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Poll- Did You Shop On Black Friday?

If so, what were some of the things you had on your Black Friday Radar and did you succeed in purchasing them?


Check Out The @Joey_C Cape Ann Retailer List For Local Black Friday Deals

Check Out The @Joey_C Cape Ann Retailer List For Local Black Friday

@Joey_C Cape Ann Twitter List

There are some crazy good deals to be had without even having to go over the bridge.

Toodles toy store for example is having 30% off from 6AM-8AM

You don’t need to have a twitter account to benefit, anyone can view it.  Below is a snapshot of what the list looked like this morning at 4:30AM while I type this but it gets updated as the people that are on the list update their twitter feed.  So if you are a retailer, update your feed and be seen.  You can also check out my Gloucester and Cape Ann Restaurant twitter list here

Check the @Joey_C Cape Ann Retailer twitter list for more crazy local Black Friday Deals!


Black Friday is going to be fun in Gloucester.

Press Release for the craziness that will be the morning after Thanksgiving in Gloucester. 6 AM and the Rubber Duck will be there, Joewalking quizzes of  the early bird shoppers, clowns and ponies. No wait, scratch the clowns, Rubber Duck hates clowns. Pony not confirmed. Work off some of that turkey, freak your wife out by getting your Christmas shopping done painlessly.

—————————- PRESS RELEASE ———————————–

The holidays will soon be upon us and Gloucester is getting ready! Please join more than 22 stores who will be opening early on Friday, November 23rd, some as early as 6AM!

Watch for a glittery star soon to be hanging in participating stores. Some stores will have special sales, give-aways and prizes, we want your business!  Get ready for a special, friendly, personal experience without the lines and crowds! 

Lone Gull will be open at 5:45 AM to get you caffeinated and ready to shop. And, as always, thank you for shopping locally and supporting your downtown businesses. We appreciate our customers!  Just in case you were not aware, there are several new shops on Main St. Please come down and see what Gloucester has to offer.

*please visit each store with a star for particular sale and promotion details* Stars will be up by November 2nd!

Susan Parent From Toodeloos Is Organizing A Monster Downtown Gloucester Black Friday Event!

No need to go to the malls on Black Friday! 

Here’s the latest from Susan Parent owner of Toodeloos Toy Store Downtown Gloucester!

Stores Signed On To Downtown Gloucester Black Friday So Far

Island Art And Hobby
Life Is Good
Jewels Of Gloucester
Mark Adrian Shoes
Premier Imprints
The Cave
The G33K Store (yes, that’s how it’s spelled)
Green Life
The Raven
Local Colors
Dogtown Books
Antique Store
Village Silversmith
Cape Ann Olive Oil
The Bookstore
Kid’s Unlimited

AND Lone Gull will open at 5:45 AM so people can get caffeinated and get shopping!
Most stores will be open at 6AM, some a bit later…7AM or so. I am still working on more stores! I will be pounding the pavement again on Saturday.

GMG Local Shopping Spotlight- Present On Pleasant Street

In deference to Black Friday, fighting the madness and risking your lives at the malls I will be highlighting local shopping alternatives for your holiday gift giving dollars.

Today I’ll start out with an aptly titled local store which is a coopperative of local artisans who rent space on Pleasant Street and have their shop- Present.