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S0 That’s a Snowman! First snowman ever!

Amelia face to face with her first snowman photo Brianmoc Apparently only Brian can post photos of his child and it be ok, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!

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Fishing Is Stinky But This Pre-Dawn Fishing Shot Isn’t

Nice sunrise the other morning to make up for the slow slow fishing! Here is Porter Bingle of http://www.binglelandscape.com casting away hoping for a fish before work.

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Brianmoc Covers The 2013 Bluefin Blowout (Click Photo For Slide Show)

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Dramatic Come From Behind Win For Newly Crowned GMG Gloucester Steak Bomb Champ Destinos!!!!

After four rounds it looked like Captain Hooks Had It In The Bag But in the Final Taste Round (accounting for 40% of the scores) Destinos Pulled Out A Dramatic Come From Behind Win. We had Bex, Chris DeWolfe, Kim … Continue reading

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Just Another Disgruntled Day For Brianmoc

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The Latest Striper Video From Brianmoc

After one of the slowest May in years (10 years according to my logs) warmer winds and less rain brought bigger fish up river for Thursday, Friday, Saturday but not Sunday as the fish rested that day. Bait was herring … Continue reading

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North Coast Angler Fishing Report 5/24/2013 From Skip Montello

Fishing Report: 5-24-2013 Sorry about the weekly fishing report being late, as I’m just back from Abaco, Bahamas (@ 1 this morning) hunting bonefish and tangling with big ‘Cudas, huge Mutton Snappers, and the shark that ate half of the … Continue reading

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GloucesterCast Taped 4/28/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Alicia DeWolfe

GloucesterCast 4/29/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Alicia DeWolfe Click to listen-  Topics Include: 2:10 St Ann’s School Closing 5:38 O’Maley School Theater 9:42 Good Harbor Beach Footbridge Poll 13:00 Mayor Kirk 18:30 Coffee Roll Or Cannoli 20.25 Styrofoam … Continue reading

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GloucesterCast Podcast 4/26/13 With Guest Brianmoc

GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 4/26/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Brianmoc Click to listen- Topics Include: Web Design For Mobile, Being A Local Politician, Local Gas Prices, Self Serve vs Full Serve, Flanagan Square Gas Station, Skip Montello Check Out … Continue reading

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Brian O’Connor (Brianmoc) Sings The Praises of Our Friends At Cape Ann Giclee

Cape Ann Giclée   Giclée, great quality and good service right here in Gloucester MA. There have definitely never been so many options before when it comes to finding a good printshop. When I started making prints it was at … Continue reading

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I may be an idiot but I’m not stupid!

While enjoying a Fisherman’s brew at Stone’s Pub this fall with Ed, he introduces me to Brian O’Connor aka brianmoc. Since I have seen way too many photos and mp3 movies of Brian reeling in very large striped bass while … Continue reading

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2012 Bluefin Blowout Slide Show From Brianmoc

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Much More from The 2012 Bluefin Blowout-

This was the first year out with this tournament???? You’re kidding right? All hats off to Drew Hale, Tobin Domenick, the sponsors and all the support staff who pulled off the most professionally run kick ass Tuna tournament I’ve ever … Continue reading

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The Biggest Hugest Most Ginormous Blue fin Tournament To Hit Gloucester In Decades Begins IS UNDER WAY! The Bluefin Blowout! Mile Marker 1 Is Gonna Be Off The Rails

Mile Marker 1 is Undoubtably Going To Be The Place To Be This weekend For The Weigh Ins For The Bluefin Blowout.  video coming Follow the progress on twitter @BluefinBlowout and on Facebook for leader updates /BluefinBlowout Pics from Brianmoc … Continue reading

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43" Striped bass Fishing Gloucester MA Guppy Lure Company! 7/7/12 top water fishing catch & release From Brianmoc

http://www.guppylure.com/index.html Now that the fish moved off this spot; This year on my videos I’m trying to show some certain products which I truly believe in and Guppy Lures is one of them. Guppy makes a few different sizes my … Continue reading

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Airing this Sunday 10:00 am on Comcast SportsNet New England with a Replay Fridays at 1 pm Our Boy Brianmoc!

also check out Brian’s site here http://www.brianmoc.com also the lures used were all local Micah Dean’s check out Micah’s wood tuned lures here

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spring peepers where out from Brianmoc

The spring peepers where out Thursday for the first time this year. Brace Rock is there new favorite could be her favorite. Took Emilia out to explore the rocks with temps in the 80’s. one rock down thousands to go.

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