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Vats Of Herring At The State Fish Pier

Last week herring was scarce with some bait companies completely sold out.  Yesterday the Cape Seafoods boats came in loaded.  Feast or famine.  Yesterday was feast.  It was all asses and elbows as the Cape Seafood Crew earned their pay offloading a whole buttload of fish.

Let Er Go, The Plan B Seine Boat

The Let Er Go is the seine boat for the Plan B.  The seine boat is loaded up on the stern of the Plan B through the slot where the guy in the orange shirt is standing.  When they approach the school of herring the Plan B will lower the Let Er Go into the water.  The Let Er Go will set the seine in a circle around the school as quickly as possible.  A seine net creates a cylinder in the water around the school.  Then the net is pursed up at the bottom and makes the net from a cylinder into a purse (hopefully with the fish caught inside).

Myron Lepine Bundles Up For The Cold Weather

It’s been nasty cold the last couple of days.  Not that I have to tell any of you reading this if you’re from Gloucester.  We’ve all been breaking out the heavy winter gear early and there has been ice on the floor in the morning which is not a good sign for the lobsters as when the water temperature drops to a certain level, they really slow down.

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