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King Chemo and I


I’ve met people who fear Chemotherapy, and I hope they never have to get it. Cancer patients undergoing this therapy react to it in different ways, some badly. Chemo or a different therapy can help rid you of your cancer.

My experience as a (non-medically) trained patient has been a good one at the Oncology Clinic on the 4th floor of Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester. When I arrived yesterday morning, I was seated in a Lazy Boy type chair with a view of the Annisquam River and the outer harbor, provided with the morning paper, up to date magazine, a cable TV remote, and earbuds. The intravenous connection was made, freshly brewed coffee delivered, and I studied the breakfast menu. If the timing is right, I get lunch too. I’d bring my laptop or tablet, but time goes by quickly with so many things do, and no pain whatsoever.

Why am I happy to be treated here for cancer? Most importantly, it will prolong my life. The above amenities are welcome, but the staff is key: “We want to make your experience here as pleasant as possible,” they say. And they do.

A few hours later, I’m home expecting fatigue and the dreaded side effects. After 5 treatments, I’m not tired enough to nap, and go ahead with my everyday life, just a little slower. As I said above, this is MY experience with King Chemo, and so far, we’re getting along just fine.

GloucesterCast With Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/13/14

gloucestercastsquare11 (1)GloucesterCast With Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/13/14


Topics Include: Gloucester, Massachusetts, Kim Smith Designs, Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co, Gloucester HarborWalk Cleanup, Catherine Ryan, Beth Chiancola, Susan Kelly, Jessie Carini, Earth Day April 22, Gloucester Strong With Art Haven and The Hive, The Hive Screen Printing, Killer Gloucester Strong Logo, Cape Ann Trail Stewards, Send In Your Earth Day Community Activity Information So We Can Post Them, Patti Amaral, Kim Smith’s Photos Featured In Sunday Boston Globe, Samson GoMic vs The Mutumbo Mic, Portable Podcasting Equipment, Cape Ann Media Group, Carry In Carry Out vs Trash Cans On The Beach, Proper Way To Send A Press Release, Tina Ketchopolos, GMG PR Person Of The Year, Addison Gilbert Hospital, Alison The Owner Of Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co Is Going With Dreadlocks, The Origin Of FOB, “American Blogger Documentary” A Spoof or Not?,  Frances Bouchie Asks Does Anyone Do Gloucester Geneology, Cape Ann Museum, Ann Kennedy, Call In Question, Google Hangouts Just Too Wonky, Planning The Podcasts, Washington St Sidewalks Looking Good, Email Subscription Service Is Broken, Webmasters Need To Understand Just How Many People Do Not Know How To Use A Search Engine To Find A Website Even If They Know The Name Of The Web Page, People Not Understanding How To Find And Bookmark The Blog, Please Explain To People That Aren’t Getting Their Email Subscription To The Blog That They Can Go Directly at www.goodmorninggloucester.com , Katrina’s, The Rudder, The Studio Opening Date!, Madfish,Gloucester MA, 01930

The GloucesterCast Has Been Been Invited To Be A Station On Stitcher Radio On Demand!

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DSC02766About Our Guest:

Kim Smith Is A Regular Contributor On Good Morning Gloucester Here is Her Profile:

Currently creating documentary films about the Monarch Butterfly, Black Swallowtail Butterfly, and Gloucester’s Feast of St. Joseph. Landscape designer for the Gloucester Harbor Walk Gardens. Designer, lecturer, author, illustrator, photographer. Visit my blog for more information about my landscape and interior design firm- kimsmithdesigns.wordpress.com. Good Morning Gloucester daily contributor.
Author/illustrator “Oh Garden of Fresh Possibilities! Notes from a Gloucester Garden”

GMG PR Person Of The Year- Tina Ketchopolos

I’d like to hereby recognize Addison Gilbert’s PR Maven Tina Ketchopolos as this year’s GMG favorite Press Release writer.

First off posting all the press releases for the hundreds of community organizations is a ton of work.  I do it because I know people appreciate it and I hear from enough of the readership that tell me that if they didn’t read every day’s “Community Stuff” post they wouldn’t know about 3/4 of the things happening around town.

The reason I’m recognizing Tina is for several reasons.

1) When Tina writes a press release she doesn’t make it too wordy, gets right to the who, what, when, where and ends it.  I don’t have to go back in and re-edit it.  I don’t have to chop out all the extra stuff many PR people add in because somehow they think that people want to read their mission statement on every press release they send out.  What many other PR people don’t get but Tina does, is that when you add in all that extra boilerplate at the end of the Press Release and if I included it, readers would recognize it as the same boilerplate that you served them up last week and scroll right past it, not reading what you wrote.

