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2014 Rhumbline Striper Tourney pics and results From Matt Ayer

Hey Joey,

The 2014 Rhumbline Striper Tournament was completed yesterday and attached are some photos of the winners and Fred handing out prizes. It was a slow day of fishing with many of the “heavy hitters” being shutout and not even weighing in a fish, but everyone always has a blast at the Rhumbline and the food and festivities weren’t suppressed at all by a little rain. Of course Fred (as always) had a great bunch of raffle prizes and kept the crowd entertained.

Here are your winners:

1st Place – Herb White – 30.66 pounds

2nd Place – Roger Brisson – 22.90 pounds

3rd Place – Domenic SanFilippo – 14.72 pounds

Hope everyone comes out again next year!


2014 Rhumb Line Striper Tourney Where Your Entry Fee Gets You More Than You Put in

Preach Fred, Preach!

For all the details-


Click for the video-


2014 Annual Rhumb Line Striper Tournament July 27th

The annual Rhumb Line Striped Bass Tournament is a family-friendly event and will be held this year on July 27th.

Registration is $20 for adults and $15 for under 16.

Registration includes a free T-shirt and a free cookout in our parking lot at the weigh in.

Sign up early and no later than Saturday night July 26th.

Terrible Time Aboard The Thomas Lannon For The Paul Giacalone / Ryan and Wood / GMG Cigar and Rum Sail


It was just terrible.  Hurricane force winds, torrential downpours, lost two or three people overboard, the boat was a filthy mess, the most rude obnoxious people you’d ever wanna meet.

A total disaster evidenced by the pictures.

Better pictures on the way from Kim Smith (I was too busy trying to keep people from abandoning ship to take photos)

Look at the sheer misery on these faces-

2014-07-15 20.16.16

That James Eves, he doesn’t know how to have a good time does he?

2014-07-15 20.50.462014-07-15 20.51.332014-07-15 20.08.332014-07-15 19.38.45

In all seriousness I can’t extend enough thanks to Tom,Kay and Heath Ellis and their crew as well as Bobby and Doug Ryan from Ryan and Wood  our local distillery, and Paul Giacalone for providing excellent excellent smokes.

Check out Ryan and Wood for a tour of their facility, it is amazing http://www.ryanandwood.com/


and if you haven’t been on a sail aboard the Lannon (the most beautiful boat in Gloucester Harbor by a mile) you really need to, especially if you have guests in from out of town.  It is my number one must do thing I tell people when they ask me what they need to do while in town.   You get to see Gloucester Harbor in all it’s glory on the most beautiful boat in the harbor with the friendliest crew in the harbor.  Total no brainer city easy recommendation for the win.



Ringo and Company Prep the Stage For Tonight’s Concert On The Boulevard



Vickie and Peter Van Ness report-

The Gloucester Fireworks Committee just cancelled tomorrow’s fireworks due to weather predictions (see Gloucester Times article here), but the Horribles Parade and free concert are still on in the hopes that weather will clear up.

Music featuring Cape Ann Big Band and The Runaround Sound will begin after the parade passes by the Boulevard stage (probably around 7:00pm) and continue until 11:00pm with a spectacular laser light show somewhere in between.

So come out and enjoy the parade and free concert.  Let’s show all those people visiting from out of town that bad weather predictions aren’t enough to spoil our fun!


2014 Fishtown Horribles Announcement


Hey Joe, my name is John Linquata and I’m a member of the Fishtown Horribles Parade Committee.
    We have been working all year long to put out another fun and entertaining parade for this great city. This year we are honoring Ray Smith of Smith Hardware who was a life long sponsor of the parade as parade marshall. We have Gloucester’s own 2014 Special Olympic Gold metal winner Danny Williamson as Grand Marshall Danny brought home the gold in the shot put and bronze in the 100 and 200 meter relay. We will also recognize and congratulate our two scholarship winners Samantha Ryder and Malya McLean.
  Of course some of our favorite marching bands will be back and a few new ones that we are really excited to see perform here. As always we will have all the amazing floats that the wonderful people of Gloucester put together for the city to enjoy (which people can pre-register for at www.fishtownhorribles.org ). Of corse the Horribles our namesake who we are always looking for more of and clearly the Cape Ann YMCA would like to see more of too, because they donated two weeks at camp spindrift, one for a boy and one for a girl, anyone who would like to help collect money this year as a horrible will get an extra shot at the week at camp. And as always the parade line up is first come first serve which means the earlier you show up the closer to the front you are, Horribles are encouraged to show up around 5 pm and the parade starts promptly at 6 pm.
    If anyone would like to volunteer we never turn down help we will be at the High School Auto shop Wednesday after 6 pm decorating and setting up and on Thursday from noon on, there is always plenty to do. And if anyone has any questions all of our contact information can be found on our website again that is http://www.fishtownhorribles.org and don’t forget to like us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fishtownhorriblesparade and tag us in your photos new or old we love to see them and others do too. We can’t wait to see everyone there have a happy and safe 3rd and 4th.
      Thanks again Joe, anything we can do to get more people involved only makes the parade better for everyone, so we really appreciate your help. Have a great day.
John Linquata

Families At The 2014 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Parade Not Wearing White and Link To Fiesta Whites Slideshow



We had so many photos from the parade and Felicia was out to capture a special slideshow of all the folks wearing their Fiesta Whites.  Here’s the rest so we don’t leave anyone out-


6/26/14 Seine Boat Practice In The Pouring Rain

Bailing Out The Seine Boats and Practice In The Pouring Rain
Sista Felicia covers this morning down at Saint Peter’s Park-

Photos 5:30AM 6/24/14 – Saint Peter’s Marina Seine Boat Practices and New Altar Mural Pics

Sista Felicia comes through again with Seine Boat Practice Photos and Photos of The New Murals on The St Peter’s Altar

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