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Linda rae has another outstanding trip in Gloucester

Pick what you find interesting, you have such great photographers around.  We have gathered these memories to last for the long months ahead before we can visit in the Spring.  We were amazed at the Gloucester Museum, especially the hall of fishermen families.  What a great idea.  Could have spent hours there.  We always visit the railway marina to see the latest work going on.  And then there was the day last winter in a Pennsylvania grocery  store when Rob discovered this famous fellow and dragged him from aisle to aisle just to catch a big smile on my face.  Needless to say, he was in the way of countless shoppers who weren’t as friendly as Gloucester people.  And I was ready to pack our bags and head six hours to Gloucester.  Congratulations on the excellent restoration of City Hall.  Magnificent!
Just to reiterate something I posted before.  Your Radio Shack is exceptional.  Once again I called ahead to have Travis help me with my iPhone. Their staff and his technical expertise surpass even the Apple Store.  And all with a smile.  You are fortunate… Don’t lose it!
Have a gentle winter, we hope to visit four or five times again next year.  Thank you for Good Morning Gloucester!!
The bridge is of our little town of Milford right across from Pennsylvania situated in the beautiful Delaware River Valley .
Blessings, Linda rae and Rob
Chestnut Hill on the Delaware

2014 Shop Rockport Event Friday December 5th

Hi Joey C!
Join us in Downtown Rockport, Friday, December 5!  Participating cafes,
galleries and shops will be serving hor d’oeuvres, wine and drinks while
you shop throughout downtown Rockport and enjoy a night of special
promotions from 4-9pm!
Visit our Facebook page for more information:
Thanks for sharing!
Dawn @ La Provence


Glimpses of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Portsmouth, VA – Part 3

Glimpses of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in Portsmouth, VA – Part 3


North Landing from my window in the Renaissance.  Pig and Oyster Roast Awards in the tent at far left.  Portsmouth Visitor Center and landing for the ferry to Norfolk on the far side.  The ferry was evicted for the weekend to make space for schooners.  On the near side center, with flags flying, LIGHT REIGN, first in Class A and winner of the Perpetual Trophy for the best corrected time to Thimble Shoal (127 nm)

2014 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race – Official Results 10/18/2014

Start off Annapolis; AA and A boats race 127 nm to Thimble Shoal, B and C boats race 80 nm to Windmill Point

Class AA 127 nm Start Thu 13:40:00

Elapsed time / Corrected time / Place

Summerwind  18:19:26 / 14:46:58 / 1

Pride of Baltimore II  23:15:34 / 20:56:26 / 2

Liberty Clipper  DNF

Lady Maryland  DNF

A J Meerwald  DNF

Mystic Whaler  DNF

Lynx  DNF

Class A 127 nm Start Thu 13:40:00

Light Reign 18:54:44 / 13:04:58 / 1

Woodwind 18:13:34 / 13:18:33 / 2

Brilliant Fri 18:37:00 / 13:54:37 / 3

Adventurer (56) 20:51:49 / 14:51:37 / 4

Hindu 35:58:00 / 30:20:44 / 5

Britanya  DNF

Liberté  DNF

Class B 80 nm Start Thu 13:50:00

Apella 19:02:00 / 14:45:32 / 1

Tom Bombadil  18:49:00 / 14:51:54 / 2

Adventurer (65)  19:07:00 / 15:24:44 / 3

Sally B   22:11:00 / 17:53:41 / 4

Libertate  36:47:04 /  32:01:15 / 5

Edlyn Rose  DNF

Shanty  DNF

Sultana  DNF

Bonny Rover  DNS

Class C 80 nm Start Thu 13:50:00

Farewell  18:15:00 / 12:59:21 / 1

Susan B Merryman  23:22:06 / 17:48:36 / 2

Istar  30:32:00 /  24:17:16 / 3

Adventure DNF

Summer Wind  DNF

Norfolk Rebel  DNF

Quintessence  DNS

Celebration  DNS

According to Race Chair Bill Mellen, “It was light air at the start with winds appearing early AM on Friday. Then it was a drag race on a reach for schooners Woodwind and Summerwind as they made the 47 nm between Windmill Point and Thimble Shoals in 4hr 6min neck and neck with Woodwind making it to the line at Thimble Shoals first.”


This year Jay Irwin received the Black Dog Trophy, created in 2006 to honor the individual(s) who supports the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race in the spirit of Captain Lane Briggs (1932-2005), the founder of the GCBSR. Named after Captain Briggs’ faithful companion, Reb, this bronze statue of a black dog signifies loyalty to the race mission and faithful and honorable support for the event without personal recognition. In the words of Captain Briggs, “It’s amazing what you can get done if you don’t care who gets credit for it!”

