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Unidentified Bird Visitor

This little bird flew into the gallery and couldn’t find his way back out.  At first I thought it was a vireo, but now I’m not sure.  His underside was paler yellow than a gold finch, and above was olive … Continue reading

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Bird ID Please

The woman I may or may not be related to through marriage said this bird was a blue jay which I’m 99% sure is wrong. Wjo knows what kind of bird these are?

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The peregrine falcon is visiting again


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Peregrine Falcon visitor at St. Ann’s Church

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Who is up for a little bird ID game?

Shot this little guy on the beach day before yesterday. Location Playa Del Carmen. My guess is a sandpiper but I’m no birding freak. What ya got?

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Comments about a Kingfisher

Just a GMG notification: If you do not read the comments at GMG you are really missing out. The photo of a bird needing identification received twelve comments below. Some of them more than just a little amusing. When you … Continue reading

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Just shot this near the marsh at my house. Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is? I think it’s an Egret but when I googled “Egret” they don’t look like this. Thanks to Tina for the heads … Continue reading

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For The Bird Lovers

What is this?  A common Finch? For The Bird Lovers, originally uploaded by captjoe06.  

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