2) When Tina sends me a press release I rarely ever get a follow up email 6 hours later asking for an edit.  She gets it done right the first time, every time.  I have a list of about 7 different PR people who send things in that I know inevitably as soon as I take the time to edit and schedule their press release for the following day and press the upload button, I will get a follow up email asking me to change things around because they got stuff wrong in the original Press release that they sent.   One time doing this OK, no problem but there are certainly the habitual offenders that drive me and I’m sure the Community Event publishers at other newspapers and media outlets- nuts.  Posting press releases is not creative work, it is providing a free service.  The creative part about making blog content like photography, podcasting and writing is what drives the fun.  The editing and re-posting of community press releases is more work like without the pay.  So keeping that in mind it’s nice to know you only have to do the work once and not have to go back in and fix someone’s mistakes.  With Tina, it’s rare that she asks for a redo.

3)  The formatting.  Tina always submits her releases in a straightforward format that doesn’t need me to jump through hoops to copy and paste the info she’s trying to get across.   If you saw the messes that some PR folk send in that require me to resize and reformat and fond different programs on the web to open up the attachments, you would pull your hair out.  Not Tina.  Just types it it into an email for an easy-peasy copy and paste making my job of editing it simple.

4)The Thanks.  Tina always recognizes and thanks me for posting her stuff.  It may seem trivial but when you get press releases from an organization weekly and they just stuff it down your throat, you take the time to edit and post it for them and then they never once acknowledge it with a simple thank you, that gets irritating.   I often wonder if I just stopped posting their stuff, would they even notice?  Do they really care if it gets posted?  It’s just a pet peeve of mine.  So thanks Tina, for the thanks Smile

Listen the stuff Tina sends in is no where near the most exciting information posted on these pages.  But because the way she submits consistent, easy to post, relevant, correctly edited the first time press releases and then follows up with a nice thank you to let me know that the work I do on my end is appreciated, THAT is why she gets 99% of the stuff she sends me posted in the Community Stuff pages and THAT is why she is being recognized as a truly professional and effective PR person.

I’d hire her in a heart beat.

Congrats Tina

Local Artist Naomi Lee displays her work at Addison Gilbert Hospital Gallery from March 10th to 28th, 2014


Retired art teacher Naomi Lee has rediscovered her love for the arts over the past few years through painting. Naomi was an art teacher for over 20 years, specializing in pottery. She took an unconventional approach to teaching by really giving her students the freedom to create their own individual pieces.

Naomi resides in Gloucester, MA. She finds her inspiration in the beauty that nature creates and the local nautical surroundings. She believes in the calm of the moon, the warmth of the sun, the strength of the wind and the power of the sea. Her work mostly consists of seascape paintings.

Naomi is a member of The Beverly Guild of Artists, The Salem Art Association, The Magnolia Art Association, and takes part in The Marblehead Festival of Arts. She also offers greeting cards and some prints of her paintings for sale. Naomi can be contacted at 781-710-1080.

By Jamie Panarello

Naomi’s painting’s and reproductions are on display at:

Addidson Gilbert Hospital

298 Washington St

Phone number(978) 283-4000


Painting Bowls at Addison Gilbert Hospital in Support of The Open Door

Painting Bowls at Addison Gilbert Hospital in Support of The Open Door

Addison Gilbert Hospital hosted a bowl painting on February 26th in support of The Open Door Empty Bowl Dinner.

Hospital employees, their family and friends painted over 40 bowls for the Open Door Empty Bowl Dinner to take place on

Thursday, May 8, Cruiseport Gloucester from 4-8 p.m.  Everyone had fun for a great cause.


Family Fun at Addison Gilbert Hospital!

Family Fun at Addison Gilbert Hospital!

Family fun was enjoyed at Addison Gilbert Hospital when employees and their family members painted bowls for The Open Door at Addison Gilbert Hospital on March 4.

Family Fun at Addison Gilbert Hospital 001

Helping to paint bowls were

(back row) sisters – L-R   Ali and Kenzie George


cousins – L-R  Adam Madruga, Rachel Ketchopulos and Brett Moore

with good friend Lauren O’Connor

The children and their families are looking forward to attending the Empty Bowl Dinner, a fund-raiser for The Open Door on

Thursday, May 9 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Cruiseport Gloucester, 6 Rowe Square, Gloucester.   Those attending the dinner will be able to select a bowl and enjoy a meal.   Tickets are $15. and available at the door ($10. for children under ten). 

Beautiful bowls, food and prizes!  Don’t miss this fun event that will benefit The Open Door.