The board of directors presents this award, honoring significant contributions to the race, as deserved and not on an annual basis, making it the most prestigious presentation of the organization.  Flanking Jay are Race Chair Bill Mellen and Al Roper in his role of perennial emcee.


Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Perpetual Trophy  Awarded to LIGHT REIGN (A Fleet), James Turrell at the helm, with the best corrected time at Thimble Shoal of 13 hours, 4 minutes and 58 seconds.  LIGHT REIGN was first in the new Special Class this year in Gloucester.


Howdy Bailey Buckle, awarded to a B or C Fleet schooner for line honors at Windmill Point, was given to FAREWELL (C Fleet), sailed by Linda Gunn, with an elapsed time of 17 hours and 18 minutes.  The Windmill Point Trophy, formerly the Michelob Chesapeake Bay Challenge Trophy, was also awarded to FAREWELL, with the best corrected time at Windmill Point of 12 hours, 59 minutes and 21 seconds.  Linda is hobbling with ski poles after hip surgery.  Looking on is P-town’s Stormy Mayo, who hung in with ISTAR for third place with an elapsed time for the 80 miles of 30h32m.


Capt. John Eginton with Pat Dutton of Mystic Whaler received the Rebel Educational Trophy, which balances the triad of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race: a valiant race down the length of the Chesapeake Bay; historical preservation of the schooner fleet; and an education program focused on the heritage, ecology and natural resources of the Chesapeake Bay. We all know that it takes an experienced crew to race a schooner under full sail, but often the educational program the schooner carries along goes unnoticed. The schooners participating in the education program spend untold hours planning, fundraising, training and executing their educational program. The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Educational Program Committee selects the schooner deserving recognition for their contribution to this essential element. It is the schooners’ educational programs that will perpetuate Captain Briggs’ vision of the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race for generations to come.


The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Clock, awarded for line honors at Thimble Shoal to the fastest schooner in the race, again went to WOODWIND, Capt. Jen Kaye, with an elapsed time of 18 hours and 15 minutes.


Every year a donation is made to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation with the stipulation to put students on the water for a day.  Many of  these kids are from large cities, and it is a very special experience for them.  $177,624 has been donated to date.  Nan Nawrocki, Race Chair from Baltimore, George Treiber, GCBSR Treasurer and Elizabeth Buckman of CBF.


James Grundy, owner of Class AA winner Summerwind (the ex-Merchant Marine Academy boat familiar in Gloucester) made a personal gift of $5,000 to match the GCBSR.


The volunteers that make the GCBSR so enjoyable for schooner crews are like family to those who are, or have been regular participants.   This is race chairman Bill Mellen, who has run the event for seventeen years.  It is a complicated one-way race that requires a very wide starting line for the large schooners close to the main shipping channel.  Bill is always ready to listen to suggestions about handicapping, safety or any other aspect at the Sunday morning captains’ recap of the race.    Roger Brown donates a breakfast for all the captains, crew and volunteers at his popular restaurant.


Schooner crews have a way of blending and here we have folks from ADVENTURE, BRILLIANT, PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II etc. etc. and etc.


At the Gloucester Schooner Festival no volunteer worked harder than Brett Ramsey.  Our mutual friend Jay Irwin is no stranger to Gloucester.  Jay, 81 drove up from his ‘old folks home’ in Baltimore to help rig Ed Boynton’s SUGARBABE in May,  then again to race with Ed in the Gloucester Schooner Festival.

So hat’s off to the volunteers!

Al Bezanson


Postcript ___  In Baltimore, before the race, there are days of festivities with a similar dose of hospitality.  Every schooner is assigned a liasion in Baltimore and another in Portsmouth,  insiders, who make a real difference in the quality of the participants’ visits.  It can be a tough slug getting a boat to and from this race, with a substantial  commitment in time and expense.   The typical autumn weather often makes the race itself challenging to say the least.  Why do we do it?   It’s the people!

2014 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Recap From Al Bezanson

The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race finished last weekend in Portsmouth, VA and here is a glimpse of goings on there.  Brett Ramsey and Al Bezanson from the Gloucester Schooner Festival Committee attend on a regular basis.


Night crew tended to the schooner bait, aka slow roasted pork.  No need to hurry, for the wind was contrary and most of the boats were a long time getting there.


In due time it was roasted to perfection


Transportation to Norfolk was compromised for a worthy cause


The Dockmaster’s Command Center was set up while the Schooner Liaison Crews kept the coffee flowing.  It was going to be a very long wait for the arrival of most of the boats.


The race this year was hosted by four boat/yacht clubs, and the Portsmouth Boat Club stood by the docking area.


