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Seahorse Caught By Tony Gross Feeding On Baby Lobster

This was filmed by Tony’s lovely wife Abbie.

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Can Anyone Identify This Fish That Came Up In Tony Gross’ Lobster Trap?

It looks like some type of tropical but I can’t figure out what the heck it is.

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Abbie Lundberg Represents! At The Restore The Sanity Rally In DC

Hi Joey, GMG at the rally! Jammed in on all sides as we were, it was tough to get a good shot, but hey, we were there! Abbie

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GMG tech Talk- The Brilliant Abbie Lundberg Has A Question About Video Editing Software

Abbie Writes- Joey, your tech posts are great. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if ZD was watching you! Question: What do you use to edit your video? I’m looking for something relatively simple with basic functionality (and free if … Continue reading

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Abbie Lundberg Photo Of Tony Gross’ Seahorse Find

You may remember Tony Gross from his pictures in the Boatyard- or when he chopped off the tip of his finger and became a “cull” Well the other day Tony was hauling lobster traps and off his gear fell a … Continue reading

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