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Sun on My Back!

Great Blue Heron photographed on a luxuriously warm late-October morning in the tide pool at Good Harbor Beach. Click image to view full size. Oftentimes when I come upon a Great Blue Heron fishing in the marsh at dawn, they … Continue reading

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New Video: Reflections Good Harbor Beach (and sunrise time lapse)

Outtakes from films in progress, too pretty to delete. In thinking about music for my forthcoming film I found this beautiful pan flute song “Mochica en la Noche” by Santiago y Sus Flautes de Pan. The evocative music and heron … Continue reading

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Why Do Herons Stand on One Leg?

Great Blue Heron at Good Harbor Beach ~ Click to view larger There are several theories as to why birds, especially large wading birds such as herons and flamingoes, stand on one leg, or “unipedal resting” as scientist like to … Continue reading

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Great Blue Heron Fishing at Dawn

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Great Blue Heron ~ Rock or Reed?

Whether standing as silent as a rock or prepensivley moving through the reeds, this stealthiest of dawn hunters strikes with lightening swiftness.

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Video: Good Harbor Beach Sunrise

Good Harbor Beach, with Great Blue Heron and mini time-lapse sunrise towards the end. Oftentimes I see herons, gulls, and crows fishing peaceably together at daybreak. Not this morning! The heron vigorously defends its territory, while the crow has a … Continue reading

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