Early arrivals were BRILLIANT, LIGHT REIGN AND WOODWIND.  They are docked at the North Landing, adjacent to the Renaissance Hotel and Portsmouth Visitor Center.

More to come, including the race results, in Part 2 of this report.

Al Bezanson

Track the 2014 Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race



Local schooner fans might enjoy tracking the boats in the 127 mile Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race starting today at 1330 off Annapolis.   Entries in this year’s race include these schooners who have raced in Gloucester:  Adventurer 65, Apella, Brilliant, Hindu, Liberty Clipper, Light Reign, Lynx, and Pride of Baltimore II.  Istar, stormy Mayo’s new schooner from Provincerown is also racing.  The tracking link is   http://www.baltimoremarinecenters.com/About-BMC/Schooner-Race-Tracking.aspx

Here’s the forecast at the start.  Not a friendly one for schooners.


The actual wind near the start is displayed here


There is a half day oyster and pig roast at the finish in Portsmouth, VA.  When you’ve spent up to forty hours rockin’ and rollin’ your way down the bay dodging shipping traffic it’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

Al Bezanson

Three Captains Briggs

We’re Comin For You Fine and Frontiero and We’re Bringin’ Hell With Us- Rotary Trivia Night- Sign Up Now!

Merideth Fine all smug and confident after back to back to back Roatry trivia night championships.  You and Frontiero and that guy with the huge melon housing the worlds largest brain.

Go ahead, snuggle into your nice warm jammies tonight all confident that victory awaits while we do mental brain challenges 24/7 leading up to Rotary trivia night.

Buckle your chinstraps, the ride’s about to get rough.

McElhenny, Koneckey, Ciaramitaro and the Ringer (remember those names)

Konecky with his strike fear into the hearts of your opponents look-

The Rotary Club of Gloucester will host a Trivia Night on Friday, October 24, at the Gloucester House, located at 63 Rogers Street in downtown Gloucester. The doors will open at 6 p.m. and the game will begin at 7 p.m. Teams of four will compete for the title of Cape Ann Trivia Champions.

All trivia fans are invited to this fun night of knowledge and laughter. The registration fee is $100 for a team of four players. Proceeds from this event will support programs of the Gloucester Rotary Club. The night will also feature a 50/50 raffle, a cash bar, and light snacks for purchase. A registration form is attached to this email. Additional forms may be obtained any Gloucester Rotary Club member or may be downloaded from www.GloucesterRotary.us




2014 Fish Box Derby Pics and Results From Melissa Cox

2014-09-14 14.48.45

Gloucester’s Small Green Schooners (Did You Know It’s Schooner Festival weekend?)

There’s a little event you may have heard about that’s going down this weekend-


Check Out The Gloucester Schooner Festival Web Page For All The Info About The Schooner Race, The LobsterFest and The Parade Of Sails!!!!

Al Bezanson submits-

There are three size classes in the Gloucester Schooner Race and here are some entries  this year in the Small (under 45 ft class).  Sub-category “TOOGAG” meaning Traditional Out Of Gloucester And Green.


Bald Eagle, launched 1955, designed by Sam Crocker, built by Bud McIntosh in Dover, NH, owned by Judy Nast & Paul Cole


Green Dragon, started 1939, launched 1951, designed by Scotty Gannett, built by Chester Spear in Scituate, MA, owned by Al Bezanson


Sugarbabe, launched 1975, designed by Tom Colvin, built by Alan Vaites in Mattapoisett, MA, owned by Ed Boynton

(All photos by Al Bezanson)

Thirtieth Annual Gloucester Schooner Festival Program and Visitor Guide Is Now Online

Click here to view or print the entire program


Friday, August 29, 2014

Schedule of events subject to change based on wind, marine, and weather conditions.
If needed, schedule changes will be announced at www.gloucesterschoonerfestival.net and on
All Day Arrival of Participating Vessels
Mid-afternoon Arrival of U.S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Mayor’s Reception for Invited Guests
Sponsored by First Ipswich Bank
and hosted by U.S. Coast Guard Station Gloucester
6:30 pm Maritime Gloucester’s “Under the Spars” Gala (ticketed
8:00 pm Henri Smith New Orleans Friends & Flavours Concert at
Mile Marker One at Cape Ann’s Marina Resort (Rt. 133).
(ticketed event) Proceeds to benefit Cape Ann YMCA
Camping & Teen Services