Peg O’Malley Wants You To Know That Addison Gilbert Hospital is in Imminent Danger

Addison Gilbert Hospital is in imminent danger


NOW is the time YOU must act.

This coming Tuesday, April 26 at 7PM at Gloucester City Hall

Presentation to City Council by Peg O’Malley RN

Partners for Addison Gilbert Hospital

    Northeast Health (owner of Beverly Hospital and AGH) is actively involved in negotiations for a sale or merger with NO GUARANTEES that a full-service ER at AGH will be preserved.  Their final decision on which organization (Lahey, BI/Deaconess, Vanguard, or Steward) to go with is expected within a matter of weeks.

    That decision will determine if AGH lives or dies.  We must make it crystal clear to all "players" that AGH must remain open with all the services we need.

    The Gloucester City Council and Mayor Kirk, along with the Rockport Selectmen and Citizens at the Town Meeting, have recently passed and sent (to Northeast Trustees, the Attorney General, the Commissioner of Public Health, and the four potential "partners") resolutions demanding a written guarantee,from Northeast and any future owner, that at a minimum, all 8 services legally required for a full service ER at AGH will be protected.

    Now, It’s YOUR turn.

    By being at City Hall Tuesday night, you will demonstrate to Northeast and everyone else, that the people of Cape Ann stand united in demanding that AGH will be protected.

    You don’t want to wake up someday soon to read in the Gloucester Times that AGH is closing and ask "Why didn’t anybody tell me?"   You’ve been warned while you can still DO SOMETHING about it.

    Because this is a presentation, the Council’s rules dictate that I’m the only one allowed to speak about AGH at this meeting.    I will certainly ask that an OPEN MEETING for EVERYONE to speak on AGH be scheduled very soon.  I urge each of you to personally contact the City Councilors to make the same request.

    Bring your kids, your spouse, your relatives, friends and neighbors.  All Cape Ann people should attend.

For more info, call 283-9911 or email pego56@comcast.net

Widowed Persons’ Support Group at Addison Gilbert Hospital

Widowed Persons’ Support Group at Addison Gilbert Hospital

The Widowed Persons’ Support Group meetings are
held at Addison Gilbert Hospital, 298 Washington Street,
Gloucester, in the Longan Room (Washington
Street entrance), from 3-5 p.m. every other Wednesday.
The next meeting will be on April 6.

There is no fee or and pre-registration is not required. 
Those wishing further
information may call 978-283-7102 or 978-879-4373.

Free Skin Cancer Clinic at Addison Gilbert Hospital

A free skin cancer clinic will be held at the Addison Gilbert
Hospital on Tuesday, March 29 from 1-3 p.m. in the Gorton’s Specialty
and Cancer
Care center locate on the fourth floor.
The clinic will be conducted by dermatologist
Robb Marchione, M.D. with Northeast Dermatology Associates.
Appointments are necessary and may be scheduled by
calling the Health Connection at 888-253-0800.
Those individuals who are concerned about a mole or other
skin abnormality are welcome to attend the clinic.  This is not a
dermatology clinic and surgical procedures will not be performed.
The clinic*s purpose will be to determine whether any treatment is


Lights of Love

Nearly 200 Cape Ann residents and business and community leaders turned out for the 3rd annual Lights of Love Tree Lighting Ceremony at Addison Gilbert Hospital.  The event, which took place on December 2nd , brings community members together to honor family and friends who have battled cancer and to support Gorton’s Specialty and Cancer Care Center at Addison Gilbert Hospital.

The Lights of Love is a volunteer effort led by Gloucester residents Sue Kyle and Shawn Wilson to help raise awareness of the world class cancer care available at Addison Gilbert Hospital. During the ceremony guests enjoyed a special visit from Santa, and caroling with the talented Gloucester High School Chorus, which was led by GHS Music Director Dave Adams. The tree lighting, symbolizing the many Cape Ann residents affected by cancer, was one of the highlights of the evening.  Cape Ann artist Ken Knowles also donated an original painting for the event and many local businesses contributed to the “Fives for Lives” raffle packages.

“This marks the third annual Lights of Love ceremony and we are now proud to call it an official Cape Ann tradition,” said Dr. Angus “Sandy” McIntyre, an oncologist at Addison Gilbert Hospital.  “We are thrilled to have the community involved in this wonderful event.  Gorton’s offers vital cancer and specialty care services right here on the North Shore, and we are so grateful for the continued support of this facility.”

