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Gloucester Zen- Swan Net Boom Truck Offloads Nets

No Commentary- No Editing- Just a slice of time on Gloucester harbor Thanks for watching

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Hot Tuna Offloads A Tuna Next Door Video

Many Tuna Buyers Have These Trucks With Winches attached To The Back To Offload Tuna.  They can travel up and down the coast as the tuna migrate with the season. Pictures Coming

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Net Offloading With Swan Net Boom Truck

What I didn’t realize all these times watching the Swan Net Boom Truck offload nets was that the power block and boom are actually remote controlled.  They have this futuristic control board that clips around the operator’s waist with a … Continue reading

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Beautiful Industry- Marine Railways Boom Truck

Beautiful Industry- Marine Railways Boom Truck, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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Western Venture Net Loading

Here’s a picture left from the other day when the Western Venture was loading it’s net from the Swan Net Boom Truck. What is interesting about it is how high it sits out of the water so that the opening … Continue reading

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Westen Venture Loads Net From Swan Net Boom Truck Video

Watch as the massive net gets offloaded from the Swan Net’s boom truck and onto the net reel aboard the Western Venture.  Swan Net has a facility to mend and create fishing nets up at the Blackburn Industrial Park, over … Continue reading

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Boom Truck with Powerblock

Boom Truck with Powerblock, originally uploaded by captjoe06. This is the boom truck for the Western Venture Herring operations. Instead of a team of ten men handling the huge herring nets, the powerblock attached to the boom on this truck … Continue reading

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