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Schedule of events subject to change based on wind, marine, and weather condions.
If needed, schedule changes will be announced at http://www.gloucesterschoonerfesval.net and on
9:30 am – 3:00 pm Marime Gloucester Heritage Day at Marime
Gloucester, 23 Harbor Loop in downtown Gloucester.
Free to the public. Over 25 arsan vendors and
community organizations with demonstrations and
family activities. The traditional Celtic band, Meridian,
will play on the Boat House stage at 11:30 am and 1:00
pm. Schooners will be at the dock for visitors. Food will
be available onsite. Maritime Gloucester’s exhibits and
aquarium will be open throughout the day for half-price
10:00 am – 7:00 pm Open House Aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle
at Americold, 1 Rowe Square on Gloucester’s harborfront.
12:00 noon – 4:00 pm U.S. Coast Guard Station Open House. Stop by the
Station on Harbor Loop to learn all about the Coast
Guard and its important role in Gloucester.
4:30 pm – 7:30 pm 2nd Annual Public Lobster Bake. Enjoy freshly steamed
lobster, corn on the cob, and a Virgilio’s roll. Relax with
your dinner at Marime Gloucester and on the slopes of
the Fitz Henry Lane lawn. Also available: hot dogs &
hamburgers, soda, spring water, beer & wine.
7:00 pm Fireworks Viewing at Beauport/Sleeper McCann
Museum. Ticketed event. Registration is required. Info:
7:00 pm Concert on the Boulevard (time subject to requirements of
Parade of Lights and Fireworks)
7:30 pm Boat “Parade of Lights”
9:15 pm Fireworks Display over Gloucester Harbor. (following
Parade of Lights, me approximate)
(The Gloucester Fireworks Committee is in need of more
donations for the Labor Day weekend fireworks.
Donations may be made to The Gloucester Fund, 45
Middle St., Gloucester, MA 01930. Please notate
“fireworks” on your donation.)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Schedule of events subject to change based on wind, marine, and weather conditions.
If needed, schedule changes will be announced at http://www.gloucesterschoonerfesval.net and on
8:30 am Skippers’ meeting for all schooners sailing in the
Mayor’s Race at Solomon Jacobs Park, adjacent to the
U.S. Coast Guard Station
10:30 am – 12:00 noon Parade of Sail as the schooners proceed from the Inner
Harbor, past the Fishermen’s Memorial on Stacy
Boulevard, to the race starting area off Eastern Point
11:00 am – 1:30 pm Shuttle Bus to Eastern Point Light, from
Eastern Point Gate (Eastern Point
Boulevard at Farrington Avenue) to
watch the start of the Mayor’s Race,
courtesy of Cape Ann Transportation
1:00 pm Start of Mayor’s Race off Eastern Point for the Esperanto
Cup, Ned Cameron Trophy, and Bey Ramsey Trophy
3:00 pm Departure of the U.S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle (me
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Reception and Awards Ceremony for captains & crews
and invited guests

Monday, September 1, 2014


11:00 am Amistad presents “Refuse to Do Nothing” about
contemporary slavery issues
“Rain Day” for recovery from postponements caused by inclement weather. ONLY IF

2014 Magnolia Road Race – This Saturday Morning @ 8:30AM

Hi Joe,

The weather looks great for Saturday’s races.  On-line registration is now closed, but runners can register at the Library on Saturday starting at 7:30AM.  I will be in the gym area Thursday night from 7-8:30PM to hand out shirts and numbers to the pre-registrants and to sign new runners up at the discounted price.  For those who don’t plan to run, we will have a pancake breakfast starting at around 8:30 and everyone can walk down the hill to watch/participate in the group pier jump.  The tide is just right!



For All The Info-



Gloucester Sports Legend Randy Oneil



Fishermen’s Memorial Service 8/16/2014, photos from Anthony Marks

Stevie Corbett Proving That His Product The Chum Cutter Is Tournament Tested! -A Fish Rodeo

This is how you do it! Congratulations again,Stevie Corbett and the crew of the Osprey!

You see that smile?  that’s the smile of a guy that knows he created a brilliant piece of equipment that helped catch him a nice bluefin.

Tournament tested, The CHUM CUTTER!!!!

Here’s Steves brilliant Chum Cutting device-

Our buddy Stevie Corbett designed something so simple, so efficient so time saving for ANYONE that does ANY amount of fishing.  Unless of course you’d rather spend your time chopping up bait for hours instead of getting your lines in the water.


Can’t catch fish when your  lines are dry.

Check it out at http://chumcutter.com/

Filmed at Beacon Marine-

   Just $169.00   * 100% FREE SHIPPING *  for a limited time

bestcutterwknife DSC_0663

  • Cuts a 5 gallon bucket of bait in 3 minutes
  • Comes with 10″ Dexter Serrated Knife
  • Made out of Marine Grade Starboard Plastic
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Portable, fits on any size boat
  • Made to last for years
  • US./EU.patent pend.

Nichole Schrafft Photos-

IMG_6728 IMG_6654 IMG_6543 IMG_6508 DSC06721

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