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It’s A Peep Showdown! Melissa Cox’ Peep Show vs Bill Cox’ Buoy Peeps–Who Ya Got?

You know I love my polls here on GMG- Today’s comes from Bill and Melissa Cox who are fiercely competing for the crown of inner household peep centerpiece dominance.

Here are your entries-

Melissa Cox’ Peep Show



Bill Cox’ Buoy Peeps


Who Is The Fruit Cup Ninja?

Bill Cox writes-

For the life of me, I can’t figure this out. When Melissa and I cleaned this area out a few weeks ago, we must have found a dozen or so fruit cups. Today I find another….I am vexed! Do we have a fruit cup ninja running around? Was there a fruit cup truck accident I was unaware of? Pagan ritual item?


Community Photos 3/1/13

Phyllis A From Bill Cox

Thanks again for all your support! Thought I’d send something in for the blog besides another fundraiser flyer and took some photos this past Saturday while we were doing some work.  I haven’t sent pictures in to you before so if there is something else you need me to do, just let me know!

I think I would title it: Even in the dead of winter, there is work being done on the Phyllis A.

Thanks and have a good one!