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THEN and NOW – Main Street (1873)

Before photo and information Submitted by Fred Bodin:

51 Main Street (Cafe Bishco is there now).

West End of Main Street buildings, including the Cape Ann Savings Bank and the YMCA.

The second floor of the bank building became Gloucester’s first YMCA in 1858, one of the oldest Y’s in the U.S. The first YMCA was established in Boston in the Old South Church.




Nice To Be Treated By Beasley and Amandacakes for Some Café Bishco Froyo

2013-08-02 19.55.00

Addicted- Uhm hell yeah we are!

After Work On A Hot Night- It’s Bishco Time Baby!

THIS is the place to get your Frozen Yogurt- Café Bishco- and it isn’t even close!

2013-07-08 18.32.45

I’m an idiot (surely no surprise to anyone who reads here regularly)

All spring we’ve been heading to Pinkberry for our Frozen Yogurt and paying out the butt when all along under our noses Café Bishco has been serving better FROYO with MORE topping choices for WAY LESS MONEY.

People had mentioned it when we broke the news about Orange Leaf coming to town but I’m noot sure why it didn’t register (probably that whole Joey’s and idiot thing again)

But let me tell you this- my FROYO was at least double the size I get at Pinkberry for at least 30% less money.

And the laundry list of stuff they will put in there is wayyyyy longer than the list they have at Pinkberry.

Get your Froyo ass on down and see what I’m talking about.


Good Morning Gloucester Podcast With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guests Peter and Vickie Van Ness Taped April 21, 2013

Good Morning Gloucester Podcast With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guests Peter and Vickie Van Ness

Taped April 21, 2013

Click to listen-Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Bill O'Connor

Peter and Vickie run www.gimmesound.com

Topics Include :

Chelsea Berry

Love Of Lesbians

Big Papi and The FCC

Potential Celebrate Gloucester Concert

Frozen Yogurt- Orange Leaf and Cafe Bishco

Eco-Trip Recap

Styrofoam Cups

Blues Festival

Blues Festival Tickets

Good Harbor Footbridge

New Addition To The GMG Free Cape Ann WiFi Map- Café Bishco

Sandy Farrell Reprts-

Hi Joey! Walked by the Cafe Bishco on Main Street, Glo- they had a wi-fi sign in the window. Don’t know the particulars re: passwords, etc, but thought you might like a new entry for the map.

Thanks, Sandy Farrell

Click on the Map below to Go To The Interactive Map We Made For You To Find Free Cape Ann WiFi Locations-