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Big live music weekend coming up ~ so much to do ~ how do you choose?

Well, it’s not easy.  But we’re here to help.  Start with the complete live music lineup here (updated as we learn of new shows and schedule changes).  Below are some highlights:

TONIGHT (Friday)

Remember Joan Osborne?  “What if God were one of us?”  Seems appropriate since Peter Higgs won the Nobel Prize in physics this week for predicting the God Particle that was discovered at CERN earlier this year.  As of this post there are a few seats left — but not many, so if you want to go, CLICK HERE and get your seats now.

TOMORROW (Saturday)

James Keelaghan

Depending on the weather, this might be your last chance to catch a music sail on the Thomas E. Lannon this year.  Michael O’Leary performs with his band.

We would be remiss if we didn’t remind you that the man who holds the well-deserved title of Canada’s finest singer-songwriter, James Keelaghan is at Old Sloop with Tom Smith opening.

Once again, we recommend that you CLICK HERE to get your tickets today if you want to be assured of a seat.


Marina Evans UNBOUND CD Release concert at Cape Ann Community Cinema looks like it will be an excellent evening.

There are over 20 live shows this weekend, so plenty to choose from if none of these strike your fancy.  See the full lineup here.

Panda Cams are dark, NOAA’s site is down, but Cape Ann TV is up, Gloucester Sings & Lights are on at Larcom Theatre

I sympathize.  Life is tough when you can’t get your panda fix from the National Zoo because the Panda Cams are dark.  Or perhaps you’re wondering what to do after seeing that scary message “NOAA.gov and most associated web sites are unavailable” at  www.noaa.gov.

But don’t be depressed.  When the Allen Estes Band takes the stage on Saturday, the lights will be on at the Larcom Theatre in Beverly (which opened in 1912 — same year as Fenway Park — under the slogan “Lit Completely by Electricity” and it still is!)

Cape Ann TV is still on.  And tonight they premiere a new Local Music Seen show featuring Marina Evans as Allen Estes’ guest on Channel 12 at 6:30pm.

Marina sings new songs off her brand-new CD, Unbound, which she’ll release next Sunday, Oct 13 at concert at Cape Ann Community Cinema.  This will be an excellent night of music, so mark your calendars.

Don’t worry, Marina will be there even if the Government is still shut down.

And, of course, there’s live music all week here in Gloucester.  See the live music lineup here.

Just in case any of you in Washington who voted to shut down the government are reading this post about all that’s going on here despite your antics, we’ve got five words for you: THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Mark your calendars ~ Marina Evans “Unbound” CD Release Concert Sunday, October 13, 2013

marina evans

Friends! we have a date for the release of my new album: OCTOBER 13! In a cool venue ass with a FANTASTIC BAND and couches and vino and beer! I cannot WAIT to share this music with you. Debut single coming sooooooon!

Marina Evans

Mark yer calendars:
The Cape Ann Community Cinema
Sunday, October 13
Doors at 7:30, show at 8 — with Bernardo Baglioni.

Check it out…

Blackfish Benefit for Ocean Alliance

“Blackfish” Screening Benefit for Ocean Alliance
On Sunday September 29th at 6:30 Cape Ann Community Cinema will be hosting a one-night-only screening of the film “Blackfish” to benefit Ocean Alliance. We’ve been hearing the buzz about this film for months and are very excited to have it in Gloucester. More a psychological thriller than a documentary, it tells the story of the killer whale Tilikum whose actions in captivity resulted in the deaths of several people and it raises the question of whether these ocean-roaming hunters should be held in tanks for our entertainment. Ocean Alliance CEO Iain Kerr will be speaking briefly before the film and answering questions afterwards. Tickets can be purchased here – http://capeanncinema.wordpress.com/advance-tickets/
See you there!

Cape Ann Community Cinema “20 Feet From Stardom” with a live set performed by The Honky Tonk Women Of Gloucester. 9.14.2013

On Saturday the Cape Ann Cinema is featuring a movie entitled, “20 ft. from Stardom” about the 60’s girl group era with a pre-show performance with the Honky Tonk Women at 8pm, movie to follow.
step-4-filmstrip-timeline-templateClick for a trailer and more info.DOORS AT 7:30PM * SHOW AT 8:00PM
Click to buy tickets to this event.

WITH A LIVE SET BYLearn more about the Honky Tonk Women.

Check it outClick to enlarge.

