gull Café Americano with a toasted sesame bagel

Cape Ann Coffee Egg/sausage croissant

Last Stop Variety Blueberry Muffins

Charlie’s Place Fried Dough

Great Gloucester Burger Wars- Charlie’s Place Thousand Island Burger

Here’s Charlie’s Place Thousand Island Burger for $8.45 with tax

Don’t forget we would love to post your Gloucester Burger pictures.  Just drop us a comment and we will let you know how to submit it.  Try to get the receipt in the pic.

Charlie’s Place Fish Cakes And Eggs

Heaven, I’m In Heaven!  Not all fish cakes are made alike or done right.  The fish cakes at Charlie’s Place however are freakin fantastic!   I love it when they have some flavor with the garlic.

MMMMMMMM  *And they use Haddock, not pollock which some places try to push off in their fish cakes because it’s usually cheaper.   Delish and priced right.  I left a bit on my plate as I was stuffed.  Go get you some!

Charlie’s Place Fish Cakes And Eggs, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

* I know it’s not proper grammar to start a sentence with And, but that’s the way I woulda said it so that’s what I typed.  Here’s another thing- I make spelling mistakes too.  All the time.