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Do you Love Great Bird Paintings and Birding?

Then definitely go check out the Winter Meditations exhibit at Trident Gallery, 189 Main Street.  The Opening last night was great and the work is exceptional and very exciting to be able to see right here on Main Street.  The … Continue reading

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Gull identification link from good pal Steve Borichevsky

Hi Joey, Because I lived on The Fort for six years, I’ve seen a few gulls in my day. Depending on the species, gulls have up to four plumage types as they mature, plus they change from breeding plumage to … Continue reading

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Feeding Birds Off Your Head At The Ipswich Wildlife Sanctuary? Yeah, That’s Something We Like To Do

Such a fantastic resource right in our backyard. You ought to take advantage of the trails and hiking too!

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Community Stuff 1/25/13

Cape Ann Winter Birding Did you know there are more birds on Cape Ann in the winter than there are in the summer? A great opportunity to see and photograph them is coming up at the Chamber’s Cape Ann Winter … Continue reading

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Bird ID Please

The woman I may or may not be related to through marriage said this bird was a blue jay which I’m 99% sure is wrong. Wjo knows what kind of bird these are?

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Rubber Duck Review: Birding Binoculars

I’m not a birder with a life list but I wanted to get Sue a pair of decent birding binoculars. So I asked my sister who does have a life list and does go to Panama to crouch behind dumpsters … Continue reading

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New Birding Strategy: One Bird at aTime

Last week I was all pumped about my new strategy for learning the birds of Cape Ann. I would keep track of all the birds I could see sitting in one spot on Andrews Point for a year. Epic fail, … Continue reading

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Who is up for a little bird ID game?

Shot this little guy on the beach day before yesterday. Location Playa Del Carmen. My guess is a sandpiper but I’m no birding freak. What ya got?

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Five Unique Species Of Birds In One Field Of Vision Down The Dock

What I failed to mention was that there were two adult eider just to left of my frame.  Incredible coincidence having all these birds together.

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Steve Borichevsky Gives Some Insider Tips On How To Enjoy Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend

You can check out Steve’s Blog at http://www.shootingmyuniverse.blogspot.com For information on what to bring, what birds you may expect to see, and some rcommended reading click the video to hear an insider’s birding take on the Cape Ann Winter Birding … Continue reading

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Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend Info With Judy Caulkette

Click the highlighted text for more info about The Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend There are a couple of Gloucester photographers that I know who have fantastic sites featuring the local birding scene, check em out if birding is your … Continue reading

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Black Crowned Night Heron

Over the past ten years or so we’ve seen a big time increase in the number of strange birds like this down and around the harbor.  I don’t know what to attribute it to but between the egrets, and herons … Continue reading

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February Vacation! Stuff to do with the Kids!

Plenty for parents to plan to do on vacation this month Parents and caregivers looking for activities for the children during school vacation week can choose from several offerings from local organizations. Here’s a short list of the activities offered  … Continue reading

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Beginning Winter Birding classes in Rockport- Starts Jan. 18

Find out more information at Flapping like a Haddock.

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Chickity Check It- Jim B Media

All this time I thought I had added a link to the incredible art and photography of Jim Barber, but when I just looked it wasn’t there. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you owe it to yourself to … Continue reading

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