The Gorton’s Center offers a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to patient care that brings together medical oncology physicians, pathologists, radiologists and nurses to provide patients with the latest diagnostic technology and evaluation, innovative treatment approaches, and superior care and support. Patients also have access to the latest in clinical trials and protocols through Addison Gilbert’s affiliation with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

There are nearly 3,000 patient visits to the Gorton’s Center each year.  Since its launch in 2008, the Lights of Love has raised close to $35,000 for the Gorton’s Center.

Those wishing to make a gift in support of Addison Gilbert Hospital Cancer Care Services can visit www.addisongilbert.org and click on "giving/make a gift" and select Addison Gilbert Hospital Annual Fund.  Please note Lights of Love in the "in honor of" section.

To see a full listing of Sponsors and Cape Ann Tributes, please visit the Addison Gilbert Hospital Main Entrance throughout the month of December.  The 2010 Lights of Love Photo Gallery is available at www.addisongilbert.org/lightsoflove

Please save the date for the 2011 Lights of Love Raffle and Tree Lighting on Thursday, December 1, 2011.

Lights of Love2

Lights of Love at Addison Gilbert Hospital Thursday Dec 2nd

~ Lights of Love at Addison Gilbert Hospital ~
The 3rd annual Lights of Love fund-raiser,
to benefit cancer care services for patients at
Addison Gilbert Hospital’s Gorton’s Specialty and
Cancer Care Center will take place on
Thursday, December 2 from 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.
outside the Washington Street entrance of
Addison Gilbert Hospital, 298 Washington Street,
A tree-lighting will begin this special event. Many
quality raffle prizes will be available,
including a beautiful seascape oil painting
by award-winning Cape Ann artist
Ken Knowles. The Gloucester High School
Chorus will get everyone into the holiday
season while they are enjoying refreshments.
If you are interested in receiving more
information, please contact:
Shawn Wilson, Co-Chair, shawn@vigaeatery.com
(978) 853-4738
Sue Kyle, Co-Chair, sue@vigaeatery.com
(978) 283-5437
or Rebecca Imperiali, Northeast Health Foundation,
rimperiali@nhshealth.org (978) 236-1624.
Don’t miss this fun event and remember to bring
the children – you never know who
might be the special guest at this event!!!

Sad Shuttering of Community Cardiac Rehab Clinic at AGH

A community of health-conscious cardiac survivors here on Cape Ann was deeply saddened by Northeast Health Systems’ decision to shutter the Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic at Addison Gilbert Hospital. We have all benefited from this program and it is a further degradation of our community hospital that it is being closed. We are writing to put a public face on its impact, as it comes upon us like a death in our collective family.

We have been grateful patients at this Clinic for months and years, based on referral from a primary care physician or cardiologist. Some members of the Clinic have been regularly attending for ten, twelve and more years, forming lasting bonds with medical staff and other patients. The resource that the clinic at AGH has provided, with a qualified exercise physiologist overlooking our exercise regimens, checking blood pressure and heart rates, is a safe, structured environment for us to recover under supervision from heart procedures and other challenging medical issues, rebuilding strength and health. Ages at the Clinic group range from Forties right through Nineties, some needing oxygen while exercising, and others having blood sugar monitored due to diabetes.

Most of us at the Cardiac Rehab Clinic come at the same time of day, with a group of eight to ten others, three times a week for an hour or more of safe, structured, healthy workout. Good diet, reduction of stress, and weight control are all regular goals and topics. Sometime the supervising exercise physiologist will send one of us back home, to the doctor, or right downstairs to the Emergency Room because we haven’t taken our prescribed medications, or our blood pressure, heart rate, or blood sugar level is not on par. Occasionally one in the group has suffered a cardiac event while on the exercise bike or treadmill – Code Red ! – and fortunately the AGH hospital ER staff was close at hand, in the exercise room within minutes.

This clinic truly has been a health community, especially for those living alone or struggling with fading health and aging bodies. It occupies one small room at the hospital, with a dozen pieces of equipment, placed so that we face each other so we can talk as we exercise. An important, life-supporting element of the Clinic has been the friendships, lively conversation about art, music, travel and current events, social activities and performances in the local community, and the personal support, sharing home garden produce and fresh eggs, favorite recipes, and family news, as well as concerns about health care, doctors, flu and coumadin clinics. Such conversations make the treadmill miles fly by more quickly than any TV station.

