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Brooke Welty Asks- What’s The Deal With St Joseph’s Novena In Our GMG Community Google Plus Group

Brooke asks- Brooke Welty -  Yesterday 9:19 PM I’ve been seeing all these posts about a St. Joseph novena. As an unchurched heathen, I’m utterly clueless. On top of that, I’m not Italian so I literally have no idea what … Continue reading

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FOB Brooke Wishes She Woulda Stayed In Gloucester

Taking a walk on crane beach in Ipswich…it's a let down compared to Good Harbor. Shoulda stayed in Gloucester. pic.twitter.com/TPmGL0K2Jq — Brooke (@Brooke_Surname) February 22, 2014

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Marsh Milkweed from Brooke Welty

Brooke writes- Hi Joey,  I wanted to pass along a picture to you and Kim of the milkweed I just got. You can’t really see it, as it’s in the back. I made some helpful arrows so you know where … Continue reading

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