Only a Few Hours Left for Cape Ann Community Cinema’s Fundraising Campaign

Rob Newton writes:

Here’s an up-to-the-minute update as to what’s going on at the Cape Ann Community Cinema right now! The Penultimate Campaign Update:

If You Are Waiting To The Last Minute… IT’S HERE!

IMG_0719It is so amazing (and a little overwhelming) to see this two-month capital campaign coming to such a positive end. Thanks to the support of our hundreds of our dedicated “Patron Saints,” we have raised $28,727 for our crowdfunding campaign via the online platform Indiegogo. As of today, counting all the offline pledges,we are now over 95% of the way to our goal of $30,000. We have just 1 day left until this campaign is history.

Please visit our Indiegogo page for the specifics as to how we will invest the money we raise through this campaign, as well as a list of 12 keen thank-you gifts (which range from bumper stickers to a private movie party to free admission for a year).

If you have not donated yet and would like to––or if you’d like to donate again––just click on the picture of the door above.

I’m so lucky to be able to do what I love to do, and grateful that I will be able to continue to serve this community I love so much.

See you soon,

Rob (and Zoë Annabelle), Nicole, Anne-Marie, John, Bianca, Owen, Rachel, Gillie, Deborah, Karen, Fiona, and Mary

Our volunteers greet visitors and serve our patrons at special events, and other volunteer positions may be created based on interest and special skills. Volunteering at CACC is a life-changing experience, and we rely on the generosity of our volunteers to keep our programs going. For more information, please call Rob at(978) 309-8448.

Whether or not your high school or college has a for-credit internship program, training with us in an invaluable experience and résumé credit. For a commitment of just 120 hours, you will get a hands-on look at all aspects of Cinema operation, plus all the movies you can watch. An internship at CACC culminates in a movie night that you plan start-to-finish! Call Rob at (978) 309-8448.

Rob Newton Interview: Lawrence Blume, Director, “Tiger Eyes”

Award winning and best selling author Judy Blume is appearing tonight at Cape Ann Community Cinema. See for more information see: Judy Blume at Cape Ann Community Cinema Monday Night!!!

Since her first novel was published in 1969, Judy Blume has written nearly thirty more books, appealing to children (“Freckle Juice”), teens (“Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.”), and adults (“Summer Sisters”) and varying widely in the topics she so smartly covered with them. However, none has made the trip to the big screen, until now. Blume’s 1981 novel “Tiger Eyes,” about a teenage girl named Davey who is transplanted into a New Mexico mountain town after the sudden loss of her father, is the first, and is now in theaters. But why such a long wait for a Judy Blume movie, and why this one, and why now? Lawrence Blume, Judy’s son––and the director of the film––had some answers to these and other questions that her legions of fans want to know.

“Many producers have pondered adapting ‘Tiger Eyes’ over the years,” the junior Blume told North Shore Movies. “There were some false starts, and some things that didn’t work out.”

If things had worked out, Blume may not have been able to realize his dual dreams of adapting the book himself (he read all of them either in process or as they were released) and working with his mother on producing that adaptation.

“Making a film out of the book is something I’ve wanted to do since I read it in high school,” Blume says of the project. “The timing is perfect, and the deal was hard to resist. Yes, we had to make-do with a tiny budget [from a European producer] and just 23 days in which to shoot, but we had full creative control.”

For some, working on such an important project with one’s mother would be a situation far from ideal, but for Blume, it was just the opposite.

“The collaboration was joyful,” he says. “She is an unbelievably fertile artist, and it was amazing to have her to collaborate with. She was with me for nearly every shot, next to me in the director’s chair. It was incredible to be able to turn to her after a shot and say ‘This is the direction I’m going with Willa [Holland, who plays Davey], to have her there, saying ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ or ‘you are going off the rails.’ Directing is lonely, so to have someone who knows the story as intimately or more so was great.”

To read Rob Newton’s full interview from online NorthSHoreMovies ~

Tiger Eyes film Lawrence Blume

Judy Blume at Cape Ann Community Cinema Monday Night!!!

Judy Blume, award winning and best selling author (Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret) is appearing Monday night at Cape Ann Community Cinema to introduce Tiger Eyes, followed by a Q & A.



Have you checked out our plans to upgrade upon the successful completion of our Indiegogo campaign? With 2 weeks to go, we have reached 25% of our $30,000 goal, and we really need your help in getting the rest of the way. We are not rich Hollywood stars who would rather tap their fans than reach into their own pockets to see a project through. We are just crazy kids with a dream, one which we hope you are enjoying, too. Check out what we’re raising money for, and how you can help. Your donation to this essential campaign is tax-deductible, and we have a dozen different thank-you gifts, ranging from bumper stickers to private movie parties to complimentary admission to the Cinema for a whole year. The full menu of premiums is listed on our Indiegogo page. This campaign ends July 22nd, and if we reach our goal, we can be up-and-running with the new gear just after Labor Day.

Again, the full inventory of our needs and plans can be found onour Indiegogo page. This campaign ends on July 22nd.

If you haven’t bought your tickets to see best-selling author Judy Blume come present “Tiger Eyes” (the first big-screen adaptation of one of her books) on Monday, July 8th at 7:30pm, please do it soon. She will host a Q&A after the movie. You can read my interview with her son, Lawrence (the film’s writer, director, and producer) here. Order your tickets (while we still have some) atwww.CapeAnnCinema.com.

Thanks again––and see you at the movies!

Rob Newton
Creative Director

Cape Ann Community Cinema Fiesta Weekend


Buona Fiesta!

It’s that time of year again, when our neighborhood in Gloucester’s West End is taken over by elated revelers, Greasy Pole walkers, and the sons and daughters of this humble fishing village coming home for this 5-day holiday. As we share a building with the St. Peter’s Club, where the famous statue resides for the 364 days out of the year when he’s not painting the Fort red-and-green, we have become molto sensible (very sensitive) to the tastes of our Italian members and friends. This is why we have special programming during Fiesta week and Columbus Day weekend.

Read more

Cape Ann Community Cinema Indie Gogo Update


Hello again,

Wow! What a great response we had to last week’s email detailingour crowdfunding campaign to make some needed improvements to our humble movie loft!

Thanks to your donations, we have reached our first goal of $6,000, which means we can procure that new projector! The next $2,500 will cover the installation of the projector, and the $2,500 after that will buy a fancy silver screen so we can present select features in 3D (wouldn’t “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” and “Pina” have been wicked cool in 3D?).

Your donation to this essential campaign is tax-deductible, and we have a dozen different thank-you gifts, ranging from bumper stickers to private movie parties to complimentary admission to the Cinema for a whole year. The full menu of premiums is listed on our Indiegogo page. This campaign ends July 22nd, and if we reach our goal, we can be up-and-running with the new gear just after Labor Day.


The full inventory of our needs and plans can be found on our Indiegogo page. This campaign ends on July 22nd.

Oh, and I have some more great news to share with you. This week, I booked best-selling author Judy Blume to come present “Tiger Eyes,” the first big-screen adaptation of one of her books. She will host a Q&A after the movie. Order your tickets (while we still have some) at http://www.CapeAnnCinema.com.

Thanks again––more news as it breaks!

Wicked appreciatively,

Rob Newton
Creative Director

World Premiere Tonight!!!

It’s here! I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to have the world premiere of my film in my beautiful hometown community with my friends, family, and well-wishers in attendance. It’s going to be wonderful night and I just want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who is attending. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night at my premiere and at Fred Bodin’s gallery for a fun rockin’ party afterwards!

Note ~ Felicia and Pat are providing a fabulous array of refreshments–even more of a reason to come to join us at Fred’s!

Fred Bodin Historic Photo

Cape Ann Community Cinema Advance Tickets


Cape Ann Community Cinema Needs Our Support

Dear Dear Patron/Saint,

If you are pressed for time, you can just jump ahead to the handy links at the end of this message. But we hope that you will spare a minute or two to read about an important challenge that the Cape Ann Community Cinema now faces, and how you can help overcome it (in true community fashion).


We are presently preparing to celebrate five years in business as a full-time operation. Every day, week, and month of those five years have been hard-fought. While we have increased revenue every year, it has been, after all is said and done, at a very slim margin for the business (and myself personally).

It is now time for the CACC to take that quantum leap forward, and to do that, we must make an important upgrade to industry-standard projection equipment.

In short, by acquiring a thoroughly modern “magic lantern,” we will also acquire the ability to book any first-run film, thereby increasing traffic and cash flow, and thus increasing the awareness of who we are and what we do. You would be surprised at the number of people who––five years later––tell us upon their first visit, “I live in Gloucester, and didn’t even know you were here.”


Don’t worry, we are not switching our diet to sequels, remakes, and Adam Sandler movies. Rather, we will have day-and-date (with New York, Los Angeles, and Danvers) access to the studios boutique departments such as Disney’s Miramax, Fox’sSearchlight, and Universal’s Focus Features, to name just a few. Not only does that mean no more schlepping to Danvers to Schmollywood Schmidt’s wearing clever disguises, but a steady winter menu of all the Oscar nominees, not just the shorts, documentaries, and foreign film nominees we have been providing. We have managed very well with booking great films from smaller distributors exclusively, but with the upgrade, we will manage even better and secure a future in which we trade the label “hidden gem” for “longtime Main Street fixture.”


Additionally, if we cross a certain threshold with this campaign––and you can see our specific plans for the money we raise here––we gain the ability to show 3-D movies, not only the studio stuff that your kids and grandkids ask for, but also a very wide selection of engaging educational fare. We also plan to produce the scenic, aerial spectacular “Over Cape Ann 3-D,” a film you will only be able to see in our theater and that can become an evergreen attraction for not only our Cinema, but also for all of Cape Ann.

Your donation to this essential campaign is tax-deductible, and we have a dozen different thank-you gifts, ranging from bumper stickers to private movie parties to complimentary admission to the Cinema for a whole year. The full menu of premiums is listed on our Indiegogo page. This campaign ends July 22nd, and if we reach our goal, we can be up-and-running with the new gear just after Labor Day.

Thank you for your time, attention, and continued support of this crazy dream of ours.

Most sincerely,

Rob Newton
Creative Director

Go-go click the Indie gogo logo to learn more.


You Are All Invited to My Film Premiere and After Party at Fred Bodin’s

Come join us at my film’s premiere, Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly, Friday, June 21st at 7:30 pm, at the Cape Ann Community Cinema. After the event, Fred has very graciously offered to host a rockin’ party at Bodin Historic Photo Gallery, 82 Main Street, and Felicia and Pat are preparing a wonderful array of tasty treats, as only they can do! It’s going to be fabulous night and I hope to see you there!

Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Movie poster

Advance Tickets for Life Story of the Black Swallowtail Butterfly

To The Wonder at the Cape Ann Community Cinema

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC ©Kim Smith 2013Sarah Green at the Cape Ann Community Cinema

Last night I caught the screening event of To The Wonder, hosted by the film’s producer, Gloucester’s Sarah Green, and showing at Cape Ann Community Cinema. My favorite aspect of the film is the cinematography by Emmanuel Lubezki–simply stunning, really-and the characters are equally as gorgeous to look at as are the landscapes that surround. The theatre was packed for this very special event and the procedes are going towards launching Cape Ann Community Cinema’s indigogo fund-raising campaign to upgrade their projection equipment. READ MORE ABOUT THE CACC indiegogo fundraiser here.

The full schedule can be found at the Cinema’s website at Cape Ann Community Cinema.

Sarah Green Duncan Nelson to the Wonder CACC ©Kim Smith 2013Duncan Nelson’s Impromptu Ode to Sarah 

Sarah Green to the Wonder Cape Ann Community Cinema ©Kim Smith 2013JPGSarah’s Q & A after the film’s screening

Read Gail McCarthy’s Gloucester Daily Times story about Sarah Green here.

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC ©Kim Smith 2013 Michael UllmanBoston Filmmaker Michael Ullman

All the photos are grainy. They were shot without flash in the cinema’s darkened theatre with the Fujifilm X-E1,  ISO 12,000, which isn’t too shabby that my camera even has an ISO 12,000!

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC  Michael Ullman Rachel©Kim Smith 2013

Sarah Green to the Wonder CACC  Michael Ullman Rachel -2. ©Kim Smith 2013Michael meeting the always gracious and beautiful Cape Ann Community Cinema’s Rachel

To The Wonder

Gloucester’s Sarah Green will host a special screening of the Terrence Malick-directed romantic drama To The Wonder, which she produced, on Saturday, May 25th at 7:30pm at The Cape Ann Community Cinema at 21 Main Street in Gloucester.

Green’s impressive filmography includes Jeff Nichols’ Mud (also now in theaters) and Take Shelter, as well as the boxing drama Girlfight. She has worked frequently with David Mamet and John Sayles, and produces all of legendary auteur Malick’s films, including The Tree Of Life, for which she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture in 2012.

To The Wonder, which stars Oscar winner Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, and Javier Bardem, was the last film reviewed by the late great film critic Roger Ebert, who awarded it 3 1/2 out of 4 stars, saying of the interactions between its characters, “As all of these relationships intertwine, Malick depicts them with deliberate beauty and painterly care.”

Tickets for this special event are $15.00 ($13.50 for Cinema Members), and benefit the Cinema and its upcoming Kickstarter campaign to upgrade its projection equipment. Tickets can be purchased at www.CapeAnnCinema.com (or in person at the box office).

A full schedule can be found on the Cinema’s website at www.CapeAnnCinema.com.

Willie Alexander Film & Performance In Gloucester This Thursday

Rob Newton submits ~


Ferrini film and concert celebrate Gloucester’s own Willie Alexander

Willie Alexander

On Thursday, May 24th at 7:30pm, The Cape Ann Community Cinema at 21 Main Street in Gloucester will present Hello Gloucester followed by a live set by Willie Alexander and the Persistence Of Memory Orchestra. Tickets are $15.00 ($13.50 for Cinema Members), and are available either at the box office or online at www.CapeAnnCinema.com.

January 12,  2013 was a memorable day in  rock-and-roll. On that day, Governor Deval Patrick issued a citation that acknowledged Bay State rocker Willie Loco Alexander on the punk vanguard’s 70th birthday. His significant other, Anne Rearick, had planned a “surprise party du la monde” at Jimmy Tingle’s old theater in Somerville and dozens of musicians showed up to honor Willie and play tunes he has written over the past 5 decades.

Bands at the January celebration included Rockport’s A-Train Orchestra, Moose Savage, Breadman, Jon Hardy and the Bags, Birdsongs of the Mezozoic, Reddy Teddy, Barrence Whitfield, the Nervous Eaters, Rupert Webster (all the way from London), Kenne Highland, Dave Sag, Jon Macy, Asa Brebner, John Powhida, Frank Rowe, Dennis Brennan, Peter Wolf, Mission of Burma, Andrea Gillis, Persistence of Memory, Roger Miller, John Macey and Gloucester’s own The Boyfriends. All were  there to honor a guy who has spent his life pushing the rock and letting it roll down on the hearts of Boston music lovers.

The film is produced by the Gloucester Writers Center video archive and directed by Gloucester filmmaker Henry Ferrini. The Gloucester Writers Center was founded to celebrate, preserve and promote the future of Gloucester’s rich literary legacy. Housed in the former home of poet Vincent Ferrini (1913-2007), the GWC is dedicated to fostering the tradition of local poetic investigation practiced by Ferrini and his friend and renowned Gloucester poet, Charles Olson (1910-1970).

Through a variety of community-based programming, including literary readings, workshops, youth programs, topical writers’ talks and conferences, and a residency program, the GWC will serve as a gathering place and resource center for local and international writers in all genres, fields and realms of interest.

The Cape Ann Community Cinema’s full schedule can be found online at www.CapeAnnCinema.com, with the week’s offerings available by phone at (978) 282-1988.

Rob Newton’s Interview with Screenwriter Paul Laverty (“The Angels’ Share”)

“The Angels Share” is the Winner of the 2012 Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize and is playing at the Cape Ann Community Cinema this week.

Rob’s Interview:

The sweeping Irish historical epic “The Wind That Shakes The Barley.” The entertaining midlife crisis of “Looking For Eric.” The hard-hitting take on the world’s water woes in “Even The Rain.” Paul Laverty is responsible for writing some of the most intelligent and engaging films of the last decade, a trend that he continues in his latest, the bittersweet but heartwarming comedy from director Ken Loach, the master of social realist cinema. The film is the Cannes Grand Jury Prize-winning “The Angels’ Share” a very likable tale about city outsiders in search of a better life.

paul laverty screenwriter

Glasgow boy Robbie (newcomer Paul Brannigan), while on community service, makes three friends, all similarly cast-out from society and hard-up to make ends meet. Little does Robbie know how much a drink could change their lives – not cheap booze, mind you, but the finest of malt whiskies. Robbie’s newly-discovered palate and delicate nose lead him and his crew to a strange new world – the Scottish Highlands – and the biggest gamble of their lives when a cask only rumored to exist appears and tempts them with a big way out of their hard-knock lives.

“The story grew out of the frustration with the way that young people are treated and demonized,” Laverty explains. “The chances are that people like Robbie will never find work in their lives – or taste Scotland’s national drink. They’re frustrated and angry and often self-destructive, and it was such a fun challenge to find a balance that would depict that.” To read the entire interview visit NorthShoreMovies.net

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