Why is this beneficial health maintenance program in our community hospital being closed? If only it was because we were all so healthy as we age that we did not need it any longer – but no, it is because of needed "financial efficiencies", and because the doctors and medical professionals don’t have incentives to actively refer candidate patients to the Rehab program, keeping the enrollment up. The hospital consequentially doesn’t make enough money with it, like they do with medical procedures such as coronary bypass surgeries, angioplasty and defibrillator implants. Paradoxically, we live in an isolated cape community where the Cape Ann Medical Center physicians are employees of one health care provider, Partners Community Healthcare, that financially competes against Addison Gilbert Hospital’s parent Northeast Health Systems corporation, undermining financial incentives to promote and maintain our local Cardiac Rehab program.

There was an article in the Boston Globe in January, "The Beat Goes On" by reporter Kay Lazar, documenting how programs like our Cardiac Rehab at AGH really work, significantly increasing patients’ health and survival rates, but are being closed down nonetheless. We posted this article on the wall in our clinic, and discussed it as we exercised. Our staying healthy with this program is an investment in preventative medicine that saves the "system" money in the big picture, but the hospital, health insurance companies, and politics of state and federal government subsidies don’t, apparently, see enough profits to keep us and such health programs alive. It’s a shame to lose it.


Scott Memhard, 9 Graystone Road, Gloucester

Angela Libro, 16 Commonweath Avenue, Gloucester

Adele Q Ervin, Manchester, MA

Stanley Feener, 16 Macomber Road, Gloucester

Seraphina Cranston, 9 Brightside Avenue, Gloucester

Norman Hersey, Normand Ave, Manchester

Nancy Rossi, Thatcher Road, Rockport

Lucy Russo, Gloucester

Charlotte U. Smith, Rockport

Oliver Balf, Cove Hill Lane, Rockport

Adam Pool, 16 Story Street, Rockport

Robert A. Walters, Jr, Rockport

Frederick H. Brigham, Essex

Clif Hayes, Rockport

Muriel A Lovasco, 8 High Popplies, Gloucester

Catherine Talty, Gloucester

Bill Chapin, Gloucester

follow up contact:
Scott Memhard, President
Cape Pond Ice Company
aka Bresnahan Ice Company, Lawrence & Peabody Icehouse
104 Commercial Street, PO Box 440, Gloucester MA 01930

"Kids are Home, Kids are Hungry" Food Drive Month of July at Addison Gilbert Hospital

"Kids are Home, Kids are Hungry" Food Drive Month of July at Addison Gilbert Hospital
to assist The Open Door Summer Lunch Program

Items being collected:
Canned fruits and vegetables, healthy soups, rice, pasta, cereal,
peanut butter, jelly, oatmeal, canned beans, juice, canned meats,
tuna, healthy snacks, granola bars, spaghetti sauce, and other
healthy, low-salt foods.
All items must be non-perishable.  Please, no glass containers.
Containers are located in the at Telecommunications at Addison Gilbert Hospital.

Thank you for your consideration to help!

Collection for Soldiers At Addison Gilbert Hospital

Collection for Soldiers to take place at Addison Gilbert Hospital

Team Cape Ann from Addison Gilbert Hospital, will assist the
Cape Ann Military Families Support Group (CAMFSG) by collecting items for our soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. In
addition to holidays, the CAMFSG sends packages to our soldiers throughout the year.

CAMFSG meets monthly at the Major Frank Ritvo Veterans Center, 12 Emerson Avenue in
Gloucester. Family members, friends and veterans on Cape Ann and surrounding communities are welcome and invited to attend. The support group meets on the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. The next meeting will be held in August as the July meeting the group will be preparing for the 4th of July parades in building a float for local parades.

If you would like to learn more about the support group, add a soldier’s name to their listing, help with the 4th of July project, ride in the parade, provide a soldier’s name that you would like worn on a sash at the parade, please
e-mail: CapeAnnMFSG@aol.com

During the month of June, a collection of non-perishable new and unopened items
will be collected. Donations of items may be left at Addison Gilbert Hospital at
Telecommunications located at the main entrance of the hospital.

Suggested items include bar soap, Q-tips, shot/boot inserts, Wet-naps,
writing paper, mini Kleenex packs, breakfast bars, Microwave Popcorn,
trail mix, canned sausages, Tuna and Chicken Salad – canned (comes with mayo and plastic
silverware), Chunky Soups (for microwave), powdered milk, ready-to-eat soups,
instant coffee that comes with dried cream & sugar, sardines, canned
salmon, powdered Crystal Light, Disposable cameras, car magazines, People Magazine,
paperback books, pens, playing cards puzzle books, crossword puzzles, etc.

Thank you for your consideration to help!

Tina Ketchopulos
Community Relations Coordinator
Northeast Health System
55 Tozer Road
Beverly, MA 01915
Ambassador – Team